Jan 28, 2006

Part 6 .. Superstitions

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It's Friday, tomorrow is my day off .. looking forward to it! Here's part 6 of "General Superstitions" provided by Craftie Linda an Adland Friend. It's very interesting .. enjoy!

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General Superstitions
by Craftie Linda

If you use the same pencil to take a test that you used for studying for the test, the pencil will remember the answers.

It is bad luck to see an owl in the sunlight.

Unless you were born in October, it's unlucky to wear opals.

A wish will come true if you make it while burning onions.

An onion cut in half and placed under the bed of a sick person will draw off fever and poisons.

If your nose itches, someone is coming to see you. If it's the right nostril, the visitor will be a female, left nostril, male.

A white moth inside the house or trying to enter the house means death.

A mirror should be covered during a thunderstorm because it attracts lightning.

It is unlucky to see your face in a mirror by candlelight.

It's bad luck to let milk boil over.

Clairvoyants use mandrake to increase their visions to enable them to see strange and wonderful things.

Mandrake is thought to have aphrodisiac and fertilizing properties.

Mandrake is a mysterious plant believed to have powers of preventing sterility in men and animals, causing barren women to bear children, and compelling love.

To dream of a lizard is a sign that you have a secret enemy.

Lettuce promotes child bearing if eaten by young women, and certain types of salad can bring on labor in pregnant women.

Lettuce is believed to have magical and healing properties, including the power to arouse love and counteract the effects of wine.

If you catch a falling leaf on the first day of autumn you will not catch a cold all winter.

A cricket in the house brings good luck.

Counting Crows: One's bad, Two's luck, Three's health, Four's wealth, Five's sickness, Six is death.

Pick a dandelion that has gone to seed. Take a deep breath and blow the seeds into the wind. Count the seeds that remain on the stem. That is the number of children you will have.

It's bad luck to leave a house through a different door than the one used to come into it.

If your right ear itches, someone is speaking well of you.

If your left ear itches, someone is speaking ill of you.

For good luck throughout the year, wear new clothes on Easter.

Pictures of an elephant bring luck, but only if they face a door.

If your right eye twitches there will soon be a birth in the family. If the left eye twitches there will soon be a death in the family.

To cure a sty, stand at a crossroads and recite “Sty, sty, leave my eye, take the next one coming by.

If an eyelash falls out, put it on the back of the hand, make a wish and throw it over your shoulder. If it flies off the hand the wish will be granted.

A fish should always be eaten from the head toward the tail.

Dream of fish: someone you know is pregnant.

Throw back the first fish you catch then you'll be lucky the whole day fishing.

If you count the number of fish you caught, you will catch no more that day.

It's bad luck to say the word pig while fishing at sea.

It brings bad luck for a flag to touch the ground.

First Flower of Spring: The day you find the first flower of the season can be used as an omen: Monday means good fortune, Tuesday means greatest attempts will be successful, Wednesday means marriage, Thursday means warning of small profits, Friday means wealth, Saturday means misfortune, Sunday means excellent luck for weeks.

If the bottom of your right foot itches, you are going to take a trip.

To drop a fork means a man is coming to visit.

It is bad luck to kill a ladybug.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Jan 26, 2006

An Honest Woman!

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The temperature was -27 when I got up at 7:30 this morning, that's cold !!! This year we had a couple of days that went that low so we
had a mild winter but tons of snow!

Here's something different, much wisdom...

An Honest Woman!
Maya Angelou

In April, Maya Angelou was interviewed by Oprah on her 70+ birthday.

Oprah asked her what she thought of growing older.

And, there on television, she said it was "exciting." Regarding body changes, she said there were many, occurring every day... like her breasts. They seem to be in a race to see which will reach her waist, first.

The audience laughed so hard they cried. She is such a simple and honest woman, with so much wisdom in her words!

Maya Angelou said this:

"I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow."

"I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights."

"I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life."

"I've learned that making a "living" is not the same thing as "making a life." "I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance."

"I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back."

"I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision."

"I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one."

"I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back."

"I've learned that I still have a lot to learn."

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Pass this on if You wish .. You will boost another woman's self-esteem !!!

Have a great Thursday!

Jan 25, 2006

Getting Ripped Off

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It snowed all day yesterday .. unbelievable! Today I'll be out there again to shovel, this winter we had mild weather so far but lots of snow. Now I'm really looking forward to spring and get that sun shinning everyday .. that would be a welcome change!

Today's article is about helping anyone avoid getting ripped off when buying info-products, software... even physical products online. Jim offers You the exact same 2-part benchmark he uses to evaluate any business offering that crosses his desktop...

How To Buy Online Without Getting Ripped Off
- by Jim Edwards
© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

I frequently get similar questions from viewers and subscribers all over the world.

They often ask me "Jim, what do you think of So-and-So's product?" or "How does So-and-So's product compare to your product?" or "Should I buy So-and-So's product?"

Typically these questions are about physical products, software or information products.

People ask for my opinion not only because I write a newspaper column, but also because I've produced and sold tens-of-thousands of products to people all around the world for the past nine years.

Bottom line: people want a clear, concise "yardstick" against which to measure any online purchase so they never feel ripped off.

Let me say right up front that I believe 100% in free-market competition and that having multiple products and perspectives on the same topic ultimately improves any marketplace for everyone.

I thank the Firefox browser and Linux operating system for getting Microsoft off its gigantic backside and addressing some serious issues.

But, with so many new products coming to market online, everyone must operate with a simple, effective criteria for evaluating any offer, especially in the business arena.

Let me offer you the exact same 2-part benchmark I use to evaluate any business offering that crosses my desktop.

This will help you avoid getting caught up in the "hysteria" of the moment and buying on impulse, rather than on careful thought.

Part #1 - I ask myself this question: Do I really need this in my business or is this just something "new" for the sake of something new?

If I realize that I'm just getting sucked into the "try something new" mentality, I put the purchase on hold for 48 hours to "cool off."

If I honestly decide I need the product, then I move on to part 2.

Par #2 - I ask myself this question: Has the person selling me this software, product or course actually DONE (more than once) what they are selling me "how to" do - and can they prove it?

If someone sells a piece of software, I want to know how much time it saved, how much money it saved, how much effort it helped avoid, and how much money was made as a result of using it - and I want proof!

Let me simply repeat the mantra of the classic Wendy's commercial from the 1980's: "Where's the beef?"

If someone tries to sell you a piece of software that claims to get 10,000 visitors to your site, ask to see screen shots of their server logs and sales in their merchant account.

If someone tries to sell you a course on creating website video, ask how many money-making videos they've put online over the years (ask for specific URLs) and run like heck if their personal website doesn't have the first video on it (or if they just put one up this week)!

You'll never go wrong if, before you buy anything online, you demand concrete, demonstrable proof that lives up to the claims made by the person or company selling it.

In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, "Trust but verify!"

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the creator of an amazing course that will teach you step-by- step and click-by-click how to finally create your own money-making mini-sites...

"Finally! A Quick and Easy Way For YOU to Painlessly Set Up Your OWN Moneymaking 'Mini' Websites... Without Being a Computer Geek, Buying Expensive Software, or Paying Outrageous Fees To A Webmaster!"
Click Here => www.MiniSiteCreator.com

Have a great Wednesday!

Jan 24, 2006

The Best Website

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It's storming today .. more shoveling coming up! I've had guests since Christmas .. I'm trying to catch up with my work and mailboxes that are overloaded with mail. I've started going through them but I will be busy for some time now!

Yesterday I posted simple techniques to generate targeted visitors without paying a dime in advertising. Today's article is a different perspective on what website traffic "really" is !!!

Jim is sharing some very straight forward thoughts on how to evaluate any source of traffic you're considering purchasing.

The Best Website Traffic Sources
- by Jim Edwards
© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Not a day goes by that any serious website owner doesn't wonder how to get more traffic to their site.

This intense desire to generate more clicks makes virtually any online entrepreneur easy prey to many of the traffic schemes and scams that pervade the Internet like conmen on acarnival midway.

Promises of fast traffic and big bucks often separate even the most savvy business person from their money because they want to believe the promises made by these traffichucksters.

However, rather than thinking "complicated equals better" in the traffic game, the best website traffic sources rate extremely easy to separate from the useless garbage traffic.

Fact: "Good Traffic" equals "Targeted Traffic!"

That means the visitors come as a result of desire to find out more on a specific, niche topic, not as a result of "exit" traffic or membership in a "safe" list where memberssimply pitch each other in an incestuous spam fest.

Good traffic comes from people clicking links on topics targeted to their interests and getting directed to a website containing information they want and expect as a result of clicking the link.

