Apr 23, 2006

3 Free Online Gizmos

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:-) Hope your having a great weekend! Here's the scoop for today's article, Jim is sharing 3 really great pieces of PC software that WON'T cost You one, thin dime! They are:

- An audio recording / editing program...
- A desktop RSS feed reader...
- A mind-mapping program...

They're all pretty cool - and You can't beat the price.

3 Free Online Gizmos Everyone Should See
- by Jim Edwards
© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

* Free Audio Editing Software *

Log on to http://Audacity.sourceforge.net and download a just plain cool PC software you can use to record, edit, convert and mix audio tracks right on your computer.

Ideal for people who need to create audio CD's with a basic microphone, create the perfect party mix, or perform basic sound editing.

Available free of charge, this open source utility makes it easy to convert old tapes and records into more permanent CD's just by hooking up to the microphone or line inputs onyour computer with a $10 cable from Radio Shack.

The software works with both MP3 and WAV (CD) files, and also decodes the AU and Ogg Vorbis audioformats.

The software also allows you to adjust volume control on individual tracks, fade volume in and out, and remove static hiss or any other consistent background noises.

Overall, Audacity makes an excellent tool for anyone just getting started in audio editing or who doesn't want to spend $100 or more on commercial audio editing software.

* Free RSS Feed Reader *

RSS feeds represent a huge part of the future of online communications as email gets less and less reliable.

Primarily associated with blogs at the moment, RSS feeds (stands for "Real Simple Syndication") make it possible for subscribers to get notified about newsletter and site updates automatically and without the need for emailnotification.

The problem, until now, has been that most RSS readers were designed for geeks and propeller-heads, not for everyday users.

However, log on to www.FeedReader.com and you can change all that.

Feed Reader offers just that, a simple-to-use, easy-to-understand PC software program that doesn't eat up a lot of hard drive space or suck up all your memory.

If you want to subscribe to multiple blogs and news feeds, but don't want to get bombarded with ads or pay for software, give FeedReader.com's free software a try.

* Free Mind Mapping Software *

Log on to http://FreeMind.sourceforge.net and grab a copy of "FreeMind," a free mind mapping software program that rivals the functionality of programs costing $200 or more.

I've used mind mapping software for years, and even paid for one that cost me over $200.

I found that I actually only used about 10% of the features of that commercial software, and I also found that FreeMind gives you all those basic features and more (for free).

Plus, if you're just getting started with mind mapping, this software makes a great place to start without forcing you to make a large investment in software. Mind mapping is an absolutely indispensable technique for writing outlines, brainstorming projects, and outlining essays andprofessional papers.

As with any free software, you get what you pay for, but in these three cases, I think you get a little more than your money's worth.

However, always remember that free software normally does not offer any support and, as with any software, you should proceed carefully.

Always back up your important files before installing any software (paid or free).

Also, if you are at all unsure about a piece of software, go to Google and search for reviews on the software before installing.

A quick search for "'Product Name' software reviews" can yield some very interesting and helpful comments before you spend time and energy installing and testing the softwarefor yourself.

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Have yourself a Super Sunday!

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