Apr 26, 2006

Simple "rules"...

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In this article Jim discusses how the simple "rules" of the online game apply to everyone. No matter where You are... no matter what You sell... no matter who your market is, these rules apply to You. For some, You might think this is review or even "basic".

But my question to You is: Are You obeying the rules as well as You could / should / must to gain the success You say You want?

Let this article serve as a wakeup call and reminder about that basics of what we all must do to succeed online.

No Loopholes In Online Bizz "Rules"
- by Jim Edwards
© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

I just finished teaching an intensive 2-day workshop in London, England about creating ebooks and operating your own profitable online info-publishing business on a shoestring budget.

As I stood in front of a crowd almost 5,000 miles from home, I realized (yet again) that the Internet represents the great business equalizer of the 21st century.

Anyone with a great idea and the guts and patience to persevere and act on that idea can succeed online, often beating out much larger companies that can't adapt quickly enough to prosper or profit.

I also realized while standing in front of the crowd that despite arguments to the contrary, people all over the world buy and sell online for exactly the same reasons.

Anyone who tells you that "My market is different" or "It doesn't work that way in my country" has forgotten the basic rules for selling online.

Bottom line: Anyone selling anything online - regardless of their location - must obey the following "rules" or risk many heartaches and an empty wallet.

** Targeted Audience **
What exactly do your customers want and what words do they use to describe the products and services they will purchase?

Don't assume you know how and what they want to buy - ask them!

From this research you will determine the "keywords" your customers will use to find your business while surfing and using search engines.

You should then focus completely on these keywords while constructing your entire web presence and advertising campaigns.

** Focused Website **
Your website should center exclusively on those issues directly related to what you sell online.

If you sell "purple widgets" then only write about the characteristics, features and benefits of using your purple widgets.

Take great care in your copy writing to keep your text focused on one subject per web page and make liberal use of your keywords and their synonyms.

Constructing your "mini sites" in this manner will aid you greatly in keeping people focused on your sales message long enough to make a buying decision.

** Targeted Traffic! **
A website without visitors rates the same as designing and constructing a 30-foot billboard and then hiding it in your basement instead of setting it by the highway.

Don't fall victim to traffic scams which promise thousands of visitors for only $100.

Those schemes don't work because the traffic isn't targeted. AdWords.Google.commakes the best place to start getting targeted visitors because you only pay for the visitors you actually receive (pay-per-click), not for the ads you run.

** Build Relationships **
Successful online businesses build relationships with their customers and prospects.

You can only do this if you stay in touch with them through value-added mailings, emails, and updates.

Online businesses whose only communication involves repeated "pitches" or opportunities to spend money don't fare as well in the long haul.

A group of loyal customers and subscribers will sustain an online business owner much longer than a fat advertising budget ever could.

** Stay Informed **
Understand that creating a successful online business requires commitment to a process of constant promotion and continuous education.

You must stay current on cost-effective promotion techniques for driving traffic to your site as well as any factors specifically affecting your market online.

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"Always do right--this will gratify some and astonish the rest."
- Mark Twain -

Have yourself a Super Wednesday!

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