Nov 30, 2005

15 Ways Part 1

Your Traffic Building Checklist: 15 Ways
to Get More Visitors Who Are Ready to Buy
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Snow raining today and very gloomy, dark! It could be depressive for many people that has a mental disorder. All that beautiful shiny snow is all gone no trace of it anywhere. If I would of known that I would of not shovel my driveway the other day. I have Tennistitis (Golfer's Elbows) it's a hard job to do with a lot of pain but even more after the job is done.

Today's article is a two part, I will post part two of the article tomorrow. Attracting traffic is the biggest challenge at getting enough visitors to your site. Theirs many ways that will build you a nice stream of visitors. Alexandra shares 15 simple ways to attract new visitors to your site that will give you several fresh ideas to consider to try...

Your Traffic Building Checklist: 15 Ways
to Get More Visitors Who Are Ready to Buy
by Alexandra K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen"

>>Part 1 of 2<<

When many of my clients first come to me for coaching, they share that one of their biggest challenges is getting enough visitors to their site. Attracting traffic isn't a cut and dry process — there isn't one perfect way to do it. But there are many ways that, when used collaboratively, will build you a nice stream of visitors.

To get your marketing wheels turning, check out these 15 simple ways to attract new visitors to your site. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it will give you several fresh ideas to try.

Now, remember — you don't want to expel effort in getting just anyone to visit your site. You only want people who would likely be interested in what you have to offer. So before you read on, answer this question:

"WHO are your target clients or customers?"

Are they men, women, or both? Do they own a certain type of business or work in a certain profession? Are they young, old, or middle aged? Are they left handed? Do they own pets? Can they juggle?

I hope you see where I'm going here. The more you know about your ideal clients/customers, the better you'll know where and how to find them .

So ... keep that information in mind as you consider these traffic-building tactics:

___ 1. Search Engines and Directories

Why not be in front of people who are actually searching for your product or service? Get your site listed in the top search engines by either learning about this topic on your own or investing in assistance. Because there is A LOT to learn and the rules keep changing all the time, this is an area I advise you get some help in. (I recommend my friend Marc Harty at

___ 2. Pay-per-Click Directories

In pay-per-click deals, you only pay for how many people actually CLICK on your ad to get to your Web site. Services such as Overture ( and Google AdWords ( let you bid on how much you'd like to pay per click, and many times your listings appear above the regular listings in the major search engines. (To learn more, see my article, "Pay Per Click: What's It All About ?" at

___ 3. Your Own E-zine

If you publish your own e-zine, you already have a warm pool of prospects who are likely interested in what you have to offer. Give them a reason to visit (or re-visit) your site by adding new content, giving away a free report or e-book, or offering a special subscriber-only promotion on your products and services. (To learn more about publishing your own e-zine, sign up for one of my FREE monthly teleclasses at

___ 4. Your Articles in Other E-zines and at Other Web Sites

This has been one of my most successful traffic-building tactics. There are thousands of online publishers who would like to use YOUR articles in their e-zines and on their Web sites! Find them via the Directory of E-zines (my favorite) or search for Web sites that accept "free content" submissions. Be sure to add an attention-getting blurb at the end of your article that gives the reader a reason to visit your site ASAP. (To learn how to do this, see my article "Recycle Your Articles and Gain Tons of New Subscribers" at

___ 5. Ads in Other E-zines

Identify other e-zines whose readership matches your target market. Search the Directory of E-zines and the Web. Find out if the e-zines accept advertising and learn what their rates are. Run at least three ads in a row, preferably five to seven, to get an accurate representation of how the ad pulls. Use an ad-tracking program to determine how many clicks each ad is getting. My shopping cart program has this built in, but if you're looking for a separate ad tracking service at a low cost, AdMinder is a good one.

___ 6. Ads on Other Web Sites

Research other Web sites where your target market visits and inquire about advertising. Have ready both text ads and banner ads of different sizes. (For examples of banner sizes, see some of the banner ads I provide to my E-zine Queen Affiliates at

___ 7. Online Forums and Discussion Groups

Where do your prospective clients and customers hang out online? What organizations do they belong to? Identify popular forums and discussion groups that are related to your subject area and where prospects in your target market may be lurking. You'll find more than you ever knew existed just by doing a few online searches. Don't be self-promotional in your postings — be helpful and answer questions as related to your area of expertise. Let your value shine through and include your Web site address underneath your name.


(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown


Alexandria K. Brown, “The E-zine Queen,” is author of the award-winning manual, “Boost Business With Your Own E-zine.” To learn more about her book and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at

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Nov 29, 2005

I'm Guilty Until

I'm Guilty Until Proven Innocent
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It's been raining the last 3 days, last night I could hear the rain pounding on the roof. It sounds nice but at the same time it makes me a little spooky unknown reason why! I barely slept and this morning I'm tired and running quite late at what I need to do for the day.

Today's article is about "Spam" (unsolicited commercial email). It's a constant battle with these spam-mers that has nothing better to do but gives them great pleasure... it's shameful but it's reality!

Businesses that sends legitimate email to its customers must take drastic measures not to get blacklisted. Jim shares how the system works if you get blacklisted so you may take great precautions not to be...

I'm Guilty Until Proven Innocent
- by Jim Edwards
(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

No doubt about it.

"Spam" (unsolicited commercial email) threatens to paralyze and ultimately destroy the email system as it currently exists on the Internet.

Anyone with an email address can attest to the fact that the avalanche of Spam has only increased in the last year and shows no sign of stopping.

However, the current system many Internet Service Providers (ISP's) use to deal with Spam may just destroy the Internet's email system long before the spammers do.

Now, I won't deny that the weight of the Spam on any ISP's resources can rate very significant.

It's been estimated that between 30-60% of all email now sent is Spam!

This means that 30-60% an ISP's system resources (bandwidth, hardware, system maintenance) go towards delivering messages nobody wants to receive.

Out of self-defense, many ISP's turn to third party services like SpamCop, SPEWS (Spam Prevention Early Warning System), and SpamHaus to help them identify sources of spam and block the messages before their email systems get clogged.

No Trial - No Defense - Guilty!

In theory, it's a great system.

In practice, it creates a situation resembling a witch hunt where the accused gets burned at the stake without a trial, let alone the ability to face their accuser. Here's how the system works.

Let's say a business habitually sends legitimate email to its customers or prospects who asked to receive the email.

As long as nobody complains, life proceeds as normal.

But then let's say one of those people forgets they opted in to the business's email list and reports an email message as spam to one of the services I mentioned above.

Result: the business gets blacklisted by one or more of these services and ISP's in turn automatically block email (legitimate email) sent by the business to its customers and opt-in subscribers.

To make matters even worse, nobody at these anti-spam services bothers to let the business know they've been blacklisted.

When the business finally discovers their status and tries to contact SpamCop, SPEWS or SpamHaus, the real fun begins.

If the business does discover which service(s) blacklisted them, they'll find they can't call anyone on the phone to discuss the problem.

They also discover these services are totally unregulated and there is no higher court of appeals.

Any email responses from these services often contain a smug attitude of assumed guilt that scoffs at your claims of innocence.

Also, don't bother asking for the opportunity to face your accuser in order to prove your innocence because they get to hide behind a cloak of anonymity.

Combining this attitude of assumed guilt with the inability to prove your innocence creates a recipe for disaster for every legitimate business.

Oh, by the way, while writing this article, I received 19 spam email messages through an ISP monitored by all 3 anti-spam services.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

In the end, the current system only creates opportunity for abuse that targets legitimate businesses while the real spammers just merrily keep sending their flood of email.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how to use free articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website or affiliate links...

Need MORE TRAFFIC to your website or affiliate links? "Turn Words Into Traffic" reveals the secrets for driving Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate links... without spending a dime on advertising!
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Nov 28, 2005

US Spyware Bills

US Spyware Bills Win Large Vote
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

I hope you had a GREAT Thanks Giving weekend with your loves ones. For those of you that lives in Canada and anywhere else in this huge world that celebrated a month ago or don't celebrate the event .. I hope you had a GREAT weekend too!

:-( That beautiful shiny bright snow that fell on Friday is almost melted. Yesterday it rained lightly and all night, today it's still raining and it's so gloomy, dark, dirty looking!!! The humidity is so high whatever we have left will probably vanish today!

