Sep 28, 2005

Multiple Income Streams

Discover How to Have Multiple Income Streams
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In today's article Michael talks about families needing at least two incomes today, and that the Internet and modern communication allows almost anyone to create an additional income stream compared to ten years ago when he first started doing business online. Michael shares how that all changed today and anyone who desires can market online to make a passive income...

Discover How to Have Multiple Income Streams
by Michael Angier

Gone are the days when each family had one bread-winner. Now, most families have at least two incomes. And soon, almost everyone will have multiple streams of income.

The reasons for this are many. Primary income sources are not as reliable as they used to be. And we can no longer expect the company we work for--or even the industry we work in--to be around throughout our career. It just makes sense to diversify. And now the Internet and modern communication allows almost anyone to create an additional income stream.

Ten years ago, when I started doing business online, it was like the wild west. There were no real tracks on which to run and there were no proven models. Today, that's all changed.

You can research a product, find out if it's marketable and test the viability of the product costs and sales costs before you even launch it.

And you don't have to create your own product. You can market someone else's product or service as a reseller or as an affiliate.

Affiliate programs are the least risky and easiest to get started with. You sign up as an affiliate for no cost and start telling others about the product with a special link that identifies you as the source. When they buy, the seller's tracking software calculates your commissions and pays you each month--sometimes weekly--for the business you generated.

In the old days you needed a mailing list to make this work well. But today, with programs like Google AdWords, you can start generating traffic to your site within a few hours--even without a mailing list. It's not free, but it sure beats most start-up expenses for new traditional businesses.

I have several web sites making over $1,000 a month. Our goal is to have more than 20 sites each making in excess of $1,000 a month.

Some people have one or two sites making 5-figure monthly incomes while others have 100 sites making $150 a month. It's all very doable.

The first thing you should commit to doing is becoming computer and Internet savvy. It's an excellent investment of your time, even if you DON'T plan to do business online.

Secondly, start researching Internet marketing and marketing in general. Then, look for possible products or services that interest you and have ready buyers who are willing to spend money.

You can start slow and small. You can build your knowledge and your skills with virtually no risk while developing a lucrative--and possibly passive--income.

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