Bottom line, when you get right down to it, the best, most dependable sources of targeted traffic come from links that
people click.

So, next time you're considering spending money on a traffic source, understand that unless it involves a targeted link that a targeted visitor can click to get to your website,think twice before opening up your wallet.

To my knowledge, only three ways exist to get a link to your site: buy it, "voodoo" it, or grow it.

** Buy Links**

Buying links actually rates the fastest way to get traffic to your website.

You simply sign up for Google AdWords at Google.com or you open an account with Overture.com.

You then run ads with a link on those sites and any time someone clicks the link, you pay for the click through a relatively straightforward bidding process based on thepopularity of the keyword.

You can also buy links in ezines, newsletters, and on other people's website either on a per-click basis, for a period of time (a week or month), or in exchange for paying them a commission if a sale gets made as a result of a click onthe link.

** Linking "VoodDoo" **

Linking "voodoo" refers to attempting to manipulate the search engines into displaying links to your website.

You can find a large number of automated software programs online at any given time that will claim to help you get more search engine traffic.

Depending on the intensity of competition in a specific market, and the fact that search engines change their rules frequently, pursuing search engine links can quickly turn into the online equivalent of Alice chasing the rabbit downa hole to "Wonderland."

** Grow Links **

I personally prefer this method to get links to my websites: growing them.

The best type of link to get involves one person telling another person, either explicitly or implicitly, they should click the link and visit the site at the other end.

One way to do this is simply to exchange links with another site which targets the same audience as your site.

You can manage this process manually or use one of the many software packages that will mange the process for you.

A search on Google.com for "reciprocal link manager software" yields a good start.

The easiest way to grow links is through using articles other people post on their websites which link back to your website.

The reason articles work so well for "growing" links involves the numerous ways in which articles get distributed online, each of which can create dozens, hundreds, even thousands of different links back to your website bypublishing a single article.

As time goes by, and as the article spreads around, the number of links literally "grows" over time (but unlike a houseplant, you don't have to water an article!).

In fact, the following represent only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the places you can grow and expand the links to your site by publishing articles online.

~ Blogs - Your articles can not only appear on your own blog, but get posted by others on their blogs with surprising ease.

The links in these articles can point directly back to your website.

~ Article Directories - Article directories such as IdeaMarketers.com abound online.

They not only provide an easy way to display your articles to allow others to pick them up for posting on their websites, but also in and of themselves attract readerssearching for content.

~ OPS (Other People's Sites) - Popular websites like WebProNews.com attract repeat visitors by offering targeted content to their readers.

Since they can't produce all the content themselves, they publish articles created by others. Links from these sites can bring a steady stream of targeted visitors by giving youtargeted exposure.

~ Ezines - By getting your articles published in other people's ezines, you can get a link on the most valuable real estate online, a targeted prospect's email "inbox."

Many ezine publishers run articles written by others to their targeted readers, and your link in the resource box can bring you a veritable avalanche of targeted site visitors when hundreds, even thousands of people receive your articleat the same time.

Whether you choose to buy them, "voodoo" them, or grow them, getting targeted links to your site posted on the Internet represents the absolute best way to get steady traffic toyour site.

Though not as fast as buying them or as exciting as trying to manipulate the search engines, growing links with articles gives you a long-term, dependable presence online.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how to use free articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website, affiliate links, or blogs...

Need MORE TRAFFIC to your website or affiliate links? "Turn Words Into Traffic" reveals the secrets for driving Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate links... without spending a dime on advertising!
Click Here> Publish Articles and Get Traffic FAST!

Have a great Tuesday!

Jan 23, 2006

Best Kept Secrets

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Hope you had a great weekend! The sun is shinning brightly again today and it feels good. This morning I feel great .. I received news from someone very special to me .. it made my day !!! :-) It feels like my spirit has been lifted and that's a greatest feeling, now I have a smile on my face.

Today's article is about simple techniques to generate targeted visitors without paying a dime in advertising! We all need traffic, Jim is sharing methods that rates so powerful some even call it "the web's best kept traffic secret"...

"The Web's Best-Kept Traffic Secret"
- by Jim Edwards
(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Did you realize that thousands of website operators use a simple technique to generate targeted visitors to their websites without paying a dime in advertising? It's true.

In fact, the technique works so well that many of them don't want you to discover how they get those thousands of website visitors and make so many sales on virtual "auto-pilot."

Their method?

Creating tightly focused articles other people publish in their ezines (online magazines and email newsletters) and post on their websites. This method rates so powerful that some even call it "the web's best kept traffic secret."

Now, you may ask, "Why would an ezine publisher or website owner publish my articles for their subscribers?"

The answer: Content!

Over a 100,000 ezines and newsletters operate on the web (along with millions of websites) covering everything from pets and cooking to investments and real estate. Many of them need tightly focused content and they simply can't produce all of it themselves.

Look at it this way... it's the same reason newspapers use the Associated Press. Individual newspapers often can't afford staff writers to cover every story, so they accept articles from outside their organization.

You can do the exact same thing for various ezines and websites catering to your niche audience!

You can get valuable publicity -- exposure you often couldn't even pay for if you wanted to -- by providing valuable, content-rich articles in exchange for a byline and a link to your website (called a "resource box")!

The following represent only a few of the enormous benefits of writing and distributing simple articles online:

** Attain "Expert" Status **

Let's face it! In the eyes of virtually everyone who reads your articles you rank as the "expert" on the subject.

Just look at people who write newspaper columns. You may disagree with their viewpoints, but they still have an elevated status in your mind compared to the "average Joe" off the street.

** Pre-sell Website Visitors **

If your article appeals to a niche audience hungry for more information on a very focused subject, you actually pre-sell them better than any sales pitch. In their minds, you've already delivered content they really want so when they click over to your site you already have a "reputation" in their minds.

** Traffic Lasts Longer **

Even though the Internet changes very quickly, webmasters are usually very slow to remove content from their sites. Once you get an article posted on another person's website, you have an excellent chance of that article staying there for weeks, months, even years.

** Increase Links To Your Site **

In a recent search I found just a dozen of my articles posted on over 813 different websites! Not only do those postings bring me traffic, but they also help my search engine positioning because of my increased "Link Popularity."

** Builds Your Affiliate Base **

Fact: Affiliates always take the path of least resistance.

If you provide excellent articles they can easily post on their sites or copy and paste into their ezines, your affiliates will promote you more often and more effectively compared to those who don't give them tools.

Plus, as you make more sales and publish articles, other people will see you providing excellent tools and will want to sign up as your affiliate so they can use them too!

** Build a Huge "Opt-In" Email List **

You can use articles to build up a huge list of subscribers by simply compiling several articles into a series and delivering them at preset intervals.

Often called a "mini-course," this technique allows you not only to prove to your subscribers that you deliver great information, but enables you to capture their name and email address so you can send them articles and special offers in the future (with their permission).

** Requires No Special Skills **

People often think they need to be a "writer" in order to publish articles, but that's not true!

FACT: If you have a passion for a subject and can talk and explain things like you would to a friend over a cup of coffee, you can write articles people will love to read.

So if you operate a website selling virtually any type of product or service (whether your own or as an affiliate), publishing and promoting with articles should rank high on your list of traffic generation strategies.

No other method of generating targeted traffic to your website provides the quality, quantity and steadiness of traffic in such a simple, straightforward, and cost-effective manner.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook, "Turn Words Into Traffic," that will teach you how to use free articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website or affiliate link!

Need MORE TRAFFIC to your website or affiliate links? "Turn Words Into Traffic" reveals the secrets for driving Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate links... without spending a dime on advertising!
Click Here> Write Money Making Ezine Articles FAST!

Have a great Monday!

Jan 22, 2006

Name Origins

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Hope your weekend is great !!! Mine is relaxing just like I planned it to be .. it's really nice to get away from work. Today we have the sun shinning brightly and that feels good :-) I'm happy with that!

Name Origins .. interesting!!!


Named after the Italian-born American inventor, Candido Jacuzzi.


Formerly the game from India called Poona became temporarily known as Battledore and Shuttlecock by the British until they popularized the sport at Badminton, Gloucestershire, England, country home of the Duke of Beaufort in 1873.

Have a great Sunday!

Jan 19, 2006

Part 5 .. Superstitions

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It finally stop snowing, now I'm happy :-) and it's my day off tomorrow. I have nothing plan but to take it easy, I've had guests since Christmas. Here's something interesting I ran into...

True Rainbows

The seven colors of the rainbow are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because this marvel of nature has no beginning nor does it have an end.

To see all the rainbow You must be in the right place .. in an airplane or on a mountain top.

There and then You would see more than just the top half of a rainbow. You would see a surprise... all the true rainbow... a complete circle!

