Oct 9, 2005

Eliminate Time Wasting Tasks

Free Software Quickly Eliminates Time Wasting Tasks
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Hi... Friday, I arrived in St. Catharines, Ontario. I had a great ride until Hamilton, it was just pouring and it poured all the way to my destination until next morning. I'm really enjoying this time off and I feel very refreshed - I'm ready to go home tomorrow!!! At 10:00 am I'll be leaving for a 7 1/2 hours drive, so that I may arrive before dark... I don't enjoy night driving because there is to many animals crossing the road during the day as I enjoy looking at the scenery along the way.

Do you spend a lot of time on email or other typing activities? Would you like to cut down the time you spend on email by 90% or more? In this article -- Jim reveals a cool FREE program that he started using that will absolutely change the way you type... especially if you type slowly or make mistakes. Why? Because it virtually eliminates time wasted typing the same text over and over... Jim LOVES this software! This article is especially valuable right now since I'll bet you really want to save time! And please, if it's a fit for your list -- *send it out* or post it to your website!

Free Software Quickly Eliminates Time Wasting Tasks
- by Jim Edwards(c) Jim Edwards -
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Ever find yourself typing the same things over and over on your computer? Maybe you type the same blocks of text into your email messages thirty times a day. Or maybe you find it hard to remember a long website address and never seem to get all the characters correct when you type it into your web browser's address bar.

Not too long ago, I came to the startling realization thatI spent over 45 minutes every single day just on completing repetitive email tasks. Bottom line: that amounts to over 273 hours a year doing the same things over and over again - talk about a waste of time!

Much to my delight, I recently discovered a free software program anyone can use that instantly gave me back almost all of that wasted time! With email, I found myself answering the same questions repeatedly. I spent way too much time retyping or hunting down the answer so I could copy and paste it into my reply.

On the surface, a task that takes only 30 seconds to complete might not seem like a time waster, but if you perform that task 100 times throughout the day you will chew up almost an hour on repetitive activity.

What if you could reduce that time by 90% or more? What if you could claim that time back and use it for other, more important things?

Well now you can, because a free software program called "ShortKeys" helps you reclaim the time you waste on most repetitive typing tasks. Log on to www.shortkeys.com/lite.htm and download the free version of the program, which offers all the features most of us will ever likely need or use.

"ShortKeys" is a macro utility, which means it performs repetitive tasks for you. In this case, it allows you to set up replacement text or paragraphs for any given number of keystroke combinations you can define. For example, I set mine up so whenever I type #7 faq into an email message, the program automatically inserts six paragraphs with the most frequently asked questions I get from people surfing my www.7dayebook.com site.

The program quietly monitors your typing activity and, anytime you type in a pre-defined keystroke combination, the program will automatically insert the replacement text. You can use the program with email, word processing, web browser, and even with your web page editor.

You simply choose a word and associate it with the replacement text. ShortKeys will then insert virtually anything you could type, including: simple sentences; extremely long web addresses; single paragraphs; even several paragraphs with up to 3,000 characters of text(and that's a lot of text!). Not only do you save time by not manually typing in the sentences or paragraphs, but you will greatly reduce the inevitable errors and typo's all of us make.

I don't normally get this excited about a free piece of software, but if you ever find yourself typing the same text over and over, get a copy of this program and start using it!

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