I want to make my visitors aware of the new ... US Spyware Bill that won a large vote! Below I started the article and if you wish to read the rest of it click on the URL. Get yourself informed of the new bill so you may know what is the new law and to stay out of trouble OR what your rights are to intruders that invades your computer.

If you make practice of scamming, hi-jacking or downloading free stuff over the Internet, you're looking for big trouble!!! As this is how your computer gets sluggish and piled high with Malware. (BUGS) (SPY'S)


1) Always, ALWAYS read your terms and conditions before downloading anything free. Look for third party companies within the agreement. They are SPY'S!

2) Don't be Sucker by opening email that tell you have been a bad girl/boy online. Or you have been recorded looking at illegal sites. These are sucker emails. Beware! These viruses are written almost daily even before your antivirus know about them.

Here's the Story about the new Bill

US spyware bills win large vote

Spyware can sit on computers without people realizing US lawmakers have voted to introduce harsher penalties for those who spread spyware on people's computers.

The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly for two bills which clamp down on spyware programs.

The I-SPY Prevention Act of 2005 and the SPY Act introduce multi-million dollar fines and prison sentences.

Spyware has become a big problem for computer users. They are programs that sit on a computer collecting sometimes sensitive data and net browsing habits.

The I-SPY Prevention Act of 2005 makes it an offense to access a computer without permission via spyware programs and introduces sentences of up to five years in prison for criminal activity.

Here's more on this Article here:

Here's the Article about the New Bill that has just recently been passed...

"Senate committee passes spyware bill."

WASHINGTON - A U.S. Senate committee has approved a bill that would outlaw the practice of remotely installing software that collects a computer users' personal information without consent.

In addition to prohibiting spyware, the Spyblock (Software Principles Yielding Better Levels of Consumer Knowledge) Act would also outlaw the installation of adware programs without a computer user's permission. The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee approved the bill Thursday.

Spyblock, sponsored by Senator Conrad Burns, a Montana Republican, would prohibit hackers from remotely taking over a computer and prohibit programs that hijack Web browsers. The bill would protect antispyware software vendors from being sued by companies whose software they block.

Here's the rest of the story

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Nov 27, 2005

The Gift of Gratefulness

Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

Hoping your having a great Thanks Giving celebration with your love ones this weekend! On my day off yesterday it was quiet and very relaxing .. I enjoyed it! I mentioned on Friday that my day off was still going to be working as I planned to get Savanna shelter warmer for her so she would have less pain in her legs caused by the arthritis.

On early Friday my family and a few friends surprisingly showed up to help me get it done sooner... I was so thankful to all !!! Saturday morning when I let her outside I observed a big change in her walking, she was more stable and limping a lot less. I noticed by 11:00 am that she was limping again, i'll have to get some type of leg warmers to keep the cold away from her joints while she's outside.

I was very, very thankful to all that came over and helped me with getting the shelter warmer for Savanna! In today's article it's about being thankful and to recognize how easy it is to show your appreciation to someone and how it will make a significant difference in your life...

The Gift of Gratefulness
by - Michael Angier , founder and CIO

I'm blessed and honored to receive something every day that some people go weeks or even months without—a letter of thanks.

It feels great, and I'm always appreciative of people writing to us to thank us for what we write and what we give to our readers.

And the other day, someone I only recently met went all out. He sent us a cheesecake from a gourmet shop. And then, on top of that, sent us a Money-Tree. It's very cool. He also left a heartfelt message telling us how appreciative he was for what we'd done.

Frank sent us these gifts and left the sincere message because we'd done something we thought was fairly insignificant. We considered it a win-win transaction and even a thank you card wouldn't have been necessary.

But some people just have too much class to let a favor go unrecognized. And we were blown away.

Recently, I sent a Vermont gift basket to a friend who had promoted one of our new products. He said out of all the promotions he had done for others, we were the only ones to send a gift.

I share this with you not to boast—I'm actually humbled by the experiences. I tell you so you recognize how easy it is to show your appreciation to someone and how very much it stands out.

In two days, we in America will celebrate Thanksgiving—my favorite holiday of the year. And you'll be hearing a lot from many people about being grateful.

But the art of gratefulness, the demonstrations—however simple—of appreciation should become a habit and practiced daily.

Action Point

Each day, make it a point to thank someone in some unexpected way. Do this consistently and you'll begin to see a significant difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Get creative. Make it a game—and watch the magic unfold.

Related Article

The Art of Gratefulness

Links to our Thanksgiving Cards. You're welcome to share them with your friends and family.

Drinking From My Saucer

And more free greeting cards at

Copyright Michael Angier & Success Networks International.
Used with Permission.

Michael Angier is the founder and president of SuccessNet. Their mission is to inform, inspire and empower people to be their best--personally and professionally.

Download their free eBooklet, 10 ESSENTIAL KEYS TO PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS from or by sending a blank email to

More free subscriptions, books and SuccessMark Cards are available at

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Nov 25, 2005

Muscleheads at Gold's Gym

7 Marketing Lessons I Learned From the Muscleheads at Gold's Gym
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

Hope you had a great night! I went to bed early last night, I've been going to bed late so I may catch up to my work. Tomorrow is my day off online and I'm looking forward to it because I have a big project to do with a couple of friends.

I'll be working on Savanna shelter to get it warmer for her for the winter because of the arthritis that she has now. If I don't get this done she'll become more lame, it's not pleasant to see right now she's quite unstable with the pain. What she needs is warmth no cold at all so her legs can function so there will be no risk of her fallen and get herself hurt and her unborn baby.

In today's article it's about motivating and inspiring ways in marketing and business success. Make your hard work FUN by doing what you love to do. Here are 7 lessons Alexandra is sharing so we can all learn from...

7 Marketing Lessons I Learned
From the Muscleheads at Gold's Gym
by Alexandria K. Brown, “The E-zine Queen”

Can I share a secret with you?

I love working out. So much that several years ago I considered a career in fitness. I modeled for Reebok and Ironman magazine, made it to the final round for hosting a fitness TV show, and I moonlit as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer for several years while I figured out how to get out of my day job in publishing.

Now that I make a great living online as The E-zine Queen, I still make time for my health. And I'm lucky to live close to the most famous gym in the world: Gold's Gym at Venice Beach, California. On a daily basis, I'm surrounded by bodybuilding legends like Lou Ferrigno and various men named "Gunther," athletes like Kobe Bryant and Jennifer Capriati, and celebs like "The Rock". The place is an absolute circus, and I enjoy the entertainment factor.

When I first joined Gold's two years ago, I didn't pay much attention to the "muscleheads" - the professional bodybuilders. But I've come to realize they can teach us a lot about marketing and business success. Here are 7 lessons we can all learn from.

1. Hang around people whom you want to be like.

Bodybuilders and aspiring bodybuilders from all over the area come to the Venice Gold's because it's the home of bodybuilding. I know a few bodybuilders who drive almost an hour just to work out there. Sure, they could exercise at their neighborhood Ballys, but instead they make the trip to their Mecca every day through the arduous Los Angeles traffic.

Why? They know that when you hang around people who are doing what you want to do, you automatically have a much greater chance of success. The furious energy at Gold's is undeniable as soon as you walk in the door. You're surrounded by world-class competitors, gold medalists, and celebrities. It's not only motivating and inspiring, but there's a wealth of knowledge surrounding you as well.

Who are YOU hanging around? (Think about it.)

2. Consistency is the key for long-term success.

Bodybuilders know that a body is built over a long term. And even if they take some time off, they'll bounce back quickly because of all the training they've done over the years. It's called "muscle memory" - your body remembers your shape and snaps back into place.

In the same way, our clients and customers have "marketing memory." That is, as long as we're in front of them on a regular basis, they'll remember who we are - even if we take a break. (And there's no better way to stay in front of them than publishing an e-zine!)

3. Ups and downs are a part of the process.

Bodybuilders know that success comes in cycles. It's physically damaging for them to try to be on "full force" more than a few times every year. They know their limits, and they push them, but they don't break them.

Marketing has cycles as well. You can hit it hard for a while, then ease back for a bit. Don't worry when there's a "down." Just make sure to immediately follow it with an "up". Get back on your marketing schedule or mix it up and do something different.

4. Hard work is part of the game.

Bodybuilders don't wake up and say, "I don't feel like working out today." They just do it. It becomes part of their schedule, part of their life. And that ensures their success.

