Jul 27, 2011

6 Easy Ways to Revive Your Business & Your Passion

Let's talk about reinvention especially for the ladies out there! Why NOW is the time for women to make the SHIFT towards entrepreneurship, towards a life of passion and purpose. Sometimes, reinvention comes in small steps, and other times, it requires bold action.

In today's article, their is six small ways you can mix things up in your business right away.

Jul 12, 2011

Should You Set Up Payment Processing?

Here is a quick and easy revenue booster that you can set up in minutes. If you haven't yet started accepting credit cards for your business, then get ready for increased sales, a competitive edge, and less invoicing headaches.

Today's article will help you decide whether setting up payment processing is the right move for your business, or not...

Jul 6, 2011

Do You Believe in YOU?

If you're doing everything you can externally to make your business work, but aren't getting the results you need, it may be time to look inside.

When your online business slows down in the summer, it's an ideal time to turn inward and focus on your higher self. This week's article will help you take an assessment of where you stand when it comes to a success oriented mindset... take the quiz!