Dec 8, 2005

A Holiday Treasure

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Today I have something that I want to share with my friends and visitors. I want webmasters to benefit just like I am right now so You may succeed with your online business.

If You want to be a webmaster and don't have a product or service to offer to get You started ... than look at this opportunity and take advantage of these fantastic "Holiday Gifts"...

12 Days Of Christmas A Holiday Treasure!!!

Here's some special free gifts to make this a very Special Holiday Season for You! Santa is back and he's inviting You to get your hands on thousands of dollars in products free. The originator of this years hefty Christmas Giveaway is my good friend Mark Hendricks.

These "Holiday Treasures" has started on December 1st .. thousands of dollars worth of Internet Marketing products given away free. Mark Hendricks has put together his own version of " 12 Days Of Christmas" the biggest giveaway beyond your imagination!

Many products provided come along with resale rights, distribution rights, branding rights and so on. You'll be getting some great gifts from some very sharp people this month so You can startup your very own business with. You'll be able to add more products to your current membership site and provide free downloads to your subscribers… all is yours free!

You will build a stable foundation on which to generate a secure LONG TERM and EVER INCREASING income from the Internet with these excellent free gifts that 12 Days Of Christmas has for You.

Promote your web site using these powerful free methods to build your mailing list. This is essential to building return traffic to your website, this can greatly increase not only the size of your mailing list, but also the respect that the people on your list have for You. The more traffic your web site receives, the more money You make!

Remember, once someone has joined your mailing list, You can contact them and bring them back to your site every time You have a good reason to do so. As your mailing list builds, so will the amount of traffic You receive from your mailing list...

On the first day You get one gift, on the second day You get two gifts, and so on ... just like the song. Starting today when You register You will have eight free gifts to choose from!!! So the first thing You do is "register here" to receive the "12 Days of Christmas Updates" and by filling in your information.

I highly recommend taking a look, because it's a treasure chest of great stuff from some of the top names around, at no cost! It'll be 12 months till You can get this many quality products for free again, so 'grab them now!!!

A special note...

For security reasons, Mark changes the gift page address so every two days you'll receive a special '12 Days of Christmas' message, letting You know where You can pickup your great gifts.


Every two days You simply "Re-Register” and the new address will be sent to You.

*Take advantage of this opportunity with "Special Holiday Season" of "Free Gifts" and enjoy all the great goodies from all the 12 Days contributors!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Yours!

To your success...

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