How many of us secretly wish our success would be handed to us on a silver platter? I'm all about attracting success on whatever level we can, but hey, let's realize there is work involved. The solution is to make the hard work FUN by doing what you love to do and delegating what you don't.

5. Model others who are already doing what you want to do.

Bodybuilders don't try to invent their own training programs from scratch. They look at what the top competitors are doing, and they do the same thing. From weightlifting to cardio to diet, they've got it down to a precise formula.

Don't reinvent the wheel when there are others who are already racing along. Find other business owners who are doing what you want to do, and model them. Important: Don't model ones who are doing it half-assed. Model the best, the ones who are experiencing the immense success that you dream of!

6. Find a mentor or coach for faster results.

I don't know of any champion who got to where he/she did alone. Every bodybuilding competitor hires a trainer or a coach who has been there before and can walk them through every step of the way. Does this cost them a lot of money? You bet. But they don't look at what it costs. They look at what it's WORTH. They're fast forwarding their success, and that is priceless.

I know many entrepreneurs who have wasted thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on websites, programs, and training that got them nowhere or pointed them in the wrong direction. Don't make that mistake - I've been there. Stop struggling and invest in someone to show you the way - the right way - the first time.

7. Show off what you've got!

You can be sure the bodybuilding gurus at Gold's aren't meek about their successes. They show off their hard work with outfits that emphasize their assets. (Oh, the stories I could tell you about some of the costumes there! Lace catsuit, anyone?)

Even if you don't have it all (yet), show off what you DO have. Strut your best stuff and toot your own horn. You're doing the world a disservice if you don't let us all know what you and your business can offer.

© 2004 Alexandria K. Brown


Alexandria K. Brown, “The E-zine Queen,” is author of the award-winning manual, “Boost Business With Your Own E-zine.” To learn more about her book and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at

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Nov 24, 2005

Web Casting

Web Casting - The Future of Online Education
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

Just going to bed at 2:30 am I looked outside for a peek and I got my wish .. a snow storm with plenty of snow that already dropped amazing! This morning the sun is shinning making the snow so bright and white, I like that.

I had to dig myself out I have a long driveway so it's a job to do. With this job I benefit by getting fresh air, a great workout which will tone up those muscles but... when it's really cold it could be an unpleasant job too!

Today's article is about "web casting" that creates an inexpensive opportunity for interactive communication between people all over the world. It enables a presenter to transmit a live presentation over the Internet and to literally present just about any type of information or educational material you want...

Web Casting - The Future of Online Education
- by Jim Edwards
(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Despite the communications power of the Internet, nothing beats good old human interaction when it comes to learning a new skill.

You can always read a book, listen to a tape, or watch a video to learn how to do something, but, in the end, learning from a live teacher who can answer your questions on the spot works best.

Until recently, the Internet resembled a large "book" of electronic text and pictures where any extended "human" interactivity could only take place offline by tele-conference or in-person meetings.

Now, however, the appearance of cheap "web casting" creates an inexpensive opportunity for mass interactive communication between people spread all over the world.

"Web casting" (broadcasting through the web) enables a presenter to transmit a live presentation over the Internet to as many as 10,000 participants.

For most online events, participants only need an Internet connection through a standard phone line and audio speakers.

In the post-9/11 era, people simply don't like to travel as frequently. The meal and hotel costs associated with attending seminars or other adult education events make it even harder to attract a full audience.

However, with web casting, you can pull together a large group of people from around the world at a specific time on a given day, teach them something, and then let them all get back to their lives without the traditional interruptions and expenses of travel.

Web casting enables you to literally present just about any type of information or educational material you want.

You can do everything from a simple "radio" type presentation where people passively listen, to a multimedia presentation complete with Power Point slides and live tours of actual websites.

At this point, imagination seems to represent the only limitation as far as what you can do to teach people through the Internet using this technology.

Currently, large corporations and independent speakers and entrepreneurs seem to represent the majority of web casting users.

I believe this comes from the fact that people simply don't know about it yet and don't understand how to use it.

Once that changes, web casting will go a long way towards replacing tele-conferencing as the preferred means of long-distance education.

In the future, as costs decrease even further, you will find people using web casting for everything from online family reunions and sales presentations, to home-based cooking shows and pay-per-view seminars. As the technology improves, the potential uses will skyrocket.

As with any new technology, a few drawbacks exist.

Though web casting works with modem speeds as low as 28K, no one standard has emerged for broadcasting content.

Some services require Real Player, while others require Microsoft's media player, and, as usual, Mac users often get left out in the cold without any options.

Right now, search engine giant rates the best source of information on how to offer your own web cast. Simply log on to Google, search for "webcast," and investigate the ever-growing number of available resources.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how to use free articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website or affiliate links...

Need MORE TRAFFIC to your website or affiliate links? "Turn Words Into Traffic" reveals the secrets for driving Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate links... without spending a dime on advertising!
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Nov 23, 2005

5 Ways to Give

5 Ways to Give Your Web Site a Big-Company Look and Feel
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

It's much warmer today but the cold, cold weather is here to stay! Now we need that beautiful snow so it may shine brightly, insulate our homes and make the grounds look so much prettier then a dirty look.

Yesterday I didn't have very good news with my horse Savanna. When the temperatures started to drop she was limping and had the vet checked her. He's suspected arthritis and I needed to wait for the coldest day to confirm this as her legs would react to the cold.

Yesterday was the coldest day yet this winter with a north wind! Savanna was having a very hard time to walk specially with one back leg. I knew right away that she was in trouble and it confirmed the vet suspicions. What makes matters worse she's in foal (pregnant) and I can't give her medication to help her with pain.

I've been looking for a place to bored her as she needs to be indoors for now on during raining and winter seasons. The shelter I have for her is not good enough with her having arthritis. I am deeply, deeply hurt by this news Savanna has been with me for 18 years she's part of my family and I love her so much!

Today's article is quite interesting for the want to be webmaster. If you have a website up and running it could be a great help to you too in many ways for your online business. First impression is very important!!! Alexandra is sharing five points that are great to give your site that "Big Company" look and feel...

5 Ways to Give Your Web Site
a Big-Company Look and Feel
by Alexandria K. Brown, “The E-zine Queen”

We all DO judge a book by its cover, and the same saying goes for Web sites. I've seen many entrepreneurs offer great information on their Web pages, but compromise their image dramatically with a few amateur mistakes that can be VERY unforgiving.

If you want to attract high quality clients and customers, and convey that you're a legitimate, credible, and sought-after business, these five points are a great launching pad to give your site that “big company” look and feel.

1. Start with a high-quality LOGO.

The one your kid created for you doesn’t count! I’m talking about paying a designer to do one for you, and it doesn’t have to cost in the thousands. If you don’t have much of a budget, consider the following options:

For my E-zine Queen site, I used an online logo service called “1800MyLogo” ( At the time they charged only $199 to design a professional logo based on my business, style, and personal preferences. The whole process only took about two weeks and was conducted entirely over the Web. (To see the final result, take a quick peek at Ezine Queen (

I’ve also heard good things about, where you can get a quick Web site logo for only $25!

2. Get your own business DOMAIN NAME.

It’s just a fact that folks will feel safer shopping at a site with its own domain name.

For example, if you were shopping online for a circular saw, would you be more likely to purchase from a hardware site called “” or the one whose URL is “'? (This is a fictional example, by the way.)

Having your own domain name implies you’re a “real” company, and not Uncle Bob working in his kitchen at night (even though you may very well be ; )).

There are several places to buy domain names at good prices, but one of my favorites is ( (Only $12 per year.)

3. Get (and use) a business E-MAIL ADDRESS.

Nothing screams “amateur” like sending out professional e-mail from a handle like “” Once you get a domain name for your Web site, have your hosting company set up a professional e-mail *alias* for you.

Let’s go back to Bob, for example. Suppose Bob’s e-mail has always been “” Now that he has his own domain name, he can instead use “”. He still KEEPS his Earthlink address, because that’s where he’ll actually receive his mail. But he should only GIVE OUT the new one on his Web site, business cards, etc.

If you use Outlook or a similar e-mail program, you can set it up so that your e-mails ONLY show your e-mail alias and your personal e-mail address. (To do this in Outlook, go under the “Tools” menu. Then choose “Accounts.” Then select the account you use, and click “Properties.” Enter your e-mail alias in both the “e-mail” and “reply address” fields.)

