Sep 11, 2005

Direct Response Marketers


Here's an article regarding the BENEFITS to your reader and from the READER'S point of view, so you may succeed to get more sales and profits. Ask yourself this question... Are you spending enough time to get your reader involved emotionally before you go for your sale?

"How To Use The Secrets Of The Best Direct Response Marketers
Of The Last 100 Years To Get More Sales and Profits For Yourself"
- by Mark Hendricks

The marketing technologies may have changed, but human emotions and buying decisions are still driven by the same psychological principles that have been ingrained in us since time began.

What I mean by that is people still want all the same things out of life that they always have. You know, safety, security, shelter, love, friends, belongings, sex, money, power, recognition, fun, good times, laughs, excitement, you name it.

All of these are basic parts of being human.

And you may have heard that all humans make decisions emotionally, and then, rationally justify those decisions with logic.

Therein lies our problem to solve.

Most people are rushed for time these days.

They tend to want to just get to the bottom NOW.

The problem with that is you never, I mean NEVER, can sell anything to anybody by dropping to the "bottom line" immediately without first describing the benefits to the buyer and building value and DESIRE for your product or service.

By dropping to the bottom line too soon, you risk that the buyer won't really appreciate the true value and benefits that you're really offering them, or will completely miss your point that you're trying to make altogether.

You've got to lead them through this process...Step By Step By Step.

Also, you're trying to get your reader to invest in your relationship by spending his/her time with you. This raises that odds of making an EMOTIONAL tie with your reader.

Now some of you may think that people just won't take the time to read a whole bunch of information.

Well, I'm here to tell you that they will, IF it's interesting, beneficial to them, and not BORING!

Think about the things you're interested in. When you send away for information, you want to know as much as possible before you make a buying decision, don't you?

And you want to feel like you at least have some sort of good feelings about the person who is making the sales offer...a HUMAN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION of a sort.

Now if that's the way YOU go about making buying decisions, don't you think other "humans" do the same? Sure they do.

Now the best way I've found to do this is to write a LOT of information based on the BENEFITS to your reader and from the READER'S point of view.

So how do you go about doing this?

Start making a list of the problems that people have in relation to the topic of your product/service.

These are all of the "pains-in-the-neck" human emotional hot-buttons that you can use to present the problems that your reader is having and show your empathy and understanding of their feelings and present position.

Then make a list of all the benefits that your product/service offers to your reader.

These are the SOLUTIONS to their problems and all the good things that they'll have when they follow your advice or buy your solution to their problems.

Now you have two lists.

Begin with the first list of problems and weave a "human interest" type of story about real people who are having these problems that your reader can relate to and hopefully become emotionally stirred by saying to themselves, "Boy, that's just like me."

Then proceed to weave in how things could be so much better by applying the secrets that you have to reveal to them and go into the benefits that your solutions offer to them.

And then move on to your "sales pitch". But only after they have been "primed" a little with the background of the problems and how things could be so much better by following your lead.

Here's what to work on -- go back through your ads and sales letters to see if you're spending enough time to get your reader involved emotionally before you go for your sale.

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