Oct 27, 2005

Yahoo Briefcase

Take your files anywhere with Yahoo Briefcase
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Four weeks ago I had my vacation at London and St. Catharines Ontario, during my trip I added a few articles to my blog... I used Yahoo Briefcase. Before I left for my vacation I chose the articles and then downloaded them to my briefcase. It was easy! When I arrived and it was time to add an article all I needed to do is sign in to Yahoo then retrieve my briefcase. In today's article it's about Yahoo Briefcase... it's a neat service!

Take your files anywhere with Yahoo Briefcase
- by Jim Edwards
(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Imagine you worked all week on a report for presentation to an important client tomorrow morning. At the end of the day you congratulate yourself and save the report files to your computer's hard drive.

The next morning you arrive at work only to find your worst nightmare coming true - your computer won't boot and you can't get the files. Your boss starts breathing down your neck to produce the report because the client arrives in five minutes. What will you do?

Yahoo to the rescue! With lightning-like speed you jump onto a colleague's computer and pull up your personal hard drive on the http://briefcase.yahoo.com website. Log onto your free account with a unique user name and password and bingo, your files come up on the screen.

Almost instantly you download the report, print it off and produce lifesaving - not to mentions career saving -results.

Yahoo Briefcase, a free service of search portal giant Yahoo!, offers users a free 30 megabyte hard drive on the Internet. The site supports itself by -you guessed it -displaying banner ads to entice you to buy things. The advantages of the service, however, far outweigh any pains of viewing a few ads.

Remote file backups Everyone knows they should back up their files, but most people keep their computer and backup files in the same place.

Ever wonder what would happen if your computer and your backup files get destroyed by fire, flood or theft? Large corporations spend big money to keep their files archived on remote servers "just in case". Now you can do the same thing with your vital files at no cost.

Mobile file access

Everyone moves around so much these days. Have you ever wanted access to a file on your home machine while you worked at the office? Ever needed to finish up some work at home but with files on the office PC? Now you can easily access, edit, share and modify your files anywhere you can access the Internet just by uploading and downloading files through virtually any web browser on any web connection.

File sharing between users

Do you enjoy waiting for huge files to upload or download through your e-mail program? Nobody does! Don't tie up the e-mail servers with file downloads, use Yahoo Briefcase to share files with other users. Simply upload your files to your briefcase and then email your friend a message with a link and instructions to download the file. Yahoo Briefcase even lets you place a time limit on how long the link remains valid. This means the link will "expire" after a certain period of time so people can't pass it around.

Digital Family Photos

Another great use for the service involves sharing digital pictures over the web. As those file sizes grow with enhancements in digital photography, having a password protected spot online from which to share the virtual family photo album comes in very handy.

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