Sep 27, 2007

3 Cool Browser Tools

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These last two days the moon is so bright, it's beautiful to see. The week went by fast it's already Friday tomorrow, I hope you had a great week. It sure feels nice to be back, I'm catching up with tons of emails. I took a peak at my activities online and I've got work for a couple of weeks if not more.

Going through my emails I ran into Jim Edwards article, I had to share it! It's about 3 really cool free-tools you can use to make your life a lot easier online.

One lets you create your own "TV" station... another lets you share files with anyone anywhere... and the other lets you grab "clips" from the web and share them, archive them, or even email them. Read more below...

3 Cool Browser Tools
- by Jim Edwards
© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

The great thing about the Internet is that new things come along all the time.

Every great discovery or tool seems to spawn at least two new things to go along with it.

In fact, the world of "cool tools" grows daily and keeping up can represent a real challenge.

The following 3 tools rate a closer look if you want to save time and avoid effort in a big way.

** **

Ever seen something extremely cool online that you wanted to pass along to a friend, but you didn't see an easy way to do it?

Maybe you wanted to pass along a web page or share specific text from a site, but copying and pasting into an email just wouldn't do it justice.

Or perhaps you saw a video that needed a friend's attention, but you couldn't download it.

Or maybe you just saw something cool and wanted to save it for yourself, but didn't have an easy way to archive the material.

Well log on to, download the browser toolbar (available for FireFox and Internet Explorer) and start clipping!

Clipmarks makes it easy to select snippets of text (up to 1000 characters), pