Sep 23, 2005

A little about Florence

Welcome to Flo's Business Blog

Today I want to share with my blog friends & visitors a little about me & why I chose to create a blog with ARTICLES. It's mixing a little business with a little fun... for you, that's why I chose the title: Flo's Home Biz Resources & Fun Blog, A Variety Of Biz Information To Explore & Have Fun Too!.

My story won't be to the fullest because you would be reading all day but it's towards the careers I've chosen throughout my life right up to this day. Once & awhile... I'll be sharing with you stories that happened in between my story of today.

Last night I received a reply by Jeff to regarding a concern of mine, he's a staff member at BlogExplosion, here's the comment at the end of he's reply: [hopefully you will start another blog perhaps and have some fun].

Jeff doesn't know me personally because if he would know me he would see that... I ENJOY playing with my business fun blog including my personal blog at: Welcome to Flo's Personal Space, With a variety of awesome things I'm sharing. To me it's a get away from all the work I have going, however these blogs is work to keep up but... it's FUN work!!!

A little about me...

I was 13 yrs old & my first job was baby-sitting, after high school I was hired as a live in nanny for two young boys... I enjoyed that very much! In my early twenties my beautiful son was born then I moved on to work in retail for about 10 yrs. I started as a sales clerk, my career blossomed quickly into decorating & opening various stores, it was long hrs with little pay, but I enjoyed doing that!

In my late 20's my beautiful daughter was born, I was offered a position with Records On Wheels (a music store) as an assistance manager. That was the most boring job I ever had... not enough work but pay was very good, I got tired of working in retail & needed a change.

I moved on to Health Care in Home & Patient Care, during that time I took 2 courses on Palliative & became a caregiver for the dying at home with a higher pay. The reward I got inside was the greatest reward of all my careers, after 8 yrs of doing Palliative Care I was unable to help the dying at home because mentally it affected me & I started to feel their pain & was not able to function properly so I needed to move on to something else.

By this time I had 2 acres with a 5 bedrooms home so I decided to start a home biz, a 20 X 48 greenhouse called Flo's Greeneries, it took 2 yrs to research & set up with very little money.

On the third yr. I opened my doors to the public... it was a lot of work but I enjoyed it very much & the best part was working at home. The end of the third year of operation, the last winter had many wicked snow storms, a lot of snow that yr. One morning I was feeding my horse & turned around, I just screamed to the top of my lungs, dropped to the ground & cried, I was in shock as the greenhouse was collapsed to the ground.

Anyhow I did not reopened my greenhouse biz, my son was diagnosed with Leukemia & decided to move in Ed Alberta to be with him to support & help him. My decision was based on the fact that I was 27 hundred miles away, he was 21 & very scared, & for my peace of mind. I was told he had no outlook past 5 yrs. - there was no cure for the type of cancer he had. It's 7 yrs since then... I thank God often, my son is alive & well today.

In Em I became very sick & I was unable to work out there any longer so I looked into the internet for what I can do for a home biz. I learned about computers & how to clean it & so on. Then I started to research on designing, net marketing & etc.

I decided to create an online home biz by designing my very own website. I'm still in the process of creating it but hopefully I will be hosted to the WWW by mid 2006. It was not intended to be a large site but because I've chosen a niche that will help others it turned out to be.

At this time I will not reveal what it's all about but when it is hosted I will announce it on my blogs for anyone that is interested.

If you're looking at an online home biz, reading articles is a fantastic way to learn & get ideas to make an income on the internet. It doesn't matter how old you are, where you are from or what your education level is - no experience of any kind is necessary. All you need is a computer & access to the internet & get that knowledge.

If you have that interest of opening an online biz it would help you make the least of errors unnecessary & you would be able to save valuable time by reading articles to get the information you need to succeed. I believe knowledge is success & a continual investment!

And that is why I chose articles to post on my biz & fun blog, it's an easy way for anyone to get that knowledge!

Have a great day

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