Oct 28, 2007

Permission To Be Successful

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I hope the weekend had a good start for you! Tonight, there's a couple of Holloween dances going on. I planned to go out and enjoy myself but I decided to watch a movie. Tomorrow is my day off so I'll just relax all day.

Linda Miller's article I truly enjoyed reading, she's an AdlandPro Community friend. Reading her article gave me such an inner boost, I had to pass it along. It's a positive way and I surely hope you will find it as helpful and inspiring as I have!

Enjoy the read...

Permission To Be Successful
© by Linda Miller

Have you given yourself permission to be successful?

One of spiritual mentoring clients was feeling "stuck" in her life, unable to create the success she very much wants to experience.

We talked about how most of us are more afraid of success than failure.

Do you know that?

Most people are more afraid of success than failure because there are implications and consequences for creating success and wealth that intimidates us so much that we sabotage our own success.

Isn't that interesting?

I suggested some affirmations for her to write and repeat and talked about a few things she can do create what she wants in her life.

Then the biggest inspiration of all came to me and I said to her...

"You need to give yourself Permission to be successful."

And then I told her also that "I give you permission to be successful."

That made us both laugh, but it helped. If there are those in your life who have not given you permission to be successful, then you can give yourself permission.

How many of us feel we do not have permission to be successful?

How many of us sabotage our own success because we feel we do not deserve it?

Who told us that?

Where did we learn it?

Could it be the thousands of times we were told "no" as children and into our adult lives.

Could it be all the employers who paid us what THEY thought we were worth and convinced us that we cannot do better?

I realized as I was telling my client to give herself permission to be successful that I too can give myself complete permission to be successful.

Daily Affirmation: "I give myself permission to be successful now."

My client's question was also a gift to ME. So, I am now adding this affirmation to My daily list of Affirmations.

Repeat this Affirmation 400 times a day and see what happens. Yes, 400 times is what Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup For The Soul suggests. So I say follow and repeat what works. If you want to be successful, do what the successful do. Mark Victor Hansen is successful.

I give myself permission to be successful.
I give myself permission to be successful.
I give myself permission to be successful.

Only 397 left to go...

Many Blessings

© Linda Miller - 2007

Have a SUPER Sunday!

Oct 20, 2007

How to Use Teleseminars...

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What? You Aren't Doing Teleseminars Yet?

Most often Alexandria find that people try to make things more complicated than they have to be. There are marketers out there teaching 2,000 secrets to putting on a teleseminar, when really it's a very simple process.

Here's an article Alexandria wrote a while ago, but is still a great reminder of how simple -- and lucrative -- teleseminars can be!

Enjoy the article...

"How to Use Teleseminars To Promote
Your Business And Generate Quick Cash"
by Alexandria K. Brown, The-Ezine Queen

Can I share a secret with you?

Teleseminars are some of the easiest money I've ever made.

Chances are you've attended a teleseminar lately. Why not produce them yourself? These seminars by phone are fun and easy to do.

Giving FREE teleseminars is a fabulous way to promote your business, help your prospects get to know you better, increase your e-zine subscribers, and jack-up sales. For the first few years of my Ezine Queen business, I offered a free monthly teleseminar that gave people an introduction to what I teach (how to get business via an e-zine). These calls generated me tons of new e-zine subscribers and sales for my home study courses.

Giving PAID teleseminars promotes your business and generates revenues as well. I do one paid teleseminar at least every two months on a different marketing topic, and sometimes I invite a special guest. Even when I just started out, each of these events would gross me between $5,000 and $10,000.

You should also consider offering an "intensive" or "bootcamp" series of multi-week teleseminars. You can break up aspects of one topic or do a series on multiple, related topics. My former "4-Week E-zine Launch Telebootcamps" went for $497 and sold out every time.

To get started, you'll need:

1. a bridge line. For less than 50 people, FreeConference.com has worked fine for me. (Yes, it's FREE.) For more people or for paid events, I use a paid line such as from Black & White Communications, because they come with personal service and an operator if anything goes wrong.

2. an automated way for people to sign up. I use, LOVE, and wholeheartedly recommend 1ShoppingCart. It's an online shopping cart program that comes complete with e-mail autoresponders and link tracking. It also lets you do coupon offers for special groups, and you can automatically track commissions for affiliates.

3. a way to record your teleseminars. You'll want to provide the audio for people to listen to later online or you can make CDs. Record yourself with inexpensive software like Sony's "Sound Forge Studio", or hire someone to do it for you. I use www.AudioStrategies.com.

But there's a LOT more to it...