4. Get a professional-looking Web site DESIGN.

This can mean either hiring a designer to do a custom site for you, OR designing it yourself. Unless you’re both trained extensively in HTML and have a background in design, it’s well worth the money to hire someone.

Find prospective designers who work with small businesses, ask to see samples of their work, and be upfront about your budget. If their rates are higher than you can afford, ask them if they have any pre-designed Web site templates they can just insert your information in, cutting down tremendously on design time and cost.

Whatever design you choose, make it CONSISTENT on every page of your site, by using the same design elements such as borders, fonts, and colors.

If your budget is next to nil and you'd like to choose from a variety of templates that you can customize, check out Ken Evoy's new "Site Build It"! This innovative tool lets you create your own site very easily, and it has some of the most professional-looking templates I've seen. The affordable package (less than $350 USD) also includes hosting, a list service, and more. (


Most of us (and rightfully so) are leery of purchasing online from a company we’ve never heard of before. To alleviate our fears, put contact information on every page if you can, with a physical mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address.

If you’re uncomfortable posting your home address, lease a box around the corner and use that address. Avoid using “P.O. box” in your address if possible, which can appear suspicious. Real companies have real addresses!

Also, get a *Toll-free* number if you can — it says “big company” and "customer service."

(c) 2002 Alexandria K. Brown


Alexandria K. Brown, “The E-zine Queen,” is author of the award-winning manual, "Boost“Boost Business With Your Own E-zine.” To learn more about her book and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at (

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Nov 22, 2005

Build Your Own

How To Build Your Own OPT-IN Email List
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L@@king outside this morning I said to myself what a great day, the beautiful sun shining so brightly. My early thought changed pretty quick when I went outside... WOW was it ever cold!!! The sun was quite deceiving theirs a north wind and I got very cold doing my chores :-(

Today's article will be very helpful specially for people that don't have a website and would like to have an email list. There are a number of ways to build up your list, Richard shares with you the only two things that you will need to get your email list going.

You may want to start using some of the below techniques today and soon you will build up a large opt-in email list...

How To Build Your Own OPT-IN Email List
- by Richard Rigoe
© Richard Rigoe - All Rights reserved

1) - One of the most powerful methods of marketing on the internet is direct email marketing. This is because if someone has subscribed to an opt-in list, they are already interested. Many of you might have tried FFAs (FREE FOR ALL pages), subscribing to newsletters and mailing lists, and maybe even banner ads, but have you had the response you expected ?

If not, the reason is because there are a million other people doing the same thing as you. You need to give people a GOOD reason to reply. Read on. Building up a successful mailing list does not happen overnight. It is a long term process where you are building up quality leads that are going to benefit you in future.

There are a number of ways to build up your list, and you don't have to have a website to do so. You will need two things, first a reason to join your list, and secondly, a means of capturing the names and email addresses of subscribers.


A free newsletter, a competition, a bonus, or just valuable information are all good reasons for people to join your list. Make sure that your newsletter is interesting and provides valuable information. How you put the opportunity across to your audience will determine the response rate. This is where most people go wrong.

Before you try and market something on the internet, you yourself must be confident that the product is great, and is going to offer something of benefit. Your confidence will show through in your advertising copy and this must compel your readers to ask for more information. Now the secret here is to stress what benefits a reader will get by replying. You must make your ad exciting and offer something free if possible.


Once you give your audience a reason to reply, there are a number of ways of building your list. You should try all of them and see what works for you.

1 - subscribe to newsgroups and mailing lists. There are thousands of these lists on the web and they can be the best source of quality leads. People usually subscribe to them to learn more about a particular topic because they can ask questions and get replies from others in the group.

For those who don't know, what you do is find the mailing lists you are interested in and subscribe. Some are completely web-based, others will send any messages posted to the group to your email as and when messages are posted. In each mailing list or newsgroups there are what we call "threads". Each thread is about a different topic. This is your chance. Once you see a question posted about something you know the answer to, you jump in and reply giving your valuable input. Now at the end of your message you include your "signature" which will be your name and website address, an email address, or an autoresponder, something like:

Visit "" where you can learn about our revolutionary new diet plan !


Click here to get more information about ...

where the email address is yours or your autoresponder. This will put productX in the subject line of the email so when you receive it you know what information is required. You can also use this method to track where your ad came from by placing a few extra numbers or letters at the end (eg: productXabc).

Some mailing lists are created for the sole purpose of advertising so keep an eye out for these too and post your ad to them. Remember that all the subscribers to the mailing list will get your ad so there is a good chance of some responding.

A good choice to start at is because it is easy to use. It has a directory of mailing lists which you can subscribe to. It also gives you a webpage and your lists are automatically added to your page. You can then click on each list to see the threads and read or post messages to the list. You can start your own mailing list if you want here and the above services are all FREE.

You can try these other web browser based news services as well.


2 - If you are an expert about a topic on a newsletter you receive, write them an article. You never know it may be included, and if so it could reach thousands of people. Needless to say, at the end of your article, include your website address with a line or two about what you do. Also make sure you have researched the topic of your article well.

3 - Spend a bit on advertising. Write a small ad that can be included in a regular newsletter you receive. Some good newsletters about internet marketing where you can get your ad in front of 200,000 or more readers are


4 - Have a form on your website where a visitor can leave a name and email address. Don't ask for more information than this because many people will not take the time to fill the form. Obviously a form only works well if you have a lot of traffic on your site.

5 - Classified Ads - Another way of posting free ads to the internet. You can find a lot of good places to insert your ads at "The Grandfather of All Links":

Well that's about it. Direct Email marketing can be very powerful. The only way to be successful on the web is to take action. You have to actively build up your opt-in list - so don't wait any longer ! Start using some of the above techniques today. You might only get a few replies in the first month, but after a while you will find the best places to advertise and which ads work. Very soon you will build up a large opt-in email list.

Visit to find out another way to build thousands of opt-in leads for FREE!

Have a great day

Nov 21, 2005

My only Sunshine

"You are My Sunshine, My only Sunshine"
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Hope you had a great weekend! A lot of people find Monday morning hard to get going. Today is not a great day weather wise - it's so high in humidity it's been misty since I got up. For people with arthritis or other joint problems this kind of weather has a role at causing more pain for them.

Today's article is away from business ~ once and awhile it's good to make it different and today is my day to be different. My sister sent this touching story and I had to share it. It's a true story and it will touch your heart as it did to mine!

It shows how powerful LOVE is and I truly believe love can heal!!!

A Tear Jerker Ann -- A true story
"You are My Sunshine, My only Sunshine"
(Be prepared to get watery eyes!)

Like any good mother, when Karen found out that another baby was on the way, she did what she could to help her 3-year-old son, Michael, prepare for a new sibling. They found out that the new baby was going be a girl, and day after day, night after night, Michael sang to his sister in mommy's tummy.

He was building a bond of love with his little sister before he even met her. The pregnancy progressed normally for Karen, an active member of the Panther Creek United Methodist Church in Morristown, Tennessee.

In time, the labor pains came. Soon it was every five minutes, every three, every minute. But serious complications arose during delivery and Karen found herself in hours of labor. Would a C-section be required?

Finally, after a long struggle, Michael's little sister was born. But she was in very serious condition. With a siren howling in the night, the ambulance rushed the infant to the neonatal intensive care unit at St. Mary's Hospital, Knoxville, Tennessee.

The days inched by. The little girl got worse. The pediatrician had to tell the parents there is very little hope. Be prepared for the worst. Karen and her husband contacted a local cemetery about a burial plot.

They had fixed up a special room in their house for their new baby but now they found themselves having to plan for a funeral. Michael, however, kept begging his parents to let him see his sister. I want to sing to her, he kept saying. Week two in intensive care looked as if a funeral would come before the week was over.

Michael kept nagging about singing to his sister, but kids are never allowed in Intensive Care. Karen decided to take Michael whether they liked it or not. If he didn't see his sister right then, he may never see her alive. She dressed him in an oversized scrub suit and marched him into ICU. I looked like a walking laundry basket.

The head nurse recognized him as a child and bellowed, "Get that kid out of here now. No children are allowed." The mother rose up strong in Karen, and the usually mild-mannered lady glared steel-eyed right into the head nurse's face, her lips a firm line. "He is not leaving until he sings to his sister" she stated.

