Dec 2, 2005

Online Order Forms

7 Ways to Make Your Online ORDER FORMS Sell More
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All of us at one time if not more have changed our mind and decided not to buy. In today's article it's about what you can do to prevent online sales "order form abandonment" from happening. Alexandra shares a simple check list of what you can do to increase your sales and put the prospect at ease...

7 Ways to Make Your Online ORDER FORMS Sell More
by Alexandria K. Brown, ""

Did you know that most online sales are lost at the ORDER FORM? Yes, that's right. Even if someone reads your sales copy and clicks to order, they have a good chance of changing their mind once they get to the next stage.

I admit I've done it myself. Sometimes I get all pumped up to order something, but by the time I fill out a bazillion pieces of information, I've lost my zest to buy it. Or I still have questions about the product. Or for some reason the form isn't working and I can't find another way to order. That person just lost my sale.

The good news is there are a few simple things you can do to prevent "order form abandonment" from happening so much. Here's a simple checklist of what you can do to increase your sales at this stage:

1. Customize it for each product.

Any good shopping cart should let you actually customize the order form for an individual product. I don't do this for all my products, but usually do for my higher-priced items and programs. You can write a special message for the top of the form, and even include logos, photos, and audio too. This lets you continue the sales process even after the customer has left the sales page.

2. Write from the first person.

When it comes to getting people to take ACTION, write in their voice and get them involved. Example: "YES Ali, I'm Ready to FINALLY Learn How to Use the Internet and Information Products to Build More Money, Time, and Freedom Into My Coaching or Consulting Business!"

3. Restate everything they're going to GET.

My friend Yanik Silver says that your order form copy should be so good that it could actually sell your product by itself. So give me a short recap of everything I'm going to get from your product or program. Bulleted lists work well for this. You can see a sample of what I did for this on the order form for my Marketing & Motivational Mastermind. (Once you click on the order link, you'll see the order form.) A product photo is also a great idea here.

4. Give them a nudge.

I highly recommend including at least one very powerful testimonial on your order form as well. Remember results-based ones are best - have a customer who used your product or program and got amazing results. Don't just have someone saying how great your stuff is.

Remember you have a lot of valuable "fence sitters" at this stage and anything extra you can do to give them a push in the right direction is worth it.

5. Put the prospect at ease.

Try calling it something other than an "order form." How about a No-Risk Reservation Form, Risk-Free Enrollment Form, or Priority Acceptance Form?

Be sure to restate your guarantee, so the buyer has no reason not to give you a try.

Also, remind the buyer that their transaction is totally secure by displaying logos like Verisign or whomever your shopping cart is certified by.

6. Make sure everything WORKS!

This may seem like a given, but I've been guilty of this faux pas myself. There's always a lot of excitement surrounding a product launch. And one slip of the keyboard, when setting up your purchase links, can result in it being impossible for someone to buy from you, even if they're dying to!

Do a test purchase on each product you set up online, once you're done setting up all the details.

7. Give them more than one way to order.

Murphy's Law says no matter what, something occasionally will go wrong. Whether it's your order form or the purchaser's credit card. That's why your order form should also make it clear there are other ways to order besides online. Also, some people are still leery of purchasing via the Internet. (I find it amusing that a few people who buy my programs teaching how to sell on the Internet refuse to make an online purchase of their own!)

Here's what the top of my order forms say... you're welcome to model it: "Having trouble? You can also PRINT this page and FAX your order to [fax number here]. Or order by phone toll free at [phone number here]."

"But Ali, My Shopping Cart Won't Let Me Do This Stuff!"

If you realize your shopping cart system won't let you make customizations like this, you're losing money big time. I highly recommend you go with one of the most proven and popular systems that are geared toward MARKETERS, such as I use it, love it, and can't imagine running my business without it.

© 2005 Alexandria K. Brown

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