Jun 30, 2006

Courage & Self-Confidence

Courage can be defined as the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation. Self-confidence can be defined as having trust in one’s own abilities.

These two skills are linked together on the path to success and happiness in your life. You acquire these traits by practicing them whenever the chance presents itself.

Successful people are not naturally more courageous or self-confident. They just learned to “BE” more courageous and self-confident by walking through the fear whenever confronted with it. Successful people are able to do that because what they desire is always greater and stronger than the fear.

Practice makes perfect, so whenever you are called forth to exhibit courage and self-confidence, go for it. Courage & self-confidence are skills that can be learned.

Have fun, be of a light heart and always be kind and gentle with self.

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