Then Karen towed Michael to his sister's bedside.

He gazed at the tiny infant losing the battle to live. After a moment, he began to sing In the pure-hearted voice of a 3-year-old, Michael sang: "You are my sunshine, my only sun shine, you make me happy when skies are gray." Instantly the baby girl seemed to respond. The pulse rate began to calm down and become steady.

"Keep on singing, Michael," encouraged Karen with tears in her eyes. "You never know, dear, how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away." As Michael sang to his sister, the baby's ragged, strained breathing became as smooth as a kitten's purr.

"Keep on singing, sweetheart." "The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping, I dreamed I held you in my arms". Michael's little sister began to relax as rest, healing rest, seemed to sweep over her.

"Keep on singing, Michael." Tears had now conquered the face of the bossy head nurse. Karen glowed. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. Please don't take my sunshine away..."

The next day... the very next day... the little girl was well enough to go home. Woman's Day Magazine called it "The Miracle of a Brother's Song". The medical staff just called it a miracle. Karen called it a miracle of God's love.


Have a Wonderful Day! In God We Trust!

Nov 20, 2005

Website 'Stats'

Find a Hidden Fortune in Your Website 'Stats'
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

I'm hoping your having a great weekend so far! I had a relaxing weekend and today I'll be going to my sister for a great supper. My nephew Pat is coming and we will spend it all together, Pat is in the army and we don't get to see him often so when he comes I always make time to see him to catch up with some news.

All that beautiful snow that covered the muddy grounds has melted and now it's looks very dirty out there. It's looks like rain today and it's so high in humidity but will see as the day goes by. Enjoy the last day of your weekend!

Today's article is very interested for the new webmaster or want to be. It will give you some important information on how to look at your website statistics. It will help you understand the four most important numbers: Hits; Unique, Targeted Visitors; Leads; Sales and how your stats program classifies unique visitors...

Find a Hidden Fortune in Your Website 'Stats'
- by Jim Edwards
(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Most people never bother to look at the statistics program that comes with virtually every website because few realize the goldmine of information it contains.

Your website statistics hold the key for understanding your traffic, improving sales and increasing the overall effectiveness of your online selling. Whether you realize it or not, your website has 'critical numbers' that enable you to measure the overall success of your Internet presence.

Any serious website operator should understand the four most important numbers: Hits; Unique, Targeted Visitors; Leads; Sales.

Hits - Hits are typically page views, whether by the same or different visitors, and indicate overall activity on the site.

A lot of hits shows activity (usually a good thing), but doesn't necessarily mean you've had a high number of visitors. Search engine 'spiders' and surfers hitting their back buttons also up the hit count.

Research has shown that, depending on the size of your site, the ratio of hits to visitors will range anywhere from 2 to 1 all the way up to 12 to 1.

Unique, Targeted Visitors - people surfing to your site who have not been there before within a certain period of time. Depending on the statistics program you use, a unique visitor may be someone who hasn't been to your site in a day or a week, while in other programs a visitor remains unique until you reset the stats.

You must understand how your stats program classifies unique visitors so you don't mistakenly believe your site is getting 30 unique visitors a day only to find out it is the same 30 people coming back day after day!

A 'targeted' visitor means that the visitor has an interest in what you are selling or promoting, this is usually demonstrated by keyword searches at a search engine or by clicking targeted advertisements.

It does you no good to attract general traffic to your site -you want unique, targeted visitors actively seeking your product or service.

Leads - a valid email address usually makes the best 'lead' since people can and do give fake names and addresses online. If someone won't give you a valid email address, chances are they won't give you their credit card to make a purchase either.

Email leads enable you to measure interest and to follow up with prospects. Once you know the number of unique visitors to your site you can calculate the percentage of leads you develop and concentrate on ways to improve your conversion by testing different offers and headlines.

Sales - the number of sales as compared to unique visitors represents your most critical statistic because it tells you whether or not you've made a profit.

For every hundred visitors to your site, how many sales do you make and how much money do you net?

Most failed dot-com's never bothered to answer this simple question.

Selling on the web is a 'numbers game' - learn how to make the numbers work for you!

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook, "Turn Words Into Traffic," that will teach you how to use free articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website or affiliate link!

Need MORE TRAFFIC to your website or affiliate links? "Turn Words Into Traffic" reveals the secrets for driving Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate links... without spending a dime on advertising!
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Have a great day

Nov 18, 2005

Should You?

Should You Offer a Guarantee?
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

Wow I looked out the window and here it is ... a couple of inches of snow and still snowing! I like that for so many reasons, it's so bright and shiny it feels good! Now my home will have insulation and that will keep the warmth in so I'm a happy camper today :-) *If it's going to be cold might as well get the snow with it, that's the way I feel about it!

I have a very long driveway and at times when it's a bad snow storm - I get a lot of snow drifts and I mean tons of it. I need to dig myself out and it takes 3 - 5 hours or more depending on how much it snowed. An ice storm is the worst, the snow is so heavy I can barely move it so I get help for that one.

In today's article it's a very good question for webmasters that offers a service or product to sell. Ask yourself that question and if your unsure or want to know more, Alexandria has some factors and ideas for you to consider that will help you get started...

Should You Offer a Guarantee?
by Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-Zine Queen"

Many new business owners ask me, "Should I offer a money-back guarantee? I know it will help sales, but the risk really scares me." I offer guarantees on everything I sell, but that doesn't mean you should too. Here are some factors to consider and some ideas to get you started.

The Pros:

A guarantee puts your prospect at ease, giving her no reason NOT to buy or NOT to work with you. After all, if you don't stand behind your product or service 100%, what are you doing in business?

This is especially true if you're selling products via the Internet. People at your website don't have the chance to meet you in person and see that you're legitimate, so it's your job to give them complete confidence in buying from you.

The Cons:

With some service-based businesses such as consulting, it may be hard to guarantee your work or your results. (Especially if your clients' cooperation is required to ensure their success.)

Also, a few turkeys may capitalize on your generosity. For example, my "Boost Business With Your Own E-zine" system was originally an e-book when I launched it a few years ago. It would not be unusual to see a person purchase it, download it, and request a refund 2 minutes later. Obviously they hadn't even read it yet and they just wanted to get it for free.

But in my experience with Internet info-products, the amount of sales you GAIN from offering a guarantee dramatically outweighs the risk.

Types of Guarantees You Can Offer

Money-Back Guarantee: You promise to give your customer her money back if the product does not work, or if she's not happy with your products or services.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Pretty much the same thing as the money-back guarantee.

Price-Protection Guarantee: This can mean either locking in a price forever, such as with services that are billed on a recurring basis, or guaranteeing that you have the lowest price anywhere for that particular service or product.

On-time Guarantee: If your clients are always concerned about getting your service or product on time, this is a good one for you.

And these are just a few ideas!

Should You Make it Easy, or Hard?

Some business owners make their customers jump through hoops to get their money back. While I understand not wanting to make it TOO easy to get an instant refund, there are risks. If you make it really hard, your customers may just skip dealing with you and go direct to their credit card company.

I had to do this last year with a company whose seminar I signed up for. After registering for their event, I was scheduled to speak that same week across the country, so there was no way I could attend. My assistant called their office multiple times, but we kept getting the runaround. Finally, after three weeks, I just called my credit card company. They took care of the matter promptly once we filled out a simple form.

This process is called a "chargeback", which can reflect negatively on the vendor's merchant account standing as well as result in penalty fees for the vendor. So obviously, as a vendor, you want to avoid chargebacks by making the refund process easy for your customers.

Should There Be a Time Limit?

Setting a time limit is up to you. Common ones are 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, a year, or a lifetime. Some studies show the longer the guarantee, the less returns you'll get. Why? Customers are more likely to mark their calendar regarding a shorter guarantee. With a longer guarantee, they don't feel pressured, so many of them forget about it.

Here's Some Wording You Can Use

Here are some effective phrases that are often used with guarantees:
* unconditional
* no-risk
* risk-free trial
* no hassle
* hassle-free
* cancel at any time
* double your money back
* order now, decide later
* order today, make up your mind anytime
* no questions asked

In fact, feel free to copy the guarantee I have on my own sales page for my "Boost Business With Your Own E-zine" system at I won't mind at all!

