Oct 25, 2005

Three Very Cool Things

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One year ago my niece visited Italy, if your interested at taking a look at the beautiful pictures she sent last week then visit Welcome to Flo's Personal Space. I doubt I'll make a trip to Italy so it was really nice to see, I found Italy very beautiful it felt like I was there myself. If you didn't visit Italy here's your chance to see a little of it... maybe it will inspire you to plan that trip!

Today's article will help you if your writing a real book or if your thinking about it... it might just motivate you to just do that. Now you can publish your book as easily as uploading a Word document! See what Jim is sharing with you if you want to publish a "real " book without the hassles and disappointment of traditional publishing...

Three *Very Cool* Things You Can Do Online
- by Jim Edwards
© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

** Publish Your "Real" Book On LuLu.com **

"Print-on-demand" publishing makes it simple to get your book into print without a traditional publisher.

"Print-on-demand" does just that: no copies of the book get printed until after there's an order.

This style of self publishing really hit its stride in the last few years as a result of improvements in computerized printing technology and the emergence of Amazon and other online book sellers as legitimate distribution channels.

However, expensive setup fees and high printing costs per book still kept print-on-demand outside the reach of many smaller or first-time authors.

Lulu.com changes all that. Now you can publish your book as easily as uploading a Word document, using a "wizard" to design your cover, click a few buttons, and you're published.

LuLu.com will also list your book via Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble's website.

They don't charge a setup fee and only charge 20% of the book's cover price as a royalty (on top of a per book printing cost that rates as low or lower than most print-on-demand publishers).

If you want to order a crate of books for yourself to hand out as business cards or as Christmas gifts, you can get a special cut rate where you only pay for printing and binding costs.

Overall, Lulu.com rates a "must look" if you want to publish a "real" book without the hassles and disappointment of traditional publishing or the usual up front fees of print-on-demand publishing.

** Get Free Tech Support **

Log on to HelpOnThe.net to find a wealth of free technical support staffed by volunteer geeks and nerds who know the "real" story behind those error messages.

Search their extensive collection of discussion threads to find the answer to your question someone else probably already asked.

Or, post your question in one of the forums and wait for an answer.

As always, beware of free advice and take precautions to back up files before making any changes to your system.

But, before you spend 2 or 3 hours on hold waiting for tech support (did you know some companies started charging for phone support?) see if you can find the answer to your problem from The Tech Support Guy at HelpOnThe.net

** Create Your Own "Podcast" - Fast **

"Podcasting," or audio "blogging," enables content creators to share their thoughts, rants and raves via MP3 audio over the web.

A variation of traditional text-only "blogging," podcasting takes its name from the Apple Ipod MP3 player used to automatically download and play MP3 audio files.

Despite many advancements in MP3 encoding technology, it's been difficult for many people to record their podcast and get it on the Internet in a way others can automatically download.

Log on to AudioBlog.com and your problems are solved. This nifty online service enables users to record MP3 audio right through your web browser or even over the telephone and then publish the RSS feed (Real Simple Syndication) necessary to create a podcast.

Basic accounts start at $4.95 a month.

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