Nov 28, 2005

US Spyware Bills

US Spyware Bills Win Large Vote
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I want to make my visitors aware of the new ... US Spyware Bill that won a large vote! Below I started the article and if you wish to read the rest of it click on the URL. Get yourself informed of the new bill so you may know what is the new law and to stay out of trouble OR what your rights are to intruders that invades your computer.

If you make practice of scamming, hi-jacking or downloading free stuff over the Internet, you're looking for big trouble!!! As this is how your computer gets sluggish and piled high with Malware. (BUGS) (SPY'S)


1) Always, ALWAYS read your terms and conditions before downloading anything free. Look for third party companies within the agreement. They are SPY'S!

2) Don't be Sucker by opening email that tell you have been a bad girl/boy online. Or you have been recorded looking at illegal sites. These are sucker emails. Beware! These viruses are written almost daily even before your antivirus know about them.

Here's the Story about the new Bill

US spyware bills win large vote

Spyware can sit on computers without people realizing US lawmakers have voted to introduce harsher penalties for those who spread spyware on people's computers.

The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly for two bills which clamp down on spyware programs.

The I-SPY Prevention Act of 2005 and the SPY Act introduce multi-million dollar fines and prison sentences.

Spyware has become a big problem for computer users. They are programs that sit on a computer collecting sometimes sensitive data and net browsing habits.

The I-SPY Prevention Act of 2005 makes it an offense to access a computer without permission via spyware programs and introduces sentences of up to five years in prison for criminal activity.

Here's more on this Article here:

Here's the Article about the New Bill that has just recently been passed...

"Senate committee passes spyware bill."

WASHINGTON - A U.S. Senate committee has approved a bill that would outlaw the practice of remotely installing software that collects a computer users' personal information without consent.

In addition to prohibiting spyware, the Spyblock (Software Principles Yielding Better Levels of Consumer Knowledge) Act would also outlaw the installation of adware programs without a computer user's permission. The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee approved the bill Thursday.

Spyblock, sponsored by Senator Conrad Burns, a Montana Republican, would prohibit hackers from remotely taking over a computer and prohibit programs that hijack Web browsers. The bill would protect antispyware software vendors from being sued by companies whose software they block.

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