© 2004-2005 Alexandria K. Brown

See Alexandria's Small Business Marketing Blog.

Online entrepreneur Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," publishes the award-winning 'Straight Shooter Marketing' weekly ezine with 17,000+ subscribers. If you're ready to jump-start your marketing, make more money, and have more fun in your small business, get your FREE tips now at

Tomorrow is my day off and I'm wishing everyone a great weekend.
Have a great day

Nov 17, 2005

What Do You Mean?

What Do You Mean You're Not Creative?
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

Believing in and developing your creativity! *Are you creative? .. You ARE creative and more so than you think!!! I'm creative in many ways and I'm very thankful to have such creativity.

It comes easy to me compared to many of my friends that needs to work more at it than I. Some of my friends don't even try - they just say there not good at being creative or some kind of statement and don't bother .. but claims they wish they could.

In today's article Michael Angier is here to talk with you about believing in your creativity. And to learn how to begin developing your creative talents - we all have the capability - yours may not have developed...

What Do You Mean You're Not Creative?
by - Michael Angier , founder and CIO

I write at least one article a week. Plus I'm usually working on one or two books. I also do a fair amount of copywriting. People often ask me how I come up with all the ideas to write about.

The truth is, I could generate hundreds of ideas a day for books and articles. I'm fortunate to recognize ideas all around me—in any situation.

All too often, people think creative or artistic types are simply born that way. They think a person is either creative or they're not. I disagree.

I'll admit that it does seem to come easier to some than others. But I don't think it's a question of whether or not you're creative. I think it's a question of whether or not you're willing to EMBRACE your creativity.

My wife Dawn is one of those people who is always-amazed by creative people while thinking that she isn't one of them. And yet, she's survived difficult circumstances, used to drive an 18-wheeler, became a Microsoft Certified Trainer and is one of the top trainers in the country.

Her new eBook, How to Deliver Highly Effective Presentations, which she organized, wrote and formatted, sold over 500 copies in the first three weeks. I think THAT takes creativity.

Like someone who is intuitive or even psychic, we all have the capability. We just may not have developed it.

If you've ever solved a problem or connected some apparently unconnected dots, you've demonstrated that you're creative. Just surviving on the planet requires SOME creativity.

Scientists tell us we have two parts to our brain which they've labeled the right and left brain. The right brain is the more feeling, creative side and the left brain is the more thinking or logical side.

Those of us who seem more creative have simply been able to tap into our creative consciousness better than some. Others have developed their logic better and seem more left-brain oriented.

The fully functioning person has learned to use BOTH sides. One is no better than the other. They're both required and they both benefit from training.

Much of it has to do with practice. And even more of it has to do with belief.

I know for sure you can't be more creative by telling yourself that you're not. In fact, the more you do that, the less you'll trust your creativity.

Action Point

Acknowledge yourself as the creative being you are. Don't tell yourself you're not creative. Tell yourself you are increasingly creative. Pat yourself on the back for those times you've come up with good ideas.

It may not change rapidly. Then again, it might. By believing you're tapped into infinite wisdom, by knowing that your awesome brain power can do what no man-made computer can do, you dramatically increase the chances for your improved creativity.

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10 Ways to Foster Innovation
With things changing as rapidly as they are, doing things the old way won't be profitable for very long. To grow, we must be constantly innovating.

Copyright Michael Angier & Success Networks International.
Used with Permission.

Michael Angier is the founder and president of SuccessNet. Their mission is to inform, inspire and empower people to be their best--personally and professionally.

Download their free eBooklet, 10 ESSENTIAL KEYS TO PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS from or by sending a blank email to

More free subscriptions, books and SuccessMark Cards are available at

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Nov 16, 2005

Win Customers

How To Get Your Site Reviewed For Free & win customers as you do it!
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

Out here where I live the weather is unbelievable, very strong winds where it causes damage and very cold! The trees are bending almost to the grounds some breaking in half, long grass flatten, things flying all over the place... it's quite nasty!

This morning I was quite busy, had to go and get large bails of hay and it wasn't pleasant to get them. It was hard to walk in the pasture today, I'm 105 pounds so the wind wanted to pick me up and send me flying. I got myself a bad shock this morning from my electric fence just trying to hang on to open the gates... very spooky out there it's best to stay in if possible!

Other places in the world like Norway where a very special friend lives is much worst over there - so I'm very thankful that it's not as bad as what they are getting. Hopefully it will end soon for them as lives have been lost, my prayers goes out to them.

In today's article Harvey is sharing ideas that worked for him so you may avoid some big fee to a consultant. The vital part of your online business is your website and Harvey will actually show you what you can do for the people who really matter and that is your visitors ...

How To Get Your Site Reviewed For Free
...and win customers as you do it !
by Harvey Segal

What is the most vital part of your online business ?

Where should you spend the most effort ?

It has to be your web site ... your shop front to the outside world.

The design and content of your site is so critical that it's worth getting outside help and opinions.

Now you could pay a big fee to a consultant to advise you - but here's a better idea.

Ask the people who really matter ... your visitors !

Just add this to your main page:

"Thanks for visiting.
We'd love to hear your opinion on our site
- what did you like
- what don't you like
- how can we improve it
All your comments will be welcome"

Then sit back and get lots of advice - for Free.

But here is how to get super added value from this idea:

1) Make it as simple as possible for your readers to submit their comments. Don't let them have to hunt around for an Email address, use 'Click here' with a 'mailto' format.

2) Thank each contributor individually rather than send a standard automated message. You will see how this invariably leads to further exchanges and new promising contacts.

3) Never lose the opportunity to promote your business. In your thank you letter remind the reader - who has already been to your site - about a particular feature such as a free newsletter.

And now ... here's how you can multiply your response dramatically.

4) Some people love to offer their advice, others need that little extra inducement such as a free gift.

There are many free E-books available on the Net. So just replace that last line with, for example,

"All your comments will be welcome.
As a thank you we will send you for free a great book
about Internet Marketing filled with fascinating tips."

When you want to send the book you just simply say:
"Get your Free gift at"

But we can still improve on that !

As we saw in tip (3) always take the opportunity to promote your site, so what you now say is:
"Get your Free gift at"

When your reader visits this page, at your own site, he will find the link to the book but you will have surrounded it with your best promotions.

And to make certain he reads them just add "target=new" in the link to the book: this ensures he is returned to your page.

There's more ingenious tips in Harvey's FREE BOOK "The SuperTips Book of Internet Marketing" <>.

Have a great day

Nov 15, 2005

An Experience

What Kind of an "Experience" Do You Give Your Customers?
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

This is the first snow fall today, it's white all over and looks pretty cool. We've had a few drops of snow once before but it didn't cover the grounds like it is today. Snow looks very pretty, it glitters, the sun shines on it and it glares, it's just so beautiful!

In today's article Michael shares brainstorm ways you can give your customers by adding value and creating an enjoyable experience than just a transaction. And if you do that, you'll have customers who easily and with regularity tell others about you. Making it more fun is a great way to do your business - I like these ideas...

What Kind of an "Experience" Do You Give Your Customers?
by - Michael Angier , founder and CIO

In the old days, the products and services people bought were simply commodities. The buying decision was based on locality and price and usually not much else.

More and more, today's consumers buy an "experience."

Think about it. You don’t go to a nice restaurant just for good food. You go for the ambiance, the service—sometimes even the prestige. You go for the experience.

It's becoming that way with most products.

And yet, far too many business owners and managers see themselves as simply providing a product or delivering a service. And they wonder why they don’t stand out. They wonder why their customers leave for their competitors.

Smart entrepreneurs look to create a positive and memorable experience rather than just a transaction. They add value by creating an enjoyable experience.

Look at Southwest Airlines. Their motto is, "cheap, safe and fun." They walk their talk. Stories abound of just how fun they are to fly. And they've never had a fatal crash.

Think about where you do business and who you buy from. Why do you do it? Chances are, you enjoy doing business with the people and the businesses to which you give your money.

You might not think of every transaction as an experience. You might go to a dry cleaner because they're fast and they're on the way to work. But if you had a choice of dropping your dry cleaning to a fast, convenient and FUN place, wouldn't you rather do that? If they called you by name and made you feel special, wouldn't you prefer that? Of course you would.

