Oct 12, 2005

Blogs And RSS

How Blogs And RSS Boost Your Search Engine Visibility
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I arrived Monday at 5:30 pm, the traffic was light on my side but going towards Toronto it was very busy. I enjoyed my eight days in London, I stayed at my daughter apartment and slept a few nights at my sister. I decided to extend my vacation an extra three days so I drove to St. Catharines where I have another sister, I stayed there and visited my nieces and nephews. It was really great to see them all... now I'm home and feel refreshed and very ready to get back to my routine.

Today's article is very interesting for you and how you can boost your Search Engine visibility and how to get indexed within hours with fresh, updated, relevant content compared to the time it takes to index your website that will take days, even weeks...

How Blogs And RSS Boost Your Search Engine Visibility
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Marketers have found that blogs are excellent tools for communicating with their audience. Anyone who has something to sell or an idea to promote can benefit from using blogs.

Search engine marketers especially favour blogs because they have a number of features that make them the darling of search engines.

1. Fresh, Updated, Relevant Content

When you write a good blog about a theme that you’re passionate about and post to it frequently, you’re creating fresh, keyword-rich, content that search engines love.

2. Natural, One-Way Links

Search engines view links to your site as a recommendation of your site content. More links pointing to your site or blog boosts your visibility and search engine rankings.

Google gives more weight to natural, one-way incoming links, and blogs make it easy to get two types of one-way links to your site.

· Similarly Themed Blogs

A well-written, authoritative blog, with unique content, is likely to get linked to from a number of other bloggers writing on similar topics. These are natural links that are viewed highly and given more weight by search engines like Google.

· RSS Feed Syndication

Blogs and the RSS feeds built into them, help you build valuable, one-way links to your site by syndicating your content online.

3. Get Indexed Within Hours

When you post to a blog it “pings” a number of services that list blogs. This notifies the service that your blog has been updated.

Search engines like Google give more weight to blogs that are updated regularly. It is possible to get your pages indexed in Google and other search engines within hours of writing your first blog post.

Compared to the time it takes to index a website (days, even weeks), you can see why blogs are better search engine optimisation tools than static websites.

Indirect SEO Benefits of Blogs

Besides the SEO benefits, a well-written, authoritative blog can also create publicity and branding for you, which promotes even more people to read and link to your blog.

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