Jan 6, 2006


Part 1 .. General Superstitions
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Last night the sky was full of glittering stars which I find so attractive to look at. When I was young I was told that when the sky is full of stars .. the next day the sun will show it self, today we have a beautiful sun shining ! Throughout my years I paid attention to that saying and I have notice that this superstition is true .. believe it or not !!!

Today I didn't post an article because for the next few days I will add "General Superstitions" provided by Craftie Linda an Adland Friend. It's quite interesting and some are funny .. so I'm sharing them with my friends and visitors, enjoy...

General Superstitions
by Craftie Linda

You'll 'cut off' fortune if you use scissors on new years day.

Coral beads are said to change color indicating whether the wearer is ill or well.

Nails should be bitten, not cut, for the same time, for that would make them thieves.

If you go to the bathroom in the night with no clothes on, insects will fall on you.

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

If you want to see a friend again, then don't ever say goodbye to them on a bridge.

Never take a broom with you when moving house - buy a new one.

If you see a chimney sweep then shake his hand so that some of his good luck rubs off onto you.

Seeing a single crow is very unlucky. But 2 mean good luck! 3 means health, 4 means wealth, 5 is sickness & 6 mean death!

If your ear is burning, then someone is talking about you. To determine whether what they are saying is good or bad, remember this rhyme, - Left for love, Right for spite!

If the palm of your right hand is itchy, then it foretells that money is coming to you, but don’t scratch it as that stops the money from coming! If it’s your left palm that is itchy, then scratch away, as that means that you'll soon be paying out money.

If you see a magpie, remember this rhyme - One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret, Never to be told.

How you start the year is how you will end it, so you must ensure that you are wearing new clothes & looking your best, have paid off all your debts & are with your partner (to ensure that you are still with them at the next New year). Also you must open.

Dropping a pair of scissors is said to warn that a lover is unfaithful.

Never place shoes on a table as it means bad luck for the remainder of the day.

A bride must sew a swan’s feather into her husband’s pillow to ensure fidelity.

You must knock on wood 3 times after mentioning good fortune or the evil spirits will ruin things for you.

See a penny, pick it up; all day long you’ll have good luck.

Don’t break a mirror, or you’ll have seven years bad luck.

Don’t wash clothes on New Year’s Day, or somebody in your family will pass away.

Don’t walk under a ladder, or somebody will have an accident;

Don’t hit anyone with a broom, or it will make him or her lazy.


If the head of a bed is placed towards the north it foretells a short life, towards the south a long life, the east riches, the west travel.

Bad Luck: to leave bellows lying on the table or on the floor, since in such a position they presage domestic quarrels.

One's life is prolonged if, in later years, a visit is made to one's place of birth.

If you burn beef bones by mistake it is a sign of much sorrow to come on account of poverty. To burn fish or poultry bones indicates that scandal will be spread about you.

To cut bread in an uneven manner is a sign that you have been telling lies.

The best time for cutting one's corns is when the Moon is on the wane.

If a front door does not face the street, ill luck will attend the house. You should always close a front door with your face towards it.

Have a great day!

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