Nov 22, 2005

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How To Build Your Own OPT-IN Email List
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L@@king outside this morning I said to myself what a great day, the beautiful sun shining so brightly. My early thought changed pretty quick when I went outside... WOW was it ever cold!!! The sun was quite deceiving theirs a north wind and I got very cold doing my chores :-(

Today's article will be very helpful specially for people that don't have a website and would like to have an email list. There are a number of ways to build up your list, Richard shares with you the only two things that you will need to get your email list going.

You may want to start using some of the below techniques today and soon you will build up a large opt-in email list...

How To Build Your Own OPT-IN Email List
- by Richard Rigoe
© Richard Rigoe - All Rights reserved

1) - One of the most powerful methods of marketing on the internet is direct email marketing. This is because if someone has subscribed to an opt-in list, they are already interested. Many of you might have tried FFAs (FREE FOR ALL pages), subscribing to newsletters and mailing lists, and maybe even banner ads, but have you had the response you expected ?

If not, the reason is because there are a million other people doing the same thing as you. You need to give people a GOOD reason to reply. Read on. Building up a successful mailing list does not happen overnight. It is a long term process where you are building up quality leads that are going to benefit you in future.

There are a number of ways to build up your list, and you don't have to have a website to do so. You will need two things, first a reason to join your list, and secondly, a means of capturing the names and email addresses of subscribers.


A free newsletter, a competition, a bonus, or just valuable information are all good reasons for people to join your list. Make sure that your newsletter is interesting and provides valuable information. How you put the opportunity across to your audience will determine the response rate. This is where most people go wrong.

Before you try and market something on the internet, you yourself must be confident that the product is great, and is going to offer something of benefit. Your confidence will show through in your advertising copy and this must compel your readers to ask for more information. Now the secret here is to stress what benefits a reader will get by replying. You must make your ad exciting and offer something free if possible.


Once you give your audience a reason to reply, there are a number of ways of building your list. You should try all of them and see what works for you.

1 - subscribe to newsgroups and mailing lists. There are thousands of these lists on the web and they can be the best source of quality leads. People usually subscribe to them to learn more about a particular topic because they can ask questions and get replies from others in the group.

For those who don't know, what you do is find the mailing lists you are interested in and subscribe. Some are completely web-based, others will send any messages posted to the group to your email as and when messages are posted. In each mailing list or newsgroups there are what we call "threads". Each thread is about a different topic. This is your chance. Once you see a question posted about something you know the answer to, you jump in and reply giving your valuable input. Now at the end of your message you include your "signature" which will be your name and website address, an email address, or an autoresponder, something like:

Visit "" where you can learn about our revolutionary new diet plan !


Click here to get more information about ...

where the email address is yours or your autoresponder. This will put productX in the subject line of the email so when you receive it you know what information is required. You can also use this method to track where your ad came from by placing a few extra numbers or letters at the end (eg: productXabc).

Some mailing lists are created for the sole purpose of advertising so keep an eye out for these too and post your ad to them. Remember that all the subscribers to the mailing list will get your ad so there is a good chance of some responding.

A good choice to start at is because it is easy to use. It has a directory of mailing lists which you can subscribe to. It also gives you a webpage and your lists are automatically added to your page. You can then click on each list to see the threads and read or post messages to the list. You can start your own mailing list if you want here and the above services are all FREE.

You can try these other web browser based news services as well.


2 - If you are an expert about a topic on a newsletter you receive, write them an article. You never know it may be included, and if so it could reach thousands of people. Needless to say, at the end of your article, include your website address with a line or two about what you do. Also make sure you have researched the topic of your article well.

3 - Spend a bit on advertising. Write a small ad that can be included in a regular newsletter you receive. Some good newsletters about internet marketing where you can get your ad in front of 200,000 or more readers are


4 - Have a form on your website where a visitor can leave a name and email address. Don't ask for more information than this because many people will not take the time to fill the form. Obviously a form only works well if you have a lot of traffic on your site.

5 - Classified Ads - Another way of posting free ads to the internet. You can find a lot of good places to insert your ads at "The Grandfather of All Links":

Well that's about it. Direct Email marketing can be very powerful. The only way to be successful on the web is to take action. You have to actively build up your opt-in list - so don't wait any longer ! Start using some of the above techniques today. You might only get a few replies in the first month, but after a while you will find the best places to advertise and which ads work. Very soon you will build up a large opt-in email list.

Visit to find out another way to build thousands of opt-in leads for FREE!

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