Oct 28, 2007

Permission To Be Successful

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I hope the weekend had a good start for you! Tonight, there's a couple of Holloween dances going on. I planned to go out and enjoy myself but I decided to watch a movie. Tomorrow is my day off so I'll just relax all day.

Linda Miller's article I truly enjoyed reading, she's an AdlandPro Community friend. Reading her article gave me such an inner boost, I had to pass it along. It's a positive way and I surely hope you will find it as helpful and inspiring as I have!

Enjoy the read...

Permission To Be Successful
© by Linda Miller

Have you given yourself permission to be successful?

One of spiritual mentoring clients was feeling "stuck" in her life, unable to create the success she very much wants to experience.

We talked about how most of us are more afraid of success than failure.

Do you know that?

Most people are more afraid of success than failure because there are implications and consequences for creating success and wealth that intimidates us so much that we sabotage our own success.

Isn't that interesting?

I suggested some affirmations for her to write and repeat and talked about a few things she can do create what she wants in her life.

Then the biggest inspiration of all came to me and I said to her...

"You need to give yourself Permission to be successful."

And then I told her also that "I give you permission to be successful."

That made us both laugh, but it helped. If there are those in your life who have not given you permission to be successful, then you can give yourself permission.

How many of us feel we do not have permission to be successful?

How many of us sabotage our own success because we feel we do not deserve it?

Who told us that?

Where did we learn it?

Could it be the thousands of times we were told "no" as children and into our adult lives.

Could it be all the employers who paid us what THEY thought we were worth and convinced us that we cannot do better?

I realized as I was telling my client to give herself permission to be successful that I too can give myself complete permission to be successful.

Daily Affirmation: "I give myself permission to be successful now."

My client's question was also a gift to ME. So, I am now adding this affirmation to My daily list of Affirmations.

Repeat this Affirmation 400 times a day and see what happens. Yes, 400 times is what Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup For The Soul suggests. So I say follow and repeat what works. If you want to be successful, do what the successful do. Mark Victor Hansen is successful.

I give myself permission to be successful.
I give myself permission to be successful.
I give myself permission to be successful.

Only 397 left to go...

Many Blessings

© Linda Miller - 2007

Have a SUPER Sunday!

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