Apr 27, 2006

Sponsorship... Means?

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In today's article Trina shares what is the true meaning of Sponsorship and what it means. It's a great article and I enjoyed reading at what she had to say...

Sponsorship... What Does That Mean?
by - Trina L.C. Schiller Publisher

What does it mean when you sponsor someone in something? If you think that to sponsor is to introduce then you are only half-right. Actually, sponsoring someone into anything, whether it be Little League or a Lifetime Business, assumes a high level of responsibility. This person has agreed to follow your lead, and do what you do. You have the responsibility to lead them in the right direction. You are not only introducing a person to a group, but you are taking them under your wing, not by the hand, and agreeing to teach them something they don't know.

You don't have control over someone else's capability to learn, therefore, you are not responsible for whether or not they learn it, but you required to provide them the information they need to know to succeed.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:

My husband and our 13 year-old son, Jeri, are both karate students. Their Sensei (instructor) shares their goal of seeing them earn their black belts. Jeff and Jeri both have agreed to follow his instruction.

Sensei works very hard, right along side them, teaching them everything they need to know in order to achieve that goal. When they are successful, Sensei will have succeeded as well, for he has fulfilled his obligation to them.

The same philosophy works in business. When I enroll someone into my business, I am responsible for teaching them all that I know which has brought me to the place that they want to be. I strive to help them achieve their black belts in business.

If you want your business to be successful, then you must train your members to be successful people. Show them how you do what you do.

Duplication is the word of the day! Why reinvent the wheel? But, that is what new members are going to do if you don't show them how to do it right the first time.

What happens when you get a member that isn't doing well in the business, any business? They quit. No bones about it, they will quit on you if you don't train them to do the job right. After all, who needs the frustration and disappointment?

True leaders will build leaders not followers, and they certainly do not just collect members.

Turn over is bad business; retention is money in the bank. Why? Because retention leads to growth.

Now, for those of you out there that expect someone to build a business for you... stop wasting the time of the professionals trying to work with you. No one will build a business for you. Why should they? Do you earn money if you don't go to work at your job? Of course not. And you won't earn money online either, if you don't put in your time.

Your sponsor is supposed to teach you, mentor you, but not do the work for you. That would be like copying your best friend's homework all year and then they move to a new school right before the exam. You still don't know squat, only now, everyone around you knows it and your credibility is in the proverbial toilet. You have successfully wasted the time of everyone involved, and you've cheated yourself out of something potentially great.

Your sponsor is giving you the benefit of their experience. Take it. They have already been through the trenches and are willing to show you how to skip that part, but they are not going to carry you. If you want to be carried you should quit now and save yourself the frustration you will feel when you are left behind.

You can not build a business by being carried.

To make money on the Internet, just like in the real world, takes time, dedication, education, and stamina. If you don't have all of those things, back slowly away from your computer and get ready for your day job, the time clock is calling you.

You don't think that I got to where I am today over night, do you? It has taken me 5 years of hard work and self-education to earn a living online. No one earning a living online has gotten to where they are in a heartbeat. I don't care what they tell you.

Learn from the experience of your mentors, but don't take advantage of them, or be irate with them if your own inactivity doesn't have you following them to the bank. They know how to get there, and they may even drive you, but you have to chip in for the gas.

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