Action Point

Brainstorm ways you can give your customers an "experience." How can it be made more entertaining? More fun? More educational? More inspiring or uplifting? If you do that, you'll have customers who easily—and with regularity—tell others about you.

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Copyright Michael Angier & Success Networks International.
Used with Permission.

Michael Angier is the founder and president of SuccessNet. Their mission is to inform, inspire and empower people to be their best--personally and professionally.

Download their free eBooklet, 10 ESSENTIAL KEYS TO PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS from or by sending a blank email to

More free subscriptions, books and SuccessMark Cards are available at


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Nov 14, 2005

Via Live Events

5 Reasons to Learn via Live Events
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

Hope you had a great weekend mine was terrific! It sure was a wicked storm last night, power went out, clouds were traveling very low and fast! The heavy rains I can hear from inside, looking outside the trees was bending over thinking they would split in half. This morning got up with a beautiful sun shining through looking like nothing happened! :-)

Today's article by Alexandra Brown is about attending Marketing Seminars and how your business will benefit. I never had an opportunity to attend to a Marketing Seminar but I did attend other types of seminars. I agree with Alexandra, the benefits you'll receive from attending would be great and what you learn at these seminars is very helpful towards your business.

In return you would get more business, more leads, and more high-level opportunities and meeting great people in your area of expertise. Here are 5 reasons attending live events is one of the BEST ways to leapfrog your business forward...

5 Reasons to Learn via Live Events
by Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen"

I remember five years ago making a decision that would change my life and business forever. I decided to travel across the country to attend a marketing seminar. A few things about this were completely new to me.

1) The fact that I was going to spend over a thousand dollars of my own money to invest in myself. (And also maxing out one of my credit cards to do so - yes, things were pretty tight back then!)

2) Traveling across the country alone and paying for my own flight, hotel, ground transport, meals, etc.

3) Throwing myself into a new environment where I didn't know anyone else.

I'm so glad I made that decision. Not only did I learn amazing information to help my online business (which was brand new at the time), but I met some folks who remain my friends to this day. And my investing in myself in that manner also sent a message to the universe that I was stepping up and "ready to play big."

Today, I spend a minimum of $20,000 each year on continuing education, including home study courses, coaching, and especially... attending live events. I'd say the latter is the most important, and it pays off TENFOLD!

Here are 5 reasons attending live events is one of the BEST ways to leapfrog your business forward:

1) Complete Immersion in Your Subject.

When my friend Jen was in college, she wanted to learn French, so she took the opportunity to spend a semester in France. She shared with me that by doing that she made progress faster than she'd ever thought possible. They call that learning by immersion, and it's proven to be one of the BEST ways to learn fast.

Hey, I'm a big fan of home study - books, CDs, and courses - and learning in "bits". But NOTHING compares to getting away from your office or home, spending a few days with teachers and other "students", and completely focusing on learning new strategies to improve your business.

2) People Who "Get" What You Do.

When I first started my online business, I really didn't have anyone else to talk with about it. My friends, while supportive and sweet, didn't "get" what I was trying to do and of course couldn't offer advice.

I remember walking into that first seminar and within five minutes realized I had hundreds of people to talk with who "GOT" what I was doing! We could exchange ideas, share resources, coach each other, and even cross promote. It was a whole new world and I could never go back.

3) More Business, More Leads, and more High-Level Opportunities.

It wasn't unusual -- even in the beginning of my attending live events -- to come home with on-the-spot sales, more subscribers to my ezine, a few joint venture partners, and speaking invitations.

Another tip I'll give you: The quality of the people at an event often correlates with the price tag of the event. I've found I generally meet more successful people at the events that cost more.

Case in point: In 2003 I attended a very expensive training (the deposit alone was $5,000) and for the four days there I sat next to a very successful marketer from Australia whom I got to know well during that time. Well, a few weeks later, he invited me to come speak overseas in Queensland, all expenses paid and including a business-class flight! (I doubt that opportunity would have manifested so soon, had it not been for my being there live.)

4) Deals on Continuing Education and Coaching.

Many of the speakers at these events also offer home study courses or some type of continuing education. So it's a great place to check everyone out and decide whose stuff you want to get and who you want to continue learning from. Plus there are usually special offers given there to encourage buying on the spot.

This is a smart move, and you should plan to invest in at least one speaker's package while you're there. I just returned from a seminar in Dallas where I happily dropped $10,000 on three different programs while I was there, because their content had just what I was looking for to help skyrocket my sales for the coming year.

5) Visit New Places and Have FUN - in a Tax Deductible Way!

Talk with your accountant about this one, but in most cases these events and trips are completely tax deductible. After all, you're traveling there to learn, network, and increase your business.

And for many of us who work alone a lot, these trips are a great way to let off some steam and enjoy the company of others who are in the same types of businesses we are! Tip: Even if you don't imbibe, hang around the hotel bar. You'll find that's where everyone congregates and deals happen. But be sure to get OUT of the hotel at least one night to enjoy the city you're visiting!

BONUS: Access to the "Gurus" - in Person.

One more thing I forgot to add is that the speakers at these events are usually very accessible. You'll find them hanging out in the hallways, in the lobby, and in the bar. You can catch a few minutes of their time to ask them a quick question or discuss a point they made in their presentation. This is an extremely rare opportunity - you can't just call these guys and gals up and get them on the phone! This type of access is priceless and will also get you more exposure and credibility.

And When All Is Said and Done...

And when it's all over, you'll be dead tired, but you'll have more energy and enthusiasm toward your business than ever before. Plus you'll have new, powerful connections with people and proven strategies ready to implement!

© 2005 Alexandria K. Brown

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Nov 13, 2005

Video Bytes

Video Bytes From The Web
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

I sure hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! What a beautiful sun today, it's shining brightly and the wind is blowing making the trees sing! I always enjoy hearing the trees moving around in the wind, it makes me feel calm with a sense of relaxation beautiful feeling I get.

Online video is now HERE and it's a real FACTOR in online business!
Why do I say this?

Several facts:

*The recent release of the video iPod (which makes downloading video easy for non-techies);

*The continued growth of Google Video (which means streaming video and bandwidth costs virtually nothing);

*The release of Flash 8 and the widespread acceptance of FLV video;

*and about a dozen other factors!

In today's article the bottom line is 2006 is the year online video explodes according to Jim Edwards...

Video Bytes From The Web
- by Jim Edwards
© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

** Handheld Video **

Apple Computers recently announced the addition of a small video screen to its new iPod, the perennial favorite portable MP3 music player.

Apple's announcement comes as no surprise to many "expert" market watchers, but their stock did go up about 10% within days of the announcement.

Though certainly not the first handheld video player on the market, it carries the power of Apple's iTunes distribution channel behind it.

That means instead of getting a video player and then searching for content to play on it, users of the new video iPod can easily download and play their favorite videos, TV shows and more from the already hugely popular iTunes service.

For information marketers and small business owners, this means a whole new world just opened up for video content distribution.

Home video enthusiasts will also benefit because of the ease with which you can now share high quality video with friends and family.

The iPod plays not only Apple's proprietary QuickTime video format, but the newer Mpeg 4 video format which offers a much higher compression rate (and smaller video file sizes) than previous formats.

Though others partially paved the way, the age of handheld video finally arrived.

** Video Title Gem **

I recently found a piece of software that just plain rates "cool" when it comes to creating title screens and sequences for your digital videos.

With just a few mouse clicks it enables you to create title sequences that look like you spent hours in development time, instead of less than 10 minutes!

Log on to for free examples of what the software can do, along with a free trial download.

You can also view a 20 minute tutorial on how to use the software (a video quick-start guide) at

Once you complete your title sequence, you can save it in a number of different formats which you then import into your digital video editor for inclusion in your finished movie.

** Google Video Maturing **

Several months ago I reported that Google launched a video
service at where they solicited users to upload their video content.

At the time, with the exception of local and national news content, very few actual videos showed up for playing online.

After a recent check of the service, the lack of videos certainly reversed itself.

Though not overflowing with video content, the Google Video service does carry a significant number of videos now and a search under your main keyword topic should produce at least a couple of related videos.

Since the search engine can't actually search the content of a video or audio file, the one drawback to the system stems from that fact that the search engine must decide what represents a "relevant" search from text that accompanies the video.

This text typically ranges from just a few words to anentire transcript of the video.

