Nov 16, 2005

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How To Get Your Site Reviewed For Free & win customers as you do it!
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Out here where I live the weather is unbelievable, very strong winds where it causes damage and very cold! The trees are bending almost to the grounds some breaking in half, long grass flatten, things flying all over the place... it's quite nasty!

This morning I was quite busy, had to go and get large bails of hay and it wasn't pleasant to get them. It was hard to walk in the pasture today, I'm 105 pounds so the wind wanted to pick me up and send me flying. I got myself a bad shock this morning from my electric fence just trying to hang on to open the gates... very spooky out there it's best to stay in if possible!

Other places in the world like Norway where a very special friend lives is much worst over there - so I'm very thankful that it's not as bad as what they are getting. Hopefully it will end soon for them as lives have been lost, my prayers goes out to them.

In today's article Harvey is sharing ideas that worked for him so you may avoid some big fee to a consultant. The vital part of your online business is your website and Harvey will actually show you what you can do for the people who really matter and that is your visitors ...

How To Get Your Site Reviewed For Free
...and win customers as you do it !
by Harvey Segal

What is the most vital part of your online business ?

Where should you spend the most effort ?

It has to be your web site ... your shop front to the outside world.

The design and content of your site is so critical that it's worth getting outside help and opinions.

Now you could pay a big fee to a consultant to advise you - but here's a better idea.

Ask the people who really matter ... your visitors !

Just add this to your main page:

"Thanks for visiting.
We'd love to hear your opinion on our site
- what did you like
- what don't you like
- how can we improve it
All your comments will be welcome"

Then sit back and get lots of advice - for Free.

But here is how to get super added value from this idea:

1) Make it as simple as possible for your readers to submit their comments. Don't let them have to hunt around for an Email address, use 'Click here' with a 'mailto' format.

2) Thank each contributor individually rather than send a standard automated message. You will see how this invariably leads to further exchanges and new promising contacts.

3) Never lose the opportunity to promote your business. In your thank you letter remind the reader - who has already been to your site - about a particular feature such as a free newsletter.

And now ... here's how you can multiply your response dramatically.

4) Some people love to offer their advice, others need that little extra inducement such as a free gift.

There are many free E-books available on the Net. So just replace that last line with, for example,

"All your comments will be welcome.
As a thank you we will send you for free a great book
about Internet Marketing filled with fascinating tips."

When you want to send the book you just simply say:
"Get your Free gift at"

But we can still improve on that !

As we saw in tip (3) always take the opportunity to promote your site, so what you now say is:
"Get your Free gift at"

When your reader visits this page, at your own site, he will find the link to the book but you will have surrounded it with your best promotions.

And to make certain he reads them just add "target=new" in the link to the book: this ensures he is returned to your page.

There's more ingenious tips in Harvey's FREE BOOK "The SuperTips Book of Internet Marketing" <>.

Have a great day

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