Feb 1, 2006

4 Keys To Internet Success

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The only way anyone is successful off-line or online is .. You have to work any business you get into! And most importantly, You have to believe .. truly believe in what you are working! You can't just work it .. YOU have to believe it is the best thing around !!!

The article has good insight and will serve as a guide for all who will heed its message...

4 Keys To Internet Success
by Jon Olson

I call this little tidbit, my four keys to making long term income online. It's not fancy, it's not flashy, it just works!

Number 1 - You Have To Spend Money!

I know we have been bombarded with free offer after free offer, but whether it's an investment of time, or an investment with money, you have to 'invest'. This is a business, and a business cannot grow without some capital. Plus, if you are investing in your future, it makes sense to invest in your business.

Number 2 - You Have To Meet New People!

It's time to put the 'network' back into this business. Case in point, in any industry on the planet, your networking skills will help you build a solid foundation for your business. Go to the forums, go to the seminars (there's one tonight, details are above), invest in an off-line conference, use the phone, just get in front of as many people as you can. It makes a difference!

Number 3 - You Must Have Patience!

On the internet, we are told of instant riches, and success in 90 days or less. Forget about it. Remember, this is long term income we want here, not a quick fifty bucks. You must have patience with your online business. This is the only industry on the planet where success is 'demanded' in weeks and months, not years. It just cannot happen, most off-line businesses take 2-4 years to turn a profit, it should be no different online. Take your time, there is no rush!

Number 4 - The Dirty 4 Letter Word...Work!

I know, I know...The images of sitting back with your feet up, sleeping in until noon, drinking pina coladas on the beach....It's a myth! You must roll up your sleeves and put in work. Again, this is a business, it takes effort. Do not be scared of it, it's a very rewarding experience when you start to see returns for your hard work!

Take those four points as you wish, all I ever write about is what I have experienced. These things have worked for me, and trust me, I'm not a 'special person'. I was flipping pizzas only 4 short years ago, working on minimum wage. I did not plan on getting rich overnight and I did not give up my day job until I was certain I could supplement it. The internet is a great way to earn a living... However, you have to earn it and that is what so many do not realize with an online business!

Have a great Wednesday!

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