It's Friday and here's part 5 of "General Superstitions" provided by Craftie Linda an Adland Friend. It's very interesting .. enjoy! Please take a moment to visit my coolest community on the web... if You like it join for FREE!

General Superstitions
by Craftie Linda

Don't step on a crack on a sidewalk or walkway.

A yawn is a sign that danger is near.

The number of Xs in the palm of your right hand is the number of children you will have.

Two people pull apart the dried breastbone of a chicken or turkey until it cracks and breaks, each one making a wish while doing so. The person who gets the long half of the wishbone will have his or her wish come true.

If you make a wish while throwing a coin into a well or fountain, the wish will come true.

A watermelon will grow in your stomach if you swallow a watermelon seed.

A bride's veil protects her from evil spirits who are jealous of happy people.

If a woman sees a robin flying overhead on Valentine's Day, it means she will marry a sailor. If she sees a sparrow, she will marry a poor man and be very happy. If she sees a goldfinch, she will marry a millionaire.

Dropping an umbrella on the floor means that there will be a murder in the house.

If you bite your tongue while eating, it is because you have recently told a lie.

All wishes on shooting stars come true.

A spider is a repellent against plague when worn around the neck in a walnut shell.

You sleep best with your head to the north and your feet to the south.

If you sing before seven, you will cry before eleven.

Salty soup is a sign that the cook is in love.

Rosemary planted by the doorstep will keep witches away.

If you leave a rocking chair rocking when empty, it invites evil spirits to come into your house to sit in the rocking chair.

A wish made upon seeing the first robin in spring will come true - but only if you complete the wish before the robin flies away.

A red ribbon should be placed on a child who has been sick to keep the illness from returning.

A rainbow in the Eastern sky, The morrow will be fine and dry. A rainbow in the West that gleams, Rain tomorrow falls in streams.

Have a great day and a fantastic weekend!

Attract Search Engines

6 Ways To Attract Search Engines
To Your Website More Often

Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

I had a rough Tuesday driving my friend to the train station in Sudbury. It also snow/rained that night and yesterday the wind was very cold and it was still snowing! This week we've accumulated a lot of snow and tons of shoveling to do. It's February and by now I'm tired of snow and shoveling as my arms cannot take any more abuse .. I'm waiting patiently for spring!

Today's article is about ways to attract the Search Engines to your website or blog. Frequently updated and adding content is the surest way to get Search Engines to spider your site more often. Priya is sharing six ways to add fresh content to your site...

6 Ways To Attract Search Engines
To Your Website More Often
Copyright © 2006 Priya Shah

Adding fresh, updated content to your website is the surest way to get search engines engines to spider your site more often. Search engines are known to index sites updated on a regular basis more frequently.

Updating and adding to the content on your website frequently will give you an advantage in the search results and also help you expand the number of search terms or key phrases you can get found for.

There are many tools and resources you can use to automate the process of adding fresh, updated content and creating more spider-food on your website.

Here are six ways to add fresh content to your site:

- Weblogs or Blogs

A blog is an online diary or journal. Setting up a blog is easy and the many free blogging services make it possible for just about anyone to get started.

Several blog programs allow your users to create an account and post their comments to your blog, thereby adding more fresh content for you.

I use Blogger.com to create my own blogs like the Number One In Your Niche Blog.

- Newsletters or Ezines

Publishing a regular newsletter or ezine is an excellent way to add content at regular intervals and get repeat traffic to your site. Archiving your newsletters online is one way of automatically updating your pages and adding new content.

As an example see the archives of my newsletter online

- Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you or your website visitors to add, edit or delete content to your website without having to create and format the pages manually.

Article exchange scripts are a type of content management system. There are many zero-cost or open-source content management systems like PHP-Nuke or Post-Nuke, that are often included with hosting packages and require no set up.

Xongoo! CMS is a search engine friendly and zero-cost content management system

Other open-source CMS include PHP-Nuke and Drupal.

- Forums/Bulletin Boards

A forum or bulletin board is an excellent tool for building content and creating an online community that will bring repeat traffic. Many web hosts now provide packages that include bulletin board scripts on your server.

The best part about a forum is that it allows your visitors to build your content for you. However, it does require time and energy, and some technical knowledge to moderate and maintain forums.

phpBB is a popular open-source bulletin system

- Reviews/Interviews

Reviewing and publishing a write-up on new products or resources in your field is becoming a favourite technique with affiliate marketers looking to boost their commissions.

It is also an excellent way to get found for the keywords related to the product you review. You can also do regular interviews of experts in your industry and put up the transcript on your site.

My product reviews have allowed me to get high rankings for specific keywords of my choice

- RSS or Newsfeeds

RSS is the latest craze in online publishing because it allows syndication of *expert* news and content that is regularly updated at the source.

Using RSS feeds you can enhance your site content without the need to write a single line on your own. Search engines love RSS feeds and are known to spider pages with such feeds more often.

Express RSS is a tool that allows you to add RSS feeds to your site in under a minute

Priya Shah is the CEO of eBrand360. Her areas of specialization include internet marketing, search engine optimization and business blogging.

Have a great Thursday!

Jan 18, 2006

The Excitement

Hitting Some Out of the Park:
The Excitement of Personal Home Runs

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It was cold yesterday and quite the day for me! I was getting ready for my drive to Sudbury, at noon I looked outside and it was snowing. We left at 1:00 the roads was good then, getting closer to Sudbury it started to snow/rain... I didn't like that! We stop at the mall for 1/2 hr for a few things .. when leaving the mall I looked at my car and the windows were all iced.

I drove to the train station and left for home right away there was 1-1/2 hr drive to do! The hyw 17 was in poor conditions, several times I needed to pull over and clean the ice off the windshield. I left at 3:20 and arrived home happily at 6:00, I was very thankful to have made it safe !!!

Today's article is about setting and achieving goals is a bit like baseball. Big goals are inspiring and every once in awhile, you have to swing for the bleachers. What about YOU?

Hitting Some Out of the Park:
The Excitement of Personal Home Runs
by - Michael Angier , founder and CIO

I’m not a big baseball fan. I enjoyed playing when I was younger, but I’ve just not gotten caught up in watching nine innings of the game.

Perhaps it’s because the home runs are so few and far between. Watching someone bunt, walk or get a base hit slowly but surely adds runs to the scoreboard, but they lack the luster of a home run with the bases loaded.

Seeing that ball sail out of the park while the runners head home and the batter tags each base in his victory lap is fun.

Setting and achieving goals is a bit like baseball. For the most part, things don’t happen all that fast, and it’s not always exciting. But if you want to win, you have to do the things that put you on base in a consistent fashion.

We all have some goals we want to accomplish that aren’t particularly inspiring or motivating. We want the result, but we aren’t always excited about the process.

Unless they’re part of a bigger (and more inspiring) goal, they tend to be what I call “maintenance goals”. Things like a 15% increase in sales, a 10% increase in profits or paying off a credit card.

To make the game more interesting, however, it helps to have some home runs.

Last summer I was telling my friend Sterling Valentine about my upcoming projects and explaining my plans for several new ventures. I told him that business was up 23%, and I reviewed a couple of other things that would clearly be viewed as quite positive.

But as I discussed these things with him, I noticed I didn’t seem to have the passion I usually have. I said, “You know, all this is good, it’s interesting, but what I’d really like to do is hit a home run.”

He asked what that would look like. His question made me think—and think hard.

What WOULD a home run look like? What kind of goals would I look upon as they were accomplished and say, “Wow! That’s a home run!”

So I made a list of goals that would qualify. They weren’t safe, predictable, maintenance goals. They were BHAGS—big hairy audacious goals.

I chose three of them and decided to swing for the fence on all three. I really had nothing to lose because even if I fell short, I would have made good progress—probably more than if I hadn’t gone for it.

And I got two out of three.

We more than doubled our 2005 business compared to 2004. I’d done this before—two or three times—but our business was much smaller then. Home run number one.

I created, launched and sold a 12-month team coaching program (Diamond Club). I thought 21 participants would be a home run for the first year. We have 43 enrolled, and we still have another couple of weeks before we close it for the year. Home run number two.

My third goal was a best-selling book (100,000 copies).

Didn’t hit that one—at least not yet. But I do have two books published and a third in production.

As a result of achieving these goals, I’ve never felt more confident. I’m really looking forward to reaching for some big ones in 2006.

Action Point
What about YOU? Where are you on the “GO-FOR-IT Scale”? Which of your goals or dreams would be a home run for you?

It’s good to have singles, doubles and triples, but every once in the while, you have to take a big cut and swing for the bleachers. You’ll strike out sometimes, but hey, even the best batters do that.

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Jan 17, 2006

E-Mails Bouncing?

