Oct 2, 2005

About Website Links

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I'm in London Ontario which is 7 1/2 hours from where I live, I decided to go for a vacation at my daugther's for one week so far I'm enjoying myself very much... it's great to be spending time with her! I arrived three days ago and didn't have access to a computer until today so I'm taking a moment to let my blogger friends and visitors what I've been doing.

On Thursday I'll be going to St Catherines Ontario which is 2 hours from London to visit my sister... she has a computer so I'll post an article. It's really good to get away and do something different, at times when the work is from home the hours are longer and the breaks are not often enough. I will returning home on next Tuesday or Wednesday then I'll post a different article daily for those that are interested.

Today article is about linking and what impact is has with Search Engine Ranking, this article will give you some answers from experts...

About Website Links

Links to your Website have a big impact on your Search Engine Ranking for a number of reasons. But there’s a lot of misinformation about links and just how useful they are, here's answers from experts for some answers.

Successful Search Engine Optimization experts say:
"The anchor text and the PageRank of the page would be the most important factors... all links help -- whether they’re from sites with a low Page Rank or not.

"The thing about using inbound links to determine what a site’s about is that it's very scalable and it works very well. As soon as you start to base a page’s relevance on the number of times a keyword appears, people are going to fill their text content with keywords. Using link popularity as a basis of relevance, a site can be heavily optimized without the text becoming keyword-filled gibberish," they say.

Links are a major part of Search Engine Optimization. As the experts says, they are probably the best way that search engines can gauge the quality of a site.

Most experts agree that a link from a site with a high Page Rank (PR) is more valuable (in terms of increasing your won sites Page Rank) than a link from a site with a low PR.

3 ways to get links from high PR sites:

Hope for them.
Ask for them.
Buy them.

www.linkadage.com, www.linkauctions.com and www.buyselllinks.com are just 3 link selling sites.

Have a great day and the best to your online success

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