How do you get signups, especially if you have a small list?
Where can you advertise your teleseminars?
What days and times will get you more people?
How much should you charge?
How can you get expert guests on your calls for free?
How should you prepare handouts and visuals?
Do people really want CDs, or are they happy with online audio?
WHERE do you start?

To learn MY step-by-step formula for producing teleseminars that REALLY make you money, come to my next FREE Preview Teleseminar Series Online Success Blueprint Workshop. Along with teaching my entire internet marketing strategy, I go through my personal teleseminar processes in detail!

© 2004-2007 Alexandria K. Brown

See Alexandria's Small Business Marketing Blog.

Online entrepreneur Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," publishes the award-winning 'Straight Shooter Marketing' weekly ezine with 21,000+ subscribers. If you're ready to jump-start your marketing, make more money, and have more fun in your small business, get your FREE tips now at www.EzineQueen.com

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Oct 6, 2007

3 Hot Website Trends

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This weekend is a long weekend for Canadians, we're celebrating "Thanks Giving".

Being away all summer trying to catch up is not an easy tasks. On my return I must update Windows, the Virus Scanner and the Firewall. On dial-up it is so slow to download, it takes three to six hours. That's all lot of waited time and to mention the money I have to put out for the monthly bills for Hydro One, Bell Canada and for Dial-Up. I'm not impressed at all !!!

I believe their's always going to have people on dial-up! Last year, I sent an email to Microsoft and ask them to consider having two teams. One team to work with dial-up service and the other team high-speed. This way everyone would fully benefit with the WWW, not just the people with high-speed. I haven't heard anything or seen any changes! :(

Today's article is about 3 website trends, I see that you need to keep in mind as you build your business between now and the end of the year. Enjoy the article...

Three Hot Business Website Trends
- by Jim Edwards
© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

The things I did ten years ago on the Internet now belong in the Dark Ages.

Things I did five years ago seem quaint and so 2002, like my dad’s scanner (though he considers himself cutting edge with his old 20th century photos). Even things I did last year seem out of date now.

I always stay on the edge wondering what will come out next to shake up things that work so well right now. Even basic websites can’t remain immune from the ever-changing world of the Internet.

The first trend I see for websites involves "video-only" landing pages. I don’t mean web "infomercials" either. I mean a landing page where the whole emphasis of the page focuses on the video as the star of the show.

It uses the same classic direct response advertising methods as a conventional "mini-site" to grab people. A video landing page uses a headline to grab attention combined with bullets to build further interest. It then uses a call to action in the video and on the web page to entice people to take further action.

Now don’t fall into the trap of thinking that with video you don’t need to worry about length. A twenty minute video would probably kill your sales. You want a 3-5 minute video to fit in with what you offer on your website.

When properly scripted, the amount of content and sales information you can cram into even 3 minutes would amaze you.

The next trend started happening because of the Google "Slap!" Google divides their search page into two sections, a free side on the left and a paid advertising side on the right. A conflict develops when people go online to find content meet up with smart marketers want to develop leads from their paid ads on Google.

Google started getting complaints about forced opt-in pages and "sales pitch" websites and decided to "slap" those advertisers which don’t look like "real" (corporate) websites.

If you want to buy ads on Google and avoid the "slap", you must set up your site with what I call "stealth" content or, for lack of a better word, non-obvious content. You can use content from places like Wikipedia.com, the public domain, and even your existing content. The key to success is to make sure that your website navigation remains somewhat inaccessible and not distracting (usually at the bottom of the page).

Bottom Line: You want Google’s content robot to come look at your site and see that you do offer content, but when your prospects visit the page they only see your sales message and must hunt for anything extra.

The third hot trend uses mini-site sales letters and blogs together for a double whammy effect in your marketing. Let’s say you launch a new product.

First, you use a blog to build interest towards the launch day with videos, articles and relevant information. You use the blog to create a dialogue, which builds over a fairly short period of time.

Next, you launch a mini-site that works as your 24/7 sales person to whom your blog refers people who want to find out more specifics on your product. Together your blog and mini-site keep prospects engaged and then sell them when they get into the buying mood.

As with any trend, these will change and adapt over time. But from my direct, day-to-day business experience online, smart online marketers - regardless of your business - will take heed of these trends and apply them to your online business right now.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the creator of an amazing course that will teach you step-by-step and click-by-click how to finally create your own money-making mini-sites…

"Finally! A Quick and Easy Way For YOU to Painlessly Set Up Your OWN Moneymaking ‘Mini’ Websites… Without Being a Computer Geek, Buying Expensive Software, or Paying Outrageous Fees To A Webmaster!" Visit => www.MiniSiteCreator.com

Enjoy the weekend...
Happy Thanks Giving Canadians