Jan 9, 2006

Part 3 .. Superstitions

General Superstitions
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Hope You had a great weekend and that your week will be a fantastic one! Yesterday the sun was out and did my job of shoveling and today it's snowing again. I think I did a lot of shoveling this year .. my arm is really having a beating so I hope it will stop for awhile!

Since my horse Savanna shelter has been fix to be warmer .. I seen a big improvement with her walking. She's a little fussy with the hay I'm buying .. the farmer that I was buying the hay from sold his farm to the Memnonite Colony. Next year I'll have good alfafa hay, they have horses and ride in buggies. I will enjoy watching them ride .. I'm looking forward too all of that!

Here's part 3 of "General Superstitions" provided by Craftie Linda an Adland Friend. It's quite interesting and some are very funny, I hope You are enjoying these because I sure did...

General Superstitions
by Craftie Linda

To wash in water, which has been previously used by someone else means that you will quarrel with him, unless you clasp your hands together over the water when you have finished.

Never pour water into a tumbler which already holds some, for it is an invitation to evil spirits to visit you.

Never pour water into a tumbler which already holds some, for it is an invitation to evil spirits to visit you.

Women should not whistle, for it encourages evil spirits to visit them.

Spilling wine is an auspicious omen, if it is done accidentally; while to drop a glass of wine and break the glass is a token of a happy marriage and enduring affection.

When you are talking to someone, and if you should both happen to say the same word or sentence at the same time, you must each clasp the other's little finger and wish. Then, if you do not disclose your wish, it will be fulfilled.

People once believed the soul could escape from the body when a person sneezed. To stop this from happening, people ask God to bless and so to protect the person who sneezes.

People with hiccups were once thought to be possessed by the devil.

Yawning is caused by the devil so evil spirits enter your body when your mouth is wide open. Covering your mouth stops the evil spirits.

Watching someone else yawn makes you to yawn.

An itchy nose means your going to have a quarrel with someone.

Spit on your hands for strength. This originated from seeing animals lick their wounds, making people think saliva had some magical healing power.

To get rid of a cough, take a hair from the coughing persons head, put it in between two slices of buttered bread, feed it to the dog, and say - eat well you hound. May you be sick and I be sound.

To stop cramps, carry certain animal bones on your body. Another cure is to lay your shoes on your stomach, across the cramp.

Cross your fingers to make wish. Bad luck is trapped at the point where the two fingers meet so when we cross our fingers, we stop the bad luck from escaping and allow our wishes to come true.

Fingernail clippings must not be left behind. Fingernails can be used to cast spells on their owner, so they must never be left around for the evil spirits to find. They should be burned or buried instead.

An acorn should be carried to bring luck and ensure a long life.

An acorn at the window will keep lightning out.

Amber beads, worn as a necklace, can protect against illness or cure colds.

Seeing an ambulance is very unlucky unless you pinch your nose or hold your breath until you see a black or a brown dog.

Think of five or six names of boys or girls you might marry, As you twist the stem of an apple, recite the names until the stem comes off. You will marry the person whose name you were saying when the stem fell off.

If you cut an apple in half and count how many seeds are inside, you will also know how many children you will have.

To predict the sex of a baby: Suspend a wedding band held by a piece of thread over the palm of the pregnant girl. If the ring swings in an oval or circular motion the baby will be a girl. If the ring swings in a straight line the baby will be a boy.

Spit on a new bat before using it for the first time to make it lucky.

If you make a bedspread, or a quilt, be sure to finish it or marriage will never come to you.

Placing a bed facing north and south brings misfortune.

Have a great day!

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