Oct 10, 2015

October Is A Danger To Our Black Furry Friends

The month of October is where black furry animals are not safe being outside or for adoption!!! These helpless animals are targeted solely on their color.

Mid-way through September all animal shelters have to pull black furry animals off the adoption lists until after Halloween. All black furry animals are endangered during this time, this includes dogs, rabbits, etc.
People hunt black furry animals during the month of October! Many people all over the world believes malicious superstitions about black cats. Black furry animals, specifically black cats and increasingly black dogs, are hated, despised, more so during October, the month of Halloween.

All over the world, people are trying to end this cruelty for black furry animals during the month of October, hoping to succeed at ending the superstitions about black furry animals... world wide!

If you see an animal outside, please take the time to mention to the owner that it's not safe to let their animals outside alone in the month of October. Sadly to say even in their own backyard it's not safe, owners must keep an eye on them for their safety!

If you see a stray animal please call the SPCA in your area for their safety.
Lets watch over the helpless stray animals during this October. 

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