Sep 25, 2005

For A Greater Cause

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Today I will not post an article because I want to focus ForAGreaterCause that needs everyone help desperately...

A reminder ForAGreaterCause Yanik Silver and 8 of his online friends is doing a special teleseminar with this coming Tuesday night (September 27th). They will spill the beans on one new technique they haven't spoken about before in pubic.

Superstars like John Reese, Frank Kern, Armand Morin, Stephen Pierce, Jim Edwards, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Walker and Jason Potash and they are doing that ForAGreaterCause.

Amount contributed so far:
$USD 577,109.00 (Estimate)

I'm proud of the entire Internet community who has rallied over this great cause. If you've already made a contribution - Thank you! (Remember, they don't take the money - you donate it directly to several featured charities - so they never see one penny of the money) this way you will be 100% sure it's going ForAGreaterCause.

For those that cannot participate because of financial difficulties please contribute by offering your prayers ForAGreaterCause, prayers do help!

If you haven't had time yet to visit the site that is doing all this ForAGreaterCause then please do it right now - if it's possible - before you forget. Again I want to say "thank you" to everyone that participated in giving ForAGreaterCause and God Bless You for your generosity...

Have a great day

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