As such, a search for "employment tips" results in video from the Employment & Career Channel along with the LongBeach City Council hearings on development impacts onemployment.

However, once Google gets the search aspect of video ironed out, watch for this service to explode in popularity.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how to use fr^e articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website, affiliate links, or blogs...

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Nov 11, 2005


Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

There are plenty of scams and rip-offs out there that have probably already taken your money, I'm as sick and tired of it as you are. It saddens me but this is the kind of world we live in and we must always be careful at what we do!!!

Last night I received a disturbing email stating I'm promoting two sites that are scams. One don't know who is a scam-mer until one finds out! I have no desire to promote any site that has a complaint towards them and will be removed pronto!

From what proof this person sent me it's obvious these sites is not doing things right and it was my pleasure to not promote them. I will forward and notify these sites and hopefully they will rectify their actions. The person after I replied to the comment apologies and I accepted the apology.

It's not pleasant to be scammed it makes people very angry. But one must be appropriate with their approach to express such complaints so one may be heard and succeed at proving a site is a scam. It's the only way to be so you may get results otherwise one will not succeed.

My mission is to help others succeed online! I want your experience with my blog to be exceptional. I want you to have fun, and most importantly, I want you to learn with the articles I provide .. that's my purpose.

Today I'm sharing a Proverb and hopefully may help anyone see problems another way instead of being angry and lose themselves...

Proverbs 20:30

The problems you face will either defeat you or develop you - depending on how you respond to them. Unfortunately, most people fail to see how God wants to use problems for good in their lives. They react foolishly and resent their problems rather than pausing to consider what benefit they might bring.

Here are five ways God wants to use the problems in your life:

1. God uses problems to DIRECT you. Sometimes God must light a fire under you to get you moving. Problems often point us in a new direction and motivate us to change.

2. God uses problems to INSPECT you. Has God tested your faith with a problem? What do problems reveal about you and your character?

3. God uses problems to CORRECT you. Some lessons we learn only through pain and failure. And sometimes we only learn the value of something... health, money, a relationship... by losing it.

4. God uses problems to PROTECT you. A problem can be a blessing in disguise if it prevents you from being harmed by something more serious.

5. God uses problems to PERFECT you. Problems, when responded to correctly, are character builders. God is far more interested in your character than your comfort. Your relationship to God and your character are the only two things you are going to take with you into eternity.

God is at work in your life - even when you do not recognize it or understand it. Let's praise Him for that today!!!

*I'm looking forward for tomorrow it's my day off .. I need it!

Have a great weekend

Nov 10, 2005

Get To The Point!

Get to the Point, PLEASE! The Power of Being Pithy
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

A sunny day! :-) A little cool but much better than yesterday, around noon it thundered and past 5:00 pm it became so windy and very, very cold. Nothing excited happened and interesting or new to mention but I do believe you would agree with the topic...

Today's article is very interesting and from what I observe is that some people don't know how to really be quiet at times! Do you talk too much or too long? If you do, you may be losing your audience and diluting your ability to 'influence!

People who make their point quickly and effectively are effective communicators. Michael Angier shares three things to keep in mind to help you become more succinct, meaning "get to the bottom line"...

Get to the Point, PLEASE The Power of Being Pithy
by - Michael Angier , founder and CIO

Have you ever tried to listen to someone but found yourself becoming impatient because they were rambling? Ever checked out of a meeting because the speaker was droning on with too much intro, explanation or background?

Of course you have. We all have.

Unfortunately, most people who use ten words when two will do are blind to the fact they're losing their listeners. They have no idea how much they detract from the power of their presentation by being verbose. They lose their audience. They lose their ability to influence. Sometimes they even lose their friends.

On the other hand, people who make their point quickly and effectively are easy to listen to. They use fewer words and have more power. By holding your attention and getting to the point, they're more effective communicators.

People listen much faster than you speak. Unless you're really holding someone's attention, the tendency is for their thoughts to wander to other things. Here's three things to keep in mind to help you become more succinct:

1. The Bottom Line

These days, we expect information to be delivered quickly. Younger people, especially, have short attention spans. We may not like this, but that's the way it is.

It's up to us to deliver our messages in a succinct, interesting and compelling fashion. We have to GET attention, HOLD attention and make our request or our point QUICKLY. We have to get to the bottom line.

2. Stop the Pre-Ramble

The U.S. Constitution begins with the Preamble. It's a one-sentence, masterfully written, powerful introduction to one of the world's most important documents.

But far too many people practice what I call "pre-ramble". They provide too much detail. And they take way too long introducing what they want to say. In the process, they lose the listener—or don't even grab them in the first place.

Better to just say what you have to say than spend too long setting up what you have to say. Be brief. Instead of saying, "I'd like to tell you a story," just tell it.

3. Less is More

Many people think the more said, the better. Not true. A good writer knows short sentences are more powerful than long ones. Short paragraphs carry more weight. If a word, a sentence or a paragraph doesn't do any work, it shouldn't be there.

What we need to do is edit what we say as well as edit what we write. Aleksandr Solzhenitzyn said, “Everything you add to the truth subtracts from the truth.” Let us speak less and SAY more.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not advocating being so curt that we're rude or lose our style. We need sufficient detail to do the job—just not TOO much. Be considerate enough of your audience to convey your message in a way that it can be heard.

Remember, brief is better.

Action Point

Ask some of your friends for their honest feedback. Ask them if you talk too much, too long or take too much time to get to the point.

Really listen to what they have to say. If they say you practice any of the above traits, get to work on becoming more succinct. Speak less and say more.

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We're all using email more and more these days. But when did we really learn email etiquette? Read this article for a crash course in eMail 101.


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Used with Permission.

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Nov 9, 2005

What it's Like to Die?

Is This What it's Like to Die?
Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

(*.*) Pouring rain out there, it's cold and nasty! I was up all night, couldn't sleep, I had a lot on my mind! It wasn't to nice going out to the corral this morning, it's so muddy I had to wear my rubber boots.
A horse is a heavy animal so you could imagine how the grounds are looking like, very disturbed!

In today's article the topic is about near-death experience and many people don't want to think about that but life and death is part of our lives. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to make sure we have a current will and a valid living trust.

We should be aware about how fragile our time here on earth is. Michael Angier will talk with you about his own near-death experience and what it might mean to you...

Is This What it's Like to Die?
by Michael Angier

It was two weeks ago. Dawn had gone to lunch with a friend, and I was home alone. Having been ill from an abdominal infection, I decided to lay down for a brief rest.

Moments later, I began to shiver. And that was followed by violent and uncontrollable shaking.

Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I was confused—not sure whether it would pass quickly or whether I should call 911. When it continued, I reached for the phon?. I was shaking so hard, I dropped it, unable to hang on, much less dial the numbers.

As I dropped the phon? for the third time, my brother (who happens to be a physician) called me. When he realized what was happening, he said HE would call 911. And the ambulance was here in less than 10 minutes.

The good news is I responded well to my treatment in the ambulance. And by the time I got to the ER, I was breathing much better.

Several hours later, I was released and spent a comfortable night at home.

I'm fine now, but for a few minutes that day, I thought I was about to make my departure. We may not know for sure what it was that caused it. It may have been an anaphylactic shock, but it was more likely a bacterium that entered my bloodstream. I'm just glad I survived it.

I've always said that I'm not afraid to die. But this belief had never been tested before. And I'm glad to say I wasn't fearful about dying. Unlike what others have said, I didn't see my life pass before my eyes. But I did think about all the things I still want to do, the books I still want to write and the lives I want to touch.

Mostly, I thought about my wife and family and how difficult it would be for them to have to deal with my demise.

Luckily I survived. And this experience caused me to think more about how fragile our time here on earth is and about how things will be left when I do breathe my last.

Action Point

No one enjoys thinking about and planning for one's death, but we owe it to ourselves and especially our loved ones to make sure we have a current will and a valid living trust. It's the responsible thing to do.

Be sure your will and your living will (also known as an advance directive) is up to date. Make sure your loved ones know where it is. Don't make their lives any harder than it has to be by forcing them to make agonizing decisions without the benefit of knowing your wishes.


State-Specific Living Will Forms
Legal Forms Archive


Copyright Michael Angier & Success Networks International.
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Michael Angier is the founder and president of SuccessNet. Their mission is to inform, inspire and empower people to be their best--personally and professionally.

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