Are Your E-Mails Bouncing? Hard Bounces,
Soft Bounces, and Everything in Between

Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

I hope your week had a great start! Having guest at my home is over for awhile .. today I'm driving my friend to the train station. It's 1 1/2 hour drive to Sudbury so my friend can catch he's ride at 4:00pm, then will be spending two days on the train .. but I know it's a great ride!

A lot of beautiful sceneries on the way to Edmonton, I've made that trip by train twice already. I've always enjoyed the view .. specially from the dome section, plus You can walk around and meet people.

Today's article is fantastic information for anyone but very helpful for webmasters! When You send an e-mail and then receive a response saying it was undeliverable... that's a "bounce".

However, when You publish an e-zine and You have too many bounce-backs that can cause your mailings to be blocked with certain Internet service providers. Alexandria is sharing what You need to know and do so You can get a handle on your bounces...

Are Your E-Mails Bouncing? Hard Bounces,
Soft Bounces, and Everything in Between
by Alexandria K. Brown
"The E-zine Queen"

Are you doing "the bounce"?

No, it's not a new hip-hop dance.

A bounce, or bounce-back, is an e-mail that is returned to you because it cannot be delivered for some reason. You've probably gotten bounces on your own personal e-mail program, when you send an e-mail and then receive a response saying it was undeliverable.

These get to be more of a headache, however, when you publish an e-zine. Sending e-mail to more people means more bounce-backs. And too many bounce-backs can cause your mailings to be blocked with certain Internet service providers, meaning many of your e-mails won't reach your readers.

What You Need to Know

There are two kinds of e-mail bounces:

A hard bounce is an e-mail message that has been returned to you because the recipient's address is invalid. A hard bounce might occur because the domain name doesn't exist, the recipient is unknown, or there's some type of network problem on the recipient's end.

A soft bounce is an e-mail message that gets as far as the recipient's mail server, but is bounced back before it reaches the recipient. One of the most common causes for a soft bounce is a full mailbox. This will happen A LOT with your subscribers who use free e-mail services like Yahoo and HotMail, because they allow for very little e-mail storage.

What You Need to Do

Ask your current list service how they handle your bounces.

Some of them have a hands-off policy and don't do anything. If so, ask them how you can go in yourself and see how many names are bouncing and who they are. Then you can decide to keep them on your list or delete them.

One factor to consider here is your listserve's "retry" policy. That is, how many times do they try to send out your e-zine to the soft-bounce people? Some only try once, others try several times, waiting a few hours in between.

Sometimes you'll also see a few e-mail addresses that are obviously misspelled (e.g. "nancy123@aolcom" -- note the missing dot) and you can fix them yourself manually.

If your listserve is hands-off, you'll want to go in and look at your bounce situation at least once a month to check things out and delete names if necessary.

The other extreme is list services that automatically delete people after only one hard bounce, which isn't good because it could be caused by a temporary problem like a network outage. If this is your listserve's policy, find out if you can change it.

Then some list services take the middle road by automatically deleting anyone who has had a certain number of bounces in a row. Ideally you want them to wait longer on soft bounces to make sure that the problem isn't resolved over the next few issues you send out.

You can often instruct the listserve to unsubscribe soft bounces after a specific time, say, five bounces over a two-week period.

Whatever your case, be sure you get a handle on your bounces this month!

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown


Alexandria K. Brown, “The E-zine Queen,” is author of the award-winning manual, “Boost Business With Your Own E-zine.” To learn more about her book and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at www.ezinequeen.com.

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Jan 16, 2006

Surviving Tough Times

Surviving Tough Times Online
Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

Hope You had a great weekend !!! Yesterday the sun was out but it was so cold .. I went for my horse sled ride with my friend and we both enjoyed it very much. I will plan on going again before the winter is over .. it cost only $5.00 each, so really that's a cheap fun day! Tomorrow my friend is returning home to Edmonton by train, it took two days to get here .. quite the ride!

In today's article it discusses the economic problems businesses online and off-line faces. For this reason, You must constantly look for creative ways to put yourself and your business in the best position to survive! Jim shares various ways that will help You with your business to survive...

Surviving Tough Times Online
- by Jim Edwards
(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

With economic problems dominating the headlines, all businesses, online and off, need to make the most of every single customer contact if they hope to stay in business!

Consumers want to hang onto every dollar and only spend money for things they feel they really "must" have.

To put yourself and your business in the best position to survive and thrive in the current economy, follow these simple rules for making every website visitor count.

The first step in making every visitor count involves knowing exactly what people want from you. The vast majority of businesses never bother to ask what customers and visitors want, and therefore, they make fewer sales than they could with a little research.

Smart online business owners use surveys regularly to stay in touch with customer needs, tastes, and preferences. It costs next to nothing to ask a customer what they want and then simply give it to them. But, it may cost you everything if you don't take the time to ask first.

Next, businesses hoping to make it in these uncertain economic times must form alliances with other business owners who cater to the same audience. Other business owners have the traffic you need in order to grow your business.

For this reason, you must constantly look for creative ways to work with them. The easiest way to profit by working with other website owners involves endorsing each other's products to your own lists or, at a minimum, trading links to funnel traffic back and forth.

Creating traffic from "scratch" rates the slowest and costliest way to bring customers to your website. Persuading other people to send targeted traffic your way puts you on the fast track to profits.

The third step for triumphing in uncertain economic times entails building one-on-one relationships with your customers and prospects, even if you have thousands of them. They must feel as if you are speaking only to them in all of your communications.

The quickest way to accomplish this involves specializing in one highly specific area of concern for them. In other words, no matter what you sell, you'll never succeed as "Wal-Mart." To succeed, your online business must completely meet the needs of your customers in one, specific area.

Time to face facts: the Internet won't go away! In fact, despite the well publicized "dot bombs" of a couple of years ago, the Internet forms a more integral part of our lives than ever.

Even if you feel like your business, your job, or some other important aspect of your life doesn't depend on the Internet today, what about tomorrow?

Finally, everyone must stay current at all times with the ever-changing landscape of the Internet. At some point, virtually every one of us will find the Internet an integral part of our business lives.

As effective business people, we must develop the ability to adapt to change and give customers what they want - not in months or years -but in the space of hours or days.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how to use free articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website or affiliate links...

Need MORE TRAFFIC to your website or affiliate links? "Turn Words Into Traffic" reveals the secrets for driving Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate links... without spending a dime on advertising!
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Jan 15, 2006

List Service...

21 Questions to Ask Any List Service
Before You Sign on With Them
Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

I hope You are enjoying your weekend so far .. mine is quiet and very relaxing! The sun is shinning today and that brightens my day.

My friend from Edmonton Alberta and I are going for a horse sled ride today. I hope my friend will enjoy that because last time I went I had much fun. I went with a group of friends and family members so there was a lot of us. This time I'm going with one person so I'll see the difference .. I'm sure I will enjoy it too !!!

Today's article is about "List Service" if You plan on publishing an email newsletter or e-zine. I'll have a newsletter for my subscribers so this article is fantastic help for me !!! Ask questions before You sign up so You may choose one that You will benefit.

Alexandria is sharing guidelines to help You choose a list server that's right for You...

21 Questions to Ask Any List Service
Before You Sign on With Them
by Alexandria K. Brown,
The E-zine Queen

If you publish an e-mail newsletter, or "e-zine," you'll need to sign on with a list service (or "listserve") to manage your subscriber list. There are many types of listserves out there, so here are some guidelines to help you choose one that's right for you.

1. Do they use MULTI-PART MIME technology?

You'll need this if you want to publish an HTML newsletter. Otherwise you’ll have to send out multiple versions for users who can read HTML, users who can't read HTML, and users on AOL.

2. Do they offer some type of ORIENTATION OR TUTORIAL?

If you're new to the game and/or technologically challenged then you'll appreciate any type of help they offer for new clients.

3. What's their CUSTOMER SERVICE like?

Are they prompt to get back to you via e-mail? Can you call them if you have a problem? Are they available more than standard business hours? What about weekends? Contact them and see how long they take to get back to you —- if it's longer than 24 hours, definitely keep looking.

4. Do they NOTIFY list owners if there's a PROBLEM with their service?

If so, how, and how quickly?

5. Do they have CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS to share with you?

Or even better, client references? Contact some of these folks to see how their experiences have been.

6. Do other BUSINESSES LIKE YOURS use their service?

If most of their clients are large corporations, small businesses like yours may not get the attention they deserve.

7. Is their interface EASY TO USE?

Meaning is it easy for you to setup and launch each issue of your e-zine. They should offer a demo or let you access the 'mission control' area that you'll be using to test it out.

