Feb 20, 2006

Why Honesty Sells!

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See the magic in your honesty, your truthfulness .. honesty sells!
It will build your business, believe it!

Why Honesty Sells!
by Ron Knowlton

It's human nature to trust, to believe.

Little children come into this world trusting and believing. It's when someone is dishonest that they start to disbelieve and to distrust.

And adults really aren't that much different when you stop to think about it.

When you are told one thing and discover something else to be the truth - what happens?

A caution sign and warning lights flash in your head.

You realize that anything you hear next must now be filtered and proven.

Why? Because you don't want to be fooled again!

Then you start to look around. You wonder if others are being truthful and honest with you.

When you find someone who is honest and truthful, something sticks.

You soon come back for more. You begin to value the relationship.

But going back to the example of the little child - why does the little child trust her parents?

Because they usually tell the truth.

And if parents don't tell the truth, then what happens?

The child starts to look for others in her life who are telling the truth and who she can trust.

Is it really any different in business?

At first we trust because we want to believe.

But once we discover dishonesty - then we begin to filter and disbelieve. We begin to look elsewhere for the truth.

If people trust you, if they believe you, if they know you are honestly there to help them, they will buy from you!

There is no great secret to this.

They will value your word. They will look to you for advice.

And not only that, but they will reward you openly for it with their sincere praise!

And then you may win the greatest prize of all in business.

They will tell everybody about you!

Their friends, business associates, their family members, their neighbors.

And these people will believe in you too!

Can you see the magic in this?

Your honesty, your truthfulness will build your business.

Your lack of honesty will break you!

Honesty sells! Believe it!

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