Apr 13, 2006

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Yesterday I've received a message from Jim Edwards & Mike Stewart with a VERY important update with online videos. The video information is very good and is easy enough to follow and should not be a problem to anyone...

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Did everybody's videos 'break' yesterday?
by Jim Edwards
© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Yesterday Microsoft released their Internet Explorer update that changed the way "active x" controls integrate with video (they did it because they got sued over a patent).

Honestly, the reaction on various webmaster message boards was something approaching total HYSTERIA! (the geeks were freaking out!)

Well, the bomb hit yesterday (April 11)... the smoke cleared... and this video will show you *EXACTLY* what the impact is on your ability to market with videos online in the future.

Watch this 4:27 second video right now so you totally understand the REAL impact this has on video marketing and how you can move forward from this point.

Do it right now...
=> www.IGottaTellYou.com/did-video-break.html?

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