8. Can you MANUALLY ADD AND REMOVE people to and from your list if you want to?

Sometimes you’ll need to do this, so you'll want the answer to be "yes" —- especially if you're moving over a list you've already collected.

9. Can you access SUBSCRIBER REPORTS?

How and how often? You'll want to know on a regular basis how many subscribes and unsubscribes you've had since the last issue.

10. What appears in the "FROM" field when subscribers get your e-zine?

You want it to be YOUR name if possible. Some spam filters screen out e-mail that does not appear to come from an individual person.

11. What appears in the "TO" field when a subscriber gets your e-zine?

You want it to be the person’s name if possible. Along the same lines, some spam filters screen out e-mail that does not appear to be addressed to the individual person.

12. Who has ACCESS to their servers and your list?

Anytime you hand over your customer list, you're taking a risk. You don't want your service or anyone else using your list for spamming purposes.

13. What happens if some addresses are UNDELIVERABLE?

These are also called "bounces" or "bounce-backs." You don't want them to automatically remove names for "soft bounces," which are due to temporary conditions like full mailboxes.


Do they have to visit a Web page or can they do it via e-mail (best if both options are available). Is the process single or double opt-in? (Double is better for more security — the user has to respond to a confirmation e-mail before she’s added to your list.) Is the process kept simple?

15. Can you customize your LIST SERVER DOCUMENTS?

This means messages like your subscriber welcome and goodbye messages. (You'll definitely want to be able to do this, since the prewritten messages many list services use are horribly cold and confusing.)


Not necessary, but a very nice feature. For example, if your e-zine came to me, it would start off with something like, "Hello Alexandria!"

17. How often do they BACK UP their servers?

It should be at least once every day. Also ask if you can download your lists to back them up on your own, as a backup to their backup!

18. Can you send a TEST MESSAGE out to yourself or another person before you send out each issue for real?

You'll definitely want this because it’s the best way to see how your e-zine looks on the recipient’s end, do a proofread, and check all your hyperlinks.

19. Can you see stats on your CLICK-THROUGH rates?

If you publish in HTML, you should be able to see how many people — and even exactly who — opens your messages.

20. Can they AUTOMATICALLY ARCHIVE your issues if you'd like them to?

Some services will archive your e-zines at their site, others can configure it so they're archived at your own site (which is better).

21. Are they currently BLOCKED anywhere on the Web?

If so, it may mean they've been reported for allowing spammers to use their network. You don't want to work with any list service that's been blocked anywhere, because it means that your e-zine won't reach all of your readers.

(c) 2002 Alexandria K. Brown


Alexandria K. Brown, “The E-zine Queen,” is author of the award-winning manual, “Boost Business With Your Own E-zine.” To learn more about her book and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at www.ezinequeen.com.

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Jan 13, 2006

Part 4 .. Superstitions

Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

The weekend is here and I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow .. I have no special plans but to relax and enjoy it!

I have a visitor from Edmonton Alberta till next Tuesday so I'm hoping to do something different with my friend. I enjoyed the horse buggy ride... I'll mention it and hopefully my friend will be interested of seeing some country scenes and have a great day.

It's Friday today .. I'm sharing part 4 of "General Superstitions" provided by Craftie Linda an Adland Friend. It's interesting and some are very funny...

General Superstitions
by Craftie Linda

When making the bed, don't interrupt your work, or you will spend a restless night in it.

A swarm of bees settling on a roof is an omen that the house will burn down.

The sound of bells drives away demons because they're afraid of the loud noise

When a bell rings, a new angel has received his wings.

If you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake with the first puff you will get your wish.

The Blarney Stone is a stone set in the wall of the Blarney Castle tower in the Irish village of Blarney. Kissing the stone is supposed to bring the kisser the gift of persuasive eloquence (blarney.)

To protect yourself from witches, wear a blue bead.

Touch blue and your wish will come true.

Before slicing a new loaf of bread, make the sign of the cross on it.

A loaf of bread should never be turned upside down after a slice has been cut from it.

If you say good-bye to a friend on a bridge, you will never see each other again.

Do not lean a broom against a bed. The evil spirits in the broom will cast a spell on the bed.

If you sweep trash out the door after dark, it will bring a stranger to visit.

If someone is sweeping the floor and sweeps over your feet, you'll never get married.

Never take a broom along when you move. Throw it out and buy a new one.

To prevent an unwelcome guest from returning, sweep out the room they stayed in immediately.

If the first butterfly you see in the year is white, you will have good luck all year.

Three butterflies together mean good luck.

If a candle lighted as part of a ceremony blows out, it is a sign that evil spirits are nearby.

If the first calf born during the winter is white, the winter will be a bad one.

Keep cats away from babies because they "suck the breath" of the child.

A cat onboard a ship is considered to bring luck.

If you get a chill up your back or goose bumps, it means that someone is walking over your grave.

It is bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same match.

Evil spirits can't harm you when you stand inside a circle.

If a clock which has not been working suddenly chimes, there will be a death in the family.

Clover protects human beings and animals from the spell of magicians and the wiles of fairies, and brings good luck to those who keep it in the house.

It's bad luck to pick up a coin if it's tails side up. Good luck comes if it's heads up.

To drop a comb while you are combing your hair is a sign of a coming disappointment.

Cows lifting their tails is a sure sign that rain is coming.

Have a great day and a fantastic weekend!

Jan 12, 2006

Google's Video

Google's Video Store Premiers
Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

What a day yesterday, it rained all day! By 4:00pm it started to snow big flakes, by 9:00pm the traffic on the hwy 17 was moving very slow... quite slippery with the mixture!

Today the trees, fences are so beautiful to look at .. they are so full of snow. It's amazing how theirs so much beauty outside right now, but with all that beauty out there... I have to do some shoveling !!!

Today's article details what truly is a turning point for virtually everyone trying to sell ANYTHING to ANYONE online. This is a REAL "turning point" in the history of the Internet because this is when the most powerful Web technology just got EASY for all us little guys (who don't have a huge company, an IT dept. or a big budget).

What Jim talks about will do for ONLINE VIDEO what Amazon did for books and what eBay did for auctions... it's that HUGE!

Google's Video Store Premiers
- by Jim Edwards
© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

The trend for selling video on the Internet "vending-machine-style" got a huge boost with the announcement by search giant, Google, that their online video store opened for business.

On the surface, it appears they'll just sell old episodes of the "Brady Bunch," "Twilight Zone" and NBA games you missed.

However, on closer inspection, Google's online Video Store represents a whole-scale shift in communications power.

For those of you who might have missed it, let me quickly catch you up.

Last year, Google started publishing TV news content on their http://video.google.com site.

A short time later, they started accepting content from anyone with a video camera and something to show.

In very little time, Google started developing a huge grab bag of everything from community access TV clips to video game instructions to yoga tips - all on video streaming over the Internet.

In my opinion, this first stage served the purpose of gauging market interest and whether enough people would submit /watch video to make it worth taking the next step (selling video online).

Obviously, Google thought enough people had enough interest in consuming video online, because Friday, January 6, 2006 they announced the opening of their Video Store at http://video.google.com.

The store functions like a virtual vending machine, allowing visitors to stream video right on their computer screens.

If the copy protection is turned off, Google also enables users to download some paid video to their iPods and Sony PSPs to view on the go.

The individual publishers of the video content determine whether the copy protection gets turned on or off.

Also, content publishers determine the prices for their videos but, at the moment, most video still comes free of charge.

I will say, however, that Google's video service isn't perfect, but it works and, like everything else they do, it will get better because they operate with enough cash to make it work (if consumers want it).

With that said, what does all this mean to the individual content provider / information marketer?

What does this mean for distribution and consumption of video content?

First, it opens up a distribution channel for small content publishers (1-man shows) who could create excellent content, but, until now, lacked the technical expertise or server resources to deliver the video over the Web.

Second, it allows content providers to target micro-niche audiences who cannot be reached profitably through traditional advertising or distribution channels (Wal-Mart doesn't carry "Chihuahua Training Tips" videos).

Third, it creates a unique outlet for individual creativity like never before and will expose consumers to a whole new world of thought and content.

Though the service has its detractors, the video isn't high-definition, and the system has some kinks to work out, Google Video's approach will win out in the end.

Google's model has always been to "keep it simple!"

By making it simple for consumers to find and view video, as well as making it simple for content providers to upload and distribute video, Google will find itself at the center of an online video revolution comparable to the "golden age" of television in the early 1950s.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the creator of an amazing course that will teach you step-by-step and click-by-click how to finally create your own money-making mini-sites...

