Feb 7, 2009

Get That Bcc: Line Visible

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I've posted about "forwarding emails" and how it contributes to "SPAM mail" everywhere I'm active online. I was surprised to receive several emails asking "how to get the "Bcc: line" to show in their new email template.

I never thought I would get that kind of response. I realize many don't know until they read about it and do want to make a difference... that is super! It won't solve the problem with so much spam mail but the effort does help a lot!

Now, here's "how to" with Outlook Express, MSN and Yahoo mail:

OutLook Express

Open Outlook Express Email Program then start a new email template. In the "To:" line add one email address of your choice.

Then click on "Cc:" and a box will appear, it's called "Select Recipients"

Then click on the name you want and at the same time hold down the "CTrl" key on your keyboard. Keep holding that "CTrl" key and as you click the names they'll be highlighted, when done... let go the "CTrl" key.

Then on the right side of the "Select Recipients" box, click the "Bcc:" and the highlighted names will be place there, then click "Ok". You'll see the chosen addresses are in the Bcc: line. Once the email is sent they will be invisible to everyone else.

*Save a copy of your email to take a peek at the results!

MSN Email Box
It has the "Bcc:" line visible... please use it to help control spam!

Yahoo Email Box
Open a new mail, above the new template you'll see the option to show "Bcc:" line. Click on it and the "Bcc:" line will be visible on the new template.

Choose one email address on the "To:" line then, click "Bcc:" line to add your other email addresses. They'll be invisible to everyone else, this way SPAMMERS won't be able to copy the entire list and send "SPAM MAIL".

Lets help each other in reducing the amount of spam everyone receives!

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