Sep 26, 2005

New Orleans Darkest Hours

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Yesterday my post was ForAGreaterCause - today is a reminder of Yanik Silver and he's 8 online friends to the special teleseminar with this coming Tuesday night (September 27th). If you haven't made a pledge yet - there's still time to get it in and get on the teleconference call.

Or if September 27th doesn't fit your schedule you'll get the Mp3 of the call later, you don't want to miss it! Any dollar amount you pledge gets you on the call... here's that link again ForAGreaterCause the goal is to hit $1 Million and remember "any amount"... $ .50, $1.00, $20.00 helps it adds up ForAGreaterCause

100% of your money will go to charities that will use 100% of it to directly feed, clothe, administer health care and provide emergency shelter to victims. * Officials fear the number of dead is in the tens of thousands *

Here's another charity option at KatrinaInternetReliefFund

Now You Can Get Your Hands On The Hottest Internet Money Making Secrets In The World By Helping the Refugees of New Orleans In Their Darkest Hour.

A donation of just $50 will actually get you several hundred dollars of gifts and resources, including one of Yanik Silver top-selling products. Once again, I want to emphasize this site is not taking a penny of the money raised, nor selling anything, nor will they use your contact info in any way except to confirm your donation!

They are simply giving away lots of stuff to entice you to donate to help with KatrinaInternetReliefFund the goal is to raise at least $500,000. For a minimum donation of $50, you’ll be able to instantly download thousands of dollars of the highest quality, tested and proven money making information available in the world.

You can see the lists of everything you get with your donation of $50 or more at KatrinaInternetReliefFund this list grows almost daily as more kind people donate products.

When you donate today to KatrinaInternetReliefFund you'll get access to the private download page, when someone donates a new product, they will update the page... you can come back any time you want - even if it's 2 months from now! You’ll discover the secrets of high-speed money making and help others at the same time two birds with one stone... everybody wins!

This will be your only opportunity to get this gigantic money making package for a donation to the refugees! At some point they are going to have to stop offering these products as a reward for making a donation, please don’t delay, the refugees are literally dying of thirst and hunger, right now.

Special Announcement

They ask the most brilliant minds in marketing and high-speed money making to donate their products, time and money to the cause as well. They have set up an escrow account to take deposits from donations there soliciting they seeded it with $10,000 of their own money.

By showing other groups the donations they are making, they will match it. So YOUR donation of $100, $500, $1000, whatever, could turn into $300, $1500 or $3000.

Below is some of the "Generous Donors"

* $10,000. Jim Fleck, Shawn Casey, Jeff Paul
* $10,000. Yanik Silver
* $1,000. Mike Lauria
* $1,000. Joe Polish, Piranha Marketing
* $1,000. Ron Romano, Automated Marketing Solutions
* $1,000. Joshua Shafran
* $1,000. Alan Bechtold
* $1,000. Nathan Anderson
* $500. Ken Prigal
* $250. Mike Filsaime

Donate $200 or more and your name will be added to the list to nudge people who you know to give.

If you're interested in adding a gift to this site please email they want the entire Internet marketing community to rally with them to help the Katrina victims.


You can help by forwarding the URL's ForAGreaterCause and KatrinaInternetReliefFund to everyone you know? Add it in your newsletter of subscribers list this helps to get the word out and will help them reach their goal that much faster.

Jeff Paul, Jim Fleck and Shawn Casey "thanks everyone in advance for your generous contributions"

For those that cannot participate because of financial difficulties please contribute by offering your prayers... prayers works for the survivors!

Donate today ForAGreaterCause or to KatrinaInternetReliefFund

For adding a gift please email

God Bless you all for participation

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