Oct 13, 2005

3 Power Steps

3 Power Steps To Finding Elusive Joint Venture Partners
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Joint Venture Marketing is a HOT topic right now but first, let me give you some proof that this topic is a hot one. Do a search for "Joint Venture Marketing" in Google, I found 52,500 targeted searches! Now that's a 'demand' for JV information. Learn more about Joint Venture Partners Marketing below so you may benefit too...

3 Power Steps To Finding Elusive Joint Venture Partners
by Dave Lovelace

You've got your product or service on the web and it's proven to convert prospects into sales and you're ready to pack your virtual bags in search of a partner to joint venture with for an exciting and lucrative money-maker.

But there's one problem. You have absolutely no idea how to go about it.

Until now ..

I'm about to take you on a JV Safari in search of the elusive speckled-feathered Joint Venture partner.

Are you up for the challenge?

Grab your binoculars; cause this species is tricky to spot. You’ve really got to zoom in close when traveling the dusty roads of the Internet back country, but with a little practice, I’m confident you’ll develop a well-trained eye for spotting this creature with ease.

Here are 3 bushes you can search behind starting today:

1. Clickbank.com
2. Google.com
3. Alexa.com

With Clickbank, you can search for product owners whose product is related to yours. You can click over to their site from within Clickbank to review their site and product.

To start this search, look for the Marketplace link from Clickbank’s home page.

Alternately, go to Google.com and type in keywords or phrases related to your product. Investigate the first two pages of results as these will be the sites with the most traffic.

These are the sites you want to contact. First take a look at each site to make sure the product or service is a good match and compliments your product. If so, look for the site owners contact information on the page. This can usually be found at the bottom of the page or many times as a Contact link at the top or bottom of the page.

Now you’re ready for the next step. And this one’s the real kicker.

This secret method will keep you busy for hours as you collect a small goldmine of prospective JV partners no matter what niche you’re in. Here it is:

Simply take the research you’ve just compiled in the previous steps and point your compass North to Alexa.

Here's what I mean:

Start by taking one URL link that you found using the search methods above and go to Alexa.com. In the search box, enter that web address and start the Search. Alexa will then return two things. The contact information for the site owner (if available). And most importantly, Related Sites.

Related sites are links to other sites who offer related products and/or services. All of which are potential JV partners! And guess what

You can now take each of those web addresses and plug them into the Alexa search box and repeat the process. Can you see the power of this method?

Take an hour a day if you’re really "gung ho", or as little as 3 hours a week devoted to doing your research and you’ll soon come up with a large list of potential partners.

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