Sep 20, 2005

Writing Skills Online Tools

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It rained all night last night till early this morning, it started at 6:30 pm and by 7:30 it was raining very hard with lightning that lit the whole sky with thunder that rumbled lightly, I'm so thankful as storms scares me so.

Yesterday's article was about "Top Seven Mistakes eBook Authors Make". Today's article is about where to find some of the best writers resources available for free and right online to improve your writing skills so your ebook will be a success...

Online Tools Improve Writing Skills
- by Jim Edwards
(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Traditionally, every serious writer has kept several books on writing as well as at least one excellent dictionary close at hand.

As our world changes and the Internet and email become part of more people's lives, good writing skills rate extremely important for effective communication.

Thanks to the 'Net you don't have to worry about maintaining a personal resource library any more.

Now you can find some of the best writers' resources available free right online.

Words and phrases - A rhyming dictionary for poetry or songwriting (enter a word, click a button to receive words that rhyme). This resource rates very simple to use and comes in handy when you need it most. - A database of thousands of acronyms and abbreviations. Also search by keywords to find the perfect or correct abbreviation for a word or phrase. - Search through over 60,000 acronyms, their abbreviations and meanings. Did you know there are 11 meanings for "PDQ" and over 20 for "ASAP"? - Choose from over 3,300 cliché s to illustrate points and paint vivid images in your readers' minds. This site will keep you "busier than a one eyed cat watching two mouse holes!"

Great Quotes - Nothing sets the tone for any written work quite like a stirring quote from a famous person. Finding such quotations often took hours of searching - until now!

Now you can quickly search the database of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations to find that perfect quote virtually in minutes. You can also find more quotes at

Dictionaries and Thesauri - Webster's hypertext dictionary. - Roget's Online Thesaurus along with a number of other useful reference tools. - Interesting tool that transforms any web page into easy convenient links to definition and word lookups in dictionaries or thesauruses. Terrific time saver if you see a web page with lots of words you don't understand.

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Wishing you online success... have a great day!

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