Apr 19, 2006

Positive Visualization

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Here's an article that really makes sense. It was sent to me so I am passing it on...

Positive Visualization
- Unknown Author -

Many, many years ago, a young boy happened to walk by a newspaper publishing office. He stopped and peered through the window and was amazed at the activity he saw in the office. The activity that surrounded one man in the office especially interested him. It was the chief editor of the newspaper. The young boy watched in amazement as the editor barked orders to the employees around him.

The boy sensed the power that the chief editor possessed - how the entire newspaper enterprise seemed to revolve around him. The young boy began to visualize himself as that editor. Every day he pictured himself as the editor of that newspaper; he dreamed about it at night. He created a detailed vision in his mind of himself in that editor's chair. He re-created that vision in his mind day after day. Who was that young boy? His name was Roger Ferger.

Not only did he become the editor of a large newspaper, he eventually went on to become the owner and publisher of the Cincinnati Inquirer, one of the largest newspaper empires in the country today.

Are you visualizing who you want to become?

What is Positive Visualization?

It can be summarized in this one statement:
"We were created in the image of our creator, therefore we are creators." Think about this statement very carefully. Everything that you, or anyone else has done since the beginning of time, began first with a thought.

If you look back at the careers of successful people, you will find that almost every one of them first visualized who they wanted to be... long before they actually achieved success.

Stop everything you are doing right now and think about what you want to accomplish in your life in this new year. Maybe you want a new career, or you want to be fit and trim and in great shape, perhaps you want to start a new business, or buy that dream house you always wanted.

Make a list on paper right now of the things you want to accomplish this year. Make it a habit to read this list to yourself every day and visualize that you have already reached the goals in your list. Create a detailed movie in your mind of the new you that you want to see in 2006. Be very detailed, if your goal was a new home, picture yourself walking into that new home, picture every detail, the color, the style of home, imagine the kitchen in great detail.

If your goal was a new career or promotion, picture yourself in that new office, believe it with all your heart as if it were already true. No matter what your goals are, visualize them every day. You will find that one day, your visualization will become a reality! Don't ask me how it works... just know that it works.

Quote of the Day!
"When You have a dream you've got to grab it and never let go."
- Carol Burnett -

Have yourself a Super Wednesday!


Gina said...

Thank you for sharing information on visualization and goal setting. The
visualization concept is new to me and a little out of my comfort zone
but it makes so much sense. Your entry makes it seem easy. However, since reading things on visualization I have wondered how much self esteem plays in this. I can see some things easily and somethings no so easily.

Last summer I attended a conference in LA for "Women In Technology"
(WITI). While there, I had the awesome opportunity to
meet Marcia Wieder. She is also advocates visualizing your success.

She and I spoke about overcoming fears to achieve our dreams.
Although my time with her was brief, I learned from "America's Dream Coach" about
the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone.
At that time I really did not know who this precious woman was
but later learned she had been on Oprah and PBS-TV.

Marcia's brief touch on my life made a great impact on me. Recently I
discovered her blog at http://www.dreamcoachdirect.com/ and
a Maui Dream Retreat she is giving away!!! I would LOVE to be able to
win that trip!!

I thought you and your readers might also be interested.

Thank you again for sharing and I'll be back to visit your site!!!

I've just written down some of the things I want to accomplish this year and will visualize success in those areas. Thanks for your encouragement too!!


Florence said...


Thank you for your visit to my blog Gina and the beautiful words you have left in the comment box. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the article and hopefully others did too.

Also, Thank you for sharing your brief encounter with Marcia Wieder and posting the url address to her blog so we may visit... it's greatly appreciated!

"GoodLuck" with winning the retreat, I hope you will win it!

Warm Regards, Flo
Blog Manager