"Finally! A Quick and Easy Way For YOU to Painlessly Set Up Your OWN Moneymaking 'Mini' Websites... Without Being a Computer Geek, Buying Expensive Software, or Paying Outrageous Fees To A Webmaster!"
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Jan 11, 2006

Big Profits Online

Simple Survey Leads To Big Profits Online
Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

Yesterday the wind was coming from the west and it was wicked !!! I'm surrounded by lakes so when it comes from over Lake Huron... it's cold. Spanish has a nice port for tourists, in the summer I like walking, watching the boats come in. Many times throughout the summer theirs a lot of excitement at the port... it makes it a special day with lots of fun!

In today's article it's about how any business can benefit from conducting a survey. The information You get is priceless if You operate a business, it's a fastest way to do it! Simply asking your customers and prospects what they want and then give it to them.

When conducting a survey (online or offline) Jim is sharing how it's critical to remember three points...

Simple Survey Leads To Big Profits Online
by Jim Edwards
(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Success online follows a simple formula...

"Ask and you shall _______."

Most people fill in the blank with "receive". Not only is it a well-known phrase from the Bible, but it's also a very powerful online marketing principle.

If you operate a business and want to sell massively more products and services quickly, the fastest way to do it is by simply asking your customers and prospects what they want... and then give it to them.

In the past, gathering critical research information through customer surveys represented a very time-consuming, expensive and labor-intensive process available only to large organizations.

However, with inexpensive online tools, even a one-person business can now quickly and easily conduct powerful surveys to discover exactly what customers want - and then give it to them.

Virtually any business can benefit from conducting a survey because the information you get is priceless for your planning purposes.

Do you know what your customers plan to purchase next? (If you did, you could be the one to sell it to them!)

Do you know why they've purchased from you in the past? (If they've bought once, they'll buy again for the same reason!)

Do you know what other products and services they have purchased from your competitors and why? (So you can be the one they buy from next...)

Knowing the answers to those three questions could literally transform your whole business plan (and wallet) overnight!

The sad fact is most business owners just *guess* what their customers want. Sure, they might make an educated guess based on past experience, but it's still just that -- a guess.

By conducting a survey you don't guess what people want -you *know* what people want!

When conducting a survey (online or offline) it's critical to remember these three points:

1. Keep your survey short and sweet.

People don't want to spend more than a couple of minutes answering your questions.

I personally try never to ask more than 6 questions and they are always "yes/no", multiple-choice questions that don't take much time.

Short questions also allow you to get instant "gut-level" reactions from people, which is helpful in figuring out what people will buy. People purchase on emotion, so a fast response will show you their true feelings on a subject since they don't have time to think about it.

2. Give people a "bribe" for taking the survey.

You will increase response rates by 1,500% (15 times) or more by offering people a reward in exchange for 2 minutes of their time to take your survey. With so many time constraints, giving people a "perk" for giving you some of their valuable time will make the difference between getting a dozen responses and getting several hundred.

3. Use simple, easy-to-understand questions.

When first surveying any group, you simply want to know what they like/dislike, will/won't buy in the future, have/haven't bought in the past.

As you get to know a group better, you can ask more detailed questions, but also make sure you offer better bribes if you expect people to take even more time answering your questions.

When choosing an online survey tool to help you administer your survey, make sure it meets the following criteria:

· It should require no programming on your part. You want to just plug in your questions and have it generate all the code, etc. so you can copy and paste it into a web page and send it out.

· It should automatically calculate all survey results for you in 'real-time' so you don't have to manually calculate responses. Do not get stuck doing "number crunching" because your survey tool doesn't automatically calculate results.

· It should send a "thank you" letter to people taking your survey so you can send them a "gift" for participating.

Thanking people for participating goes a long way toward leaving them with a favorable impression of you, as well as setting the stage for both your next survey and your next sale.

For a free report on how to quickly and easily conduct your own simple surveys to increase business profits, go to www.ebookfire.com/survey.html. Though the report is aimed at a specific online audience (ebook publishers), the principles will help any business succeed using surveys.

Jim Edwards is the co-author of the NEW "eBook Secrets Exposed": How to Make MASSIVE Amounts of Money - In Record Time - With Your Own eBook! WHY are some people getting positively RICH selling ebooks?

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Jan 10, 2006

You NEED to Know!

5 Things You NEED to Know About Your AOL 9.0 Subscribers
Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

Hope You had yourself a great night! It's not a very nice today and I need to drive to Elliot-Lake to do some business. Anyhow, I've decided to post the "General Superstitions" on Friday's... I have 5 parts to post so I think the last day of the week is a good idea.

Today's article is good information for the want to be webmaster that will have a newsletter and the novice webmaster that sends out newsletters to their lists. I myself did not know this information .. I don't have AOL mailbox! When my site is publish and I send out my newsletter, I will be prepared for my AOL subscribers so they may also receive my newsletter.

Alexandria is sharing a few things you should know to make sure that your AOL subscribers are receiving YOUR e-mails...

5 Things You NEED to Know About
Your AOL 9.0 Subscribers
by Alexandria K. Brown
"The E-zine Queen"

In Fall 2003, America Online (AOL) released its brand new AOL Version 9. (Have you noticed all the TV ads?) AOL estimates that up to 50% of their users were using the new version by the end of December 2003.

The biggest new feature with AOL 9 is its aggressive method of reducing unsolicited e-mail (spam) for its users. Basically, AOL wants users to customize their own inboxes and view or receive only the messages that they choose.

While the crackdown is a noble endeavor, it puts legitimate e-mail publishers in the crossfire -- people like us who have worked hard to ensure that everyone on our list has opted-in and given us permission to contact them repeatedly.

To make sure that your AOL subscribers are receiving YOUR e-mails, here are a few things you should know.

1. All Your Graphics Are Blocked by Default

AOL has taken the drastic measure of blocking all graphics from being displayed in HTML e-mails, as well as deactivating the links for any new messages sent to an AOL 9 inbox. The system is also designed to "learn" what messages are repeatedly marked as spam, and they will eventually be sent to the junk folder automatically, once it maps the user's behavior.

When an e-mail is received in AOL 9, users have to click a link at the top of each message to view any graphics within your e-mail ("Show Images & Enable Links"). If this action is not taken, images (e.g. pictures, logos) and links will not be displayed or enabled.

2. Your Open Rates Are Likely Affected

If your e-mail publishing system uses "open tracking" to count how many people open your e-mails, you will start seeing lower numbers because the new AOL 9 also blocks open tracking tools by default. (Read on to learn how to improve your results.)

3. Ask Your Subs to Add You To Their Address Book

At the top of each issue you send, remind those AOL folks to put you in their AOL address book. For example, "AOL 9 users: Please add Alexandria@EzineQueen.com to your address book so you'll be sure to receive every issue of our e-zine".

Once a user puts you in her address book, all your future e-mails will automatically show images and functioning links. This will also allow the e-mail to be tracked properly as "opened" on your end.

4. Make Sure Your FROM Address is Consistent

This shouldn't be a problem unless your list server/e-mail publishing program generates a different FROM address with each e-mail you send. For example, today I got an issue of an e-zine with this FROM address: 16863-return-90-86968736@lb.bcentral.com. But when I looked at the LAST issue of the same e-zine two weeks ago, the return address had some different numbers in there.

This is BAD, because even if the AOL user adds you to her address book, every issue you send will be categorized as from a new sender. By having a consistent FROM address, you'll allow your AOL 9 subscribers to add your e-mail address into their address book, and all future e-mails you send will be easily received and tracked.

NOTE: There is a difference between your actual FROM address and what some call the "from LABEL". My e-zine's actual FROM address is Alexandria@EzineQueen.com, but it's labeled as from "E-zine Queen".

If you use Outlook or Eudora, you know what I mean. In your inbox list, you see all the from LABELS and not the actual e-mail addresses. For example, you see "John Smith" instead of jsmith2000@hotmail.com.

AOL does NOT show its users your from label, it only shows your true FROM address. You can usually access and change these settings in your e-mail publishing program. If you're not sure how to do this, talk with your vendor.

5. Bottom Line: Never Rely on Images to Convey Your Message

You can be sure that not all your AOL users will bother to put you in their address book, or understand how easy it is to do.

So here's the bottom line: Have fun with graphics and images in your HTML e-zine, but never rely on them to get your message across. Once each issue is complete and ready to send, look at it and pretend all the graphics are gone. Can your readers still instantly recognize it's a publication? Do they see it's from you? Is it obvious to them this is what they signed up for? If not, be sure to add text at the top to make things crystal clear.

I also recommend that if you don't have AOL yourself, get an account and put that e-mail address on your subscriber list. This will allow you to see how the new AOL 9 works and how your e-zine appears.

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown


Alexandria K. Brown, “The E-zine Queen,” is author of the award-winning manual, “Boost Business With Your Own E-zine.” To learn more about her book and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at www.EzineQueen.com.

