Oct 31, 2005

Crying For Help Online

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When I first started using the computer I had no knowledge, I quickly learned it needs cleaning at least once a week!!! The first time I took my computer to a tech I was not happy at all. I was charged $80.00 for them to re-program it and it took me a week to get it organized. I end up using the tech several times and I decided... no way am I paying that kind of fee!

I learned how to clean my computer on my own, the only reason I would need a tech today would be to copy and change my hard drive. That's an area I do not want to work on but the rest I don't mind, I need to clean my computer twice a week for good performance because I work all day long and seven days a week.

I showed my family and friends how to clean there own computer to save them a cost. I could tell you more about my experiences with computers but it would take a full page. I believe everyone should learn the cleaning process because... it will get costly if you don't know how!!!

In today's article Jim shares the following tips that will help you get what you need and get on your way quickly...

Crying For Help Online
- by Jim Edwards
(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Anyone surfing the Internet for more than a week eventually needs help from someone else. Whether regarding an online purchase, technical support on computer hardware, software support or some other type of help, sooner or later everyone needs assistance. The way in which you ask for help has everything to do with how fast and how well you receive assistance. In the online world where email rules, the following tips will help you get what you need and get on your way quickly.

* Remember the "person" on the other end *

When something on your computer or a particular website doesn't function properly, irritation seems a natural reaction, especially when you have no clue why things don't work or how to fix them. A sense of helplessness often leads to feelings of frustration and anger. However, no matter how upset you get, you must always remember that a live person will receive your email communication and, in many cases, they didn't cause your problem directly.

Remember, those email "missiles" that make you feel better in the short term will almost always come back to haunt you over the long haul.

When first asking for help, never send notes with phrases such as "If you don't respond to me within two hours I'm going to contact my lawyer." or "I sure hope this isn't a scam." Rarely do such comments produce the cheerful help or assistance you actually want.

* "Please" and "Thank You" *

Common courtesy goes a long way towards getting what you want, especially regarding technical support. Notes with nasty comments put the person on the receiving end in a bad frame of mind. However, notes with a polite tone sprinkled generously with "please" and "thank you" will usually receive prompt and courteous attention. You can always get more severe later if you must.

* Don't use ALL CAPS *

Using all capital letters in an email rates the same as SHOUTING in someone's face! Ignorance of this custom online does not excuse the behavior.

Though you may think typing certain words in ALL CAPS merely shows emphasis on your part, to a "computer geek" you will seem rude and offensive. Once you have offended the person from whom you seek help, your chances of receiving that help diminish significantly.

* Get to the point *

Everything happens quickly online. Time ranks number one as the customer support person's scarcest resource and they don't have time to read long emails to figure out what you need.

When asking for help, always include your name, contact information, order information, specific dates and a clear description of the help or information you need.

Avoid including any extraneous information that won't contribute directly in assisting someone in giving you exactly what you need.

Though the Internet and email may seem like an instant solution to many problems, people still run the technology. If you need help from another person, don't treat the person like a machine. You'll get a lot further by doing it this way.

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Have a great day and success to your online business


Anonymous said...

Attention all, the owner of this blog chooses to advertise Locatepeople.org as one of his/her "Awesome sites". This SITE IS A SCAM, and the owner is a mother fucker for advertising this site. Their site has a search utility before registering that lets you see if someone you're looking for exists in their database, and then tells you to purchase a membership if found. This IS A SCAM, any name you type there shows up as found! for example (First name: hdfjighdskhsdjfh Last name: hjfdsjhdjshukdsfhidsf SHOWS UP AS FOUND!)...

Message to the owner: GO fuck yourself you fucking dip shit.


Florence said...

Dear Anonymous

It saddened me that you chose to notify me of Locatepeople.org in such a way!

If anyone finds on my blog a service that is not ligit and is out to scam ~ it would be my pleasure to remove them quickly.

No one really knows who's a scammer is until one finds out, then it one responsibility to notify anyone that is associated with that site/service... but in a civilized matter is always appropriate.

You have and I thank you for letting me know as I want to promote sites that are ligit.

Your choice of words to notify me of Locatepeople.org is hurtful and oncall for as my intentions are to help people!

It would be my pleasure to remove Locatepeople.org for reason is I want to promote ligit sites only that do good for the online browsers.

Hope this will make you feel better!

Florence Baribeau
Manager of this blog

Anonymous said...

Sorry, its just that my mom just lost $40 to them yesterday and I was upset at what a bunch of assholes they are... My mom is not as skeptical about the internet as I am, and as such gets duped easily. She felt really stupid for falling for their scam and when I filed a complaint against them I came across your site and decided to vent (because you called this scam site "Awesome"... My apologies, you sound sincerely unaware that these scumbags are really scumbags... Now I just need to help convince the credit card people of locatepeople.org's scam.

Anonymous said...

Please get rid of the following scam sites from your site Florence.


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and even city: hjkdgfhoihgroihoerg


I'm sure the other "awesome sites" you have up there aren't to be really trusted, but I don't know that yet... and not sure I have time to investigate them.

One more note, a site that is willing to scam people, is more than certainly willing to scam affiliates... Don't expect a cheque anytime soon from them just because you helped them get traffic... These people have no conscience.

Florence said...


Your apology is accepted!

For you to be heard you need to be more calm it's important and is the only way! Otherwise you will not succeed to expose these scammers.

I'm sorry your mom got con ... it's very sad but that's the kind of world we are in!

Wishing you luck at exposing these sites & I'll be happy to remove the others as they are associated together. Have a good night!

Best Regards
Florence Baribeau