Nov 24, 2007

4-Ways To Create An EBook

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Today's article is about how can you really come up with an ebook in only a few days. Well Jim knows how and is sharing four really quick, efficient ways to do just that!

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Four Lightning Fast Ways To Create An EBook
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Do you want to know an interesting fact about books on the Web?

People don’t buy them for their intrinsic worth, just to "own a book for their shelf".

They want to buy a solution to a problem or in plain terms, they want a solution to something… usually right now!

That means your ebook creation doesn’t need to run 300-400 pages.

I see ebooks doing very well with only fifty pages in length.

However, you probably don’t want to get down into the 10-20 page length unless it gives specific directions to buried treasure or gives so much of a "WOW" factor that length doesn’t matter.

So how can you really come up with an ebook in only a few days, even if you didn’t write it yourself?

Well I know four really quick, efficient ways to do just that, without sacrificing your entire life as a tortured author.

#1 - Your "Gold Mind"
First, if you know a subject really well, then just create an ebook using the knowledge in your head. (That’s what I did with my first 3 ebooks.)

If you don’t write that well, then put it together by recording it and getting it transcribed.

Then you edit the transcript or hire an editor to do it for you.

You can create an outline of the points to cover in the ebook and then use a dictation service or a software program to simply "talk out the ebook".

You simply talk out each point in detail using your mastery of the subject.

What you come up with may even surprise you greatly!

#2 - Hire An "Expert"

Second, if you don’t possess the specific expertise on a subject, you’ll want to find someone who does.

Then you will use the expert interview format to create content which can turn into a full-length ebook.

After you come up with a list of questions for the expert, you conduct the interview with a conference call and record it.

Then, as in the first method, a dictation service can turn it into a text version for you.

#3 - Buy Your Way In
A third way to create an ebook product involves buying resale rights to a book already written, or agreeing on a marketing deal with an author with an existing book /ebook.

Many people can write good books, but they simply don’t know how to market them.

This offers a "match made in heaven" for two talents to get together: your marketing ability + their writing ability.

You want to check carefully on three important points though, if you decide to buy resell rights for an ebook project.

1) First, how long ago did the ebook first appear online?

Does it appear "shopworn" from over-exposure or poor marketing?

2) How large a niche market does it target?

A long time ebook with a small niche might not make a good investment. But if it looks like a lot of new people could use its content, then you might want to buy the resale rights.

3) Last, you want to honestly evaluate the ebook, whatever the age.

Do you like it? Does it contain good, up-to-date information?

Will it deliver on promises and make you feel like you got value for the price?

If you can answer yes to all three, then you probably found a good investment.

#4 - Outsource "The Whole Enchilada"

Finally, the fourth way to create an ebook involves hiring someone to first do research for you on a specific subject, and then hiring someone to write it for you.

You can find services on the Internet which will do the job for you and offer competitive bids based on your requirements.

CAUTION: You want to make sure that you own all rights to whatever content someone produces for you in a "work for hire" agreement.

I recommend using services which can automatically provide this type of agreement as part of the bidding process along with instructions on how to complete such an arrangement with a writer.

You want to remember one thing, no matter which one of the four approaches you use in creating your own ebook.

Your ebook must be of obvious VALUE to your target niche audience. So many people come out with fluff, B.S. and nonsense that when you deliver real, demonstrable VALUE to people, they remember!

That’s how you build up a loyal following of people who eagerly buy up every product you release.

That’s also how you build up a business that lasts for years and doesn’t end up just a flash in the pan (like most online businesses).

Jim Edwards is the co-author of an incredible new ebook that will teach you how to Write and Publish Your Own Highly Profitable Ebook… FAST!

To Your Success

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