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Jan 9, 2006

Part 3 .. Superstitions

General Superstitions
Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

Hope You had a great weekend and that your week will be a fantastic one! Yesterday the sun was out and did my job of shoveling and today it's snowing again. I think I did a lot of shoveling this year .. my arm is really having a beating so I hope it will stop for awhile!

Since my horse Savanna shelter has been fix to be warmer .. I seen a big improvement with her walking. She's a little fussy with the hay I'm buying .. the farmer that I was buying the hay from sold his farm to the Memnonite Colony. Next year I'll have good alfafa hay, they have horses and ride in buggies. I will enjoy watching them ride .. I'm looking forward too all of that!

Here's part 3 of "General Superstitions" provided by Craftie Linda an Adland Friend. It's quite interesting and some are very funny, I hope You are enjoying these because I sure did...

General Superstitions
by Craftie Linda

To wash in water, which has been previously used by someone else means that you will quarrel with him, unless you clasp your hands together over the water when you have finished.

Never pour water into a tumbler which already holds some, for it is an invitation to evil spirits to visit you.

Never pour water into a tumbler which already holds some, for it is an invitation to evil spirits to visit you.

Women should not whistle, for it encourages evil spirits to visit them.

Spilling wine is an auspicious omen, if it is done accidentally; while to drop a glass of wine and break the glass is a token of a happy marriage and enduring affection.

When you are talking to someone, and if you should both happen to say the same word or sentence at the same time, you must each clasp the other's little finger and wish. Then, if you do not disclose your wish, it will be fulfilled.

People once believed the soul could escape from the body when a person sneezed. To stop this from happening, people ask God to bless and so to protect the person who sneezes.

People with hiccups were once thought to be possessed by the devil.

Yawning is caused by the devil so evil spirits enter your body when your mouth is wide open. Covering your mouth stops the evil spirits.

Watching someone else yawn makes you to yawn.

An itchy nose means your going to have a quarrel with someone.

Spit on your hands for strength. This originated from seeing animals lick their wounds, making people think saliva had some magical healing power.

To get rid of a cough, take a hair from the coughing persons head, put it in between two slices of buttered bread, feed it to the dog, and say - eat well you hound. May you be sick and I be sound.

To stop cramps, carry certain animal bones on your body. Another cure is to lay your shoes on your stomach, across the cramp.

Cross your fingers to make wish. Bad luck is trapped at the point where the two fingers meet so when we cross our fingers, we stop the bad luck from escaping and allow our wishes to come true.

Fingernail clippings must not be left behind. Fingernails can be used to cast spells on their owner, so they must never be left around for the evil spirits to find. They should be burned or buried instead.

An acorn should be carried to bring luck and ensure a long life.

An acorn at the window will keep lightning out.

Amber beads, worn as a necklace, can protect against illness or cure colds.

Seeing an ambulance is very unlucky unless you pinch your nose or hold your breath until you see a black or a brown dog.

Think of five or six names of boys or girls you might marry, As you twist the stem of an apple, recite the names until the stem comes off. You will marry the person whose name you were saying when the stem fell off.

If you cut an apple in half and count how many seeds are inside, you will also know how many children you will have.

To predict the sex of a baby: Suspend a wedding band held by a piece of thread over the palm of the pregnant girl. If the ring swings in an oval or circular motion the baby will be a girl. If the ring swings in a straight line the baby will be a boy.

Spit on a new bat before using it for the first time to make it lucky.

If you make a bedspread, or a quilt, be sure to finish it or marriage will never come to you.

Placing a bed facing north and south brings misfortune.

Have a great day!

Jan 8, 2006

Part 2 .. Superstitions

General Superstitions
Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

I hope your having yourself a great weekend so far! Yesterday was my day off .. I relaxed and didn't do much but enjoyed the snow falling, it was real pretty to watch. Today I will do some shoveling as it was big flakes and tons fell so that's my work outside today. The sun is shining so brightly today... I will enjoy that warmth!

No article today but part 2 of "General Superstitions" provided by Craftie Linda an Adland Friend. It's quite interesting and some are very funny...

General Superstitions
by Craftie Linda

To let fall an egg and smash it foretells good news; but if the egg is undamaged or merely cracked, bad luck is to be feared. When you have finished eating an egg it is a safeguard against misfortune if the empty shell is crushed with a spoon. If you burn eggshells, the hens will cease to lay. It is unlucky to take eggs out of, or bring them into, a house during the hours of darkness. Eggs laid on Good Friday never become stale.

When eating a fish, you should begin at the tail and work towards the head.

To cross two forks accidentally is a sign that slander will be spread about you. To drop a fork foretells the visit of a woman friend. To stir anything with a fork is to stir up misfortune.

It is a warning of treachery if a person's garter comes undone. If a girl loses a garter, a proposal of marriage at an early date is foretold.

To break uncolored glass in any form but that of a mirror or a bottle is a fortunate omen; but if the glass is red, future trouble and anxiety are implied. If green glass is broken, bitter disappointment will be your lot.

If you knock your hand accidentally against a piece of wood or a wooden article, it is an indication that you are about to have a love affair. If you knock your hand against iron, however, it must be taken as a warning against treachery.

Tying a knot in one's handkerchief is a means of warding off evil.

Finding a horseshoe is an assurance of good luck, but if you give it away or throw it away, your luck will leave you.

If after leaving your house, you turn back to fetch something, you must sit down when you get indoors and count backwards from seven, in order to avoid ill luck. It is unlucky to move into a new house during the months of April, July, and November.

If, before you retire to bed, you chants Matthew, Mark, Luke and John Bless the bed that I lie on, it will keep away evil spirits and ensure your good health.

If someone is lying dangerously ill, a lighted candle should be placed in a shoe, and all other lights in the room turned out. Then the name of the complaint from which the person is suffering must be written on a piece of paper and burned in the candle flame, and at the same time the following rhyme should be said three times: Go away death! Go away death! Life from the flame Give new breath I the candle must then be snuffed with the fingers.

The dropping of a knife foretells the visit of a man friend in the near future.

If someone lends you a pocket-knife, return it in the way in which it was given; that is, with the blade open or shut, pointing away from you or towards you.

Lightning will never strike a person when he is asleep, nor will it visit a house in which a fire is burning.

The days of the week on which it is considered most lucky for women to make any important decision or to undertake any great tasks are Tuesday and Friday. For men the fortunate days are Monday and Thursday.

To spill matches is a very lucky sign, and if a girl accidentally upsets an entire box it will not be long before she becomes a bride. Crossing two matches by chance implies that joy and happiness await you.

When you have occasion to turn the mattress of a bed remember that if you turn it from foot to head, you'll never wed, and also that this task should never be performed on a Friday.

If a girl's petticoat or slip shows below her dress, she is loved more by her father than by her mother.

Always pick up a pin when you see one lying on the floor, for See a pin and pick it up All the day you'll have good luck; See a pin and let it lie Luck will surely pass you by. To upset a box of pins foretells a surprise, so long as some of them are left.

If you give anyone an empty purse he will never be blessed with riches. Place a coin inside it for luck.

Breaking one blade of a pair of scissors is an omen of quarreling and discord; if both blades are broken at once; a calamity is to be feared. . Scissors should always be sold; they should never be given.

A seventh son possesses many talents and is predestined for worldly success. The seventh son of a seventh son is gifted with the art of healing. The seventh daughter of a seventh daughter possesses the power of second sight.

If you do not present a new pair of shoes to a poor person at least once during your life, you will go barefoot in the next world.

If your shoelace persists in coming untied, take it as an omen that you are about to receive a fortunate letter or some kind of good news.

To sneeze to the right is a promise of money, but sneezing to the left means a disappointment will soon come.

If soot bums in a ring at the back of the grate, pleasure and happiness are on their way to you.

Malice and envy are to be feared when sparks jump out of the fire.

Dropping a spoon means that a child or young person is going to call on you. To cross a spoon over fork presages happiness cut short by grief.

To put on your stockings or socks inside out is an omen that you will shortly receive a present. If your stocking comes down, your lover is thinking of you.

If thirteen people sit down to dine, the last to rise will meet with ill fortune.

Have a great day!

Jan 6, 2006


Part 1 .. General Superstitions
Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

Last night the sky was full of glittering stars which I find so attractive to look at. When I was young I was told that when the sky is full of stars .. the next day the sun will show it self, today we have a beautiful sun shining ! Throughout my years I paid attention to that saying and I have notice that this superstition is true .. believe it or not !!!

Today I didn't post an article because for the next few days I will add "General Superstitions" provided by Craftie Linda an Adland Friend. It's quite interesting and some are funny .. so I'm sharing them with my friends and visitors, enjoy...

