Jun 1, 2006

A New Born Filly!

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Today, I didn't post an article because I'm sharing the good news to the new addition to my family pets. Yesterday, at 7:30 am I went to Savanna (horse) shelter, opened the door and I was happy to see the new born filly (girl)!

I knew she would have it any day as the lasts few days she was acting different. Her milk sac has gotten real hard and had wax at the end of her nipples. It's so good to finally have this waiting period done, it can become a little stressful!

I took my time yesterday to imprint the filly, touching her all over every 2 hrs so she may get used at humans touch. Today, she was coming to me and seem to enjoy my company, she runs a lot too and looks very happy! I'm putting on the harness every 2 hrs for 10 minutes at a time then taking it off so she don't get her legs caught into them.

I get my foal training at HorseKeeping and Horse Training Care Info. They have all sort of help for your horses.

Below is a picture of Savanna when she was 10 yrs old and with her very first filly. I've taken a lot of pictures yesterday when the filly was just a few hours old. As soon as I develop them I'll be very happy to share her newborn with you, she is gorgeous !!!

Have yourself a Super Thursday!

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