General Superstitions
by Craftie Linda

You'll 'cut off' fortune if you use scissors on new years day.

Coral beads are said to change color indicating whether the wearer is ill or well.

Nails should be bitten, not cut, for the same time, for that would make them thieves.

If you go to the bathroom in the night with no clothes on, insects will fall on you.

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

If you want to see a friend again, then don't ever say goodbye to them on a bridge.

Never take a broom with you when moving house - buy a new one.

If you see a chimney sweep then shake his hand so that some of his good luck rubs off onto you.

Seeing a single crow is very unlucky. But 2 mean good luck! 3 means health, 4 means wealth, 5 is sickness & 6 mean death!

If your ear is burning, then someone is talking about you. To determine whether what they are saying is good or bad, remember this rhyme, - Left for love, Right for spite!

If the palm of your right hand is itchy, then it foretells that money is coming to you, but don’t scratch it as that stops the money from coming! If it’s your left palm that is itchy, then scratch away, as that means that you'll soon be paying out money.

If you see a magpie, remember this rhyme - One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret, Never to be told.

How you start the year is how you will end it, so you must ensure that you are wearing new clothes & looking your best, have paid off all your debts & are with your partner (to ensure that you are still with them at the next New year). Also you must open.

Dropping a pair of scissors is said to warn that a lover is unfaithful.

Never place shoes on a table as it means bad luck for the remainder of the day.

A bride must sew a swan’s feather into her husband’s pillow to ensure fidelity.

You must knock on wood 3 times after mentioning good fortune or the evil spirits will ruin things for you.

See a penny, pick it up; all day long you’ll have good luck.

Don’t break a mirror, or you’ll have seven years bad luck.

Don’t wash clothes on New Year’s Day, or somebody in your family will pass away.

Don’t walk under a ladder, or somebody will have an accident;

Don’t hit anyone with a broom, or it will make him or her lazy.


If the head of a bed is placed towards the north it foretells a short life, towards the south a long life, the east riches, the west travel.

Bad Luck: to leave bellows lying on the table or on the floor, since in such a position they presage domestic quarrels.

One's life is prolonged if, in later years, a visit is made to one's place of birth.

If you burn beef bones by mistake it is a sign of much sorrow to come on account of poverty. To burn fish or poultry bones indicates that scandal will be spread about you.

To cut bread in an uneven manner is a sign that you have been telling lies.

The best time for cutting one's corns is when the Moon is on the wane.

If a front door does not face the street, ill luck will attend the house. You should always close a front door with your face towards it.

Have a great day!

Jan 5, 2006

News Bytes

News Bytes From The Web
Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

We sure had a bad day yesterday .. it rained all day and it made the roads and everything else very slippery! I went to Espanola which is 40 minutes away and the roads was not nice at all. When I came home at 5:00 pm the roads were getting covered and a little dangerous .. in my driveway I almost got stuck!

Here's my own scoop...
Provided by James Washington an Adland Friend


31 days from now tele-marketers will be able to call your cell phone. Don't want to be hassled call 1-888-382-1222 from your cell phone and block this for 5 years .. it takes less than 1 minute! I thank my good friend James for this very helpful information!

In today's article Jim is sharing some "scoops" on the web .. quite interesting! It's a "grab bag" of several interesting stories, including how You can now do "video conferencing" through the Web...

News Bytes From The Web
- by Jim Edwards
© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

* Sony Offers "VoIP" *

Electronics giant, Sony, jumped on the VoIP (Voice over IP) bandwagon recently to offer long distance calls through the Internet.

They join a long list of providers competing for your Internet phone call business, including: Skype, Google, and AOL.

Sony claims their service includes a video component that rates superior to all other offerings.

Their IVE (Internet Video Everywhere) can also make video calls to video enabled mobile phones, telephones and other devices intended for video conferencing.

In fact, the IVE "Meeting Room" enables you to hold video conference calls with up to six users just as you would a regular telephone conference call.

Users also receive a unique "video phone number" which other users can call and, if you don't answer, leave you a video message.

The basic plan comes free of charge and goes as high as $20 a month for the group calling and video "meeting" room features.

* Camtasia Alternative *

Camtasia software rates as the 800-lb. gorilla of the screen-capture software market.

It enables you to capture your screen, narrate the action, and publish your videos in multiple formats (including publishing to FLASH for streaming on the Web).

Unfortunately, Camtasia comes with a stiff $300 price tag which often inhibits the casual user from getting the software.

A less expensive alternative can be found at www.AimOneSoft.com which publishes the Aim One Screen Recorder.

This software captures either the full screen, window, or a fixed region of your screen as an AVI or WMV video file.

This type of software can make the creation of software tutorials and other computer training a breeze.

The one drawback to the software is that it does not convert to flash, so that limits your video delivery over the Web to the WMV file format (which will exclude MAC users).

* Urban Legends Reference Page *

Log on to www.Snopes.com and find a wealth of just the type of information that nobody should pass along to anyone else.

Bill Gates giving away a million dollars if you forward this email to 12 people?

AOL offering free housing to all Web designers?

Yahoo and Google founders set for a mud-wrestling match next Saturday with a live simulcast on both sites?

Do you need to drink 8 glasses of water per day to avoid dehydration?

The Web makes it almost too easy to create and pass along rumors, legends and outright falsehood (along with destructive "info-viruses" that cause people to delete important files from their computers and encourage unwitting friends to do the same).

The next time you hear something that sounds odd (such as Microsoft is preparing to market the "iLoo", and Internet capable toilet), you should log on to Snopes.com and check it out before taking it as "truth."

A few keywords in the search box will let you track down any errant stories and check your facts before passing along the message to your friends.

The site also offers a free update by email service so you can stay current on all the latest gossip and nonsense floating around online.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the creator of an amazing course that will teach you step-by- step and click-by-click how to finally create your own money-making mini-sites...

"Finally! A Quick and Easy Way For YOU to Painlessly Set Up Your OWN Moneymaking 'Mini' Websites... Without Being a Computer Geek, Buying Expensive Software, or Paying Outrageous Fees To A Webmaster!"

Click Here => www.MiniSiteCreator.com

As always have a great day!

Jan 4, 2006

More of a Team!

You Have More of a Team than You Might Think
Welcome to Flo's Business & Fun Blog

Hope You had yourself a great night !!! Today we are having rain .. it will not be pleasant later when it will freeze!

I've been taking my nights off the computer these days for more time to myself. I find it's working out real good .. I'm more refreshed and I think much better than when I work very long hours. So if You stay on the computer for long hours than consider cutting your time... you'll see a big difference when returning to work.

Today's article is about solopreneurs that often don’t feel part of a team .. most don’t even think they HAVE a team. Michael shares how You may not be as alone as You thought !!! Even if you're a solopreneur, You DO have a team see for yourself...

You Have More of a Team than You Might Think
by - Michael Angier , founder and CIO

Many of our subscribers and members are entrepreneurs and small business owners.

And unlike people who work in larger organizations, solopreneurs often don’t feel part of a team. Most don’t even think they HAVE a team.

But they do.

Here at SuccessNet, we have only two employees. The rest are all independent contractors. But even then, there are others on the team that you might not think of at first.

Our accountant, banker, joint venture partners, affiliates, advisors and mastermind partners all round out the SuccessNet team.

When I first started almost ten years ago, I invited some trusted friends and associates to be on my advisory board. And I’ve almost always had a mastermind team with whom I meet weekly.

It may not take a village, but it does take a team.

I’ve never heard an honest person get up and take all the credit for any success. They know their success is the result of the efforts of many others. They thank their families, their coaches, agents, assistants and many more. The days of accomplishing anything of import without the support of others are gone.

Who’s on YOUR team? Think about everyone who contributes to your operation. The person who works on your computer and your network, your suppliers and even your cell service representative are important pieces of your organization. There may be dozens who you may not have considered part of your team.

When you start thinking of them in this way—and get THEM thinking like this—you'll be able to make even more progress. In addition, it will help you not to feel so alone.

Action Point

Enroll every member of your team in your vision and your mission. Make sure they understand what you want and why you want it. Think of them—and treat them—like team mates. It’s part of the new economy and the new business paradigm.

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Report: How to Create Your Own Success Team

Copyright Michael Angier & Success Networks International.
Used with Permission.

Michael Angier is the founder and president of SuccessNet. Their mission is to inform, inspire and empower people to be their best--personally and professionally.

Download their free eBooklet, 10 ESSENTIAL KEYS TO PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS from www.SuccessNet.org/keys.htm or by sending a blank email to keys@SuccessNet.org.

More free subscriptions, books and SuccessMark Cards are available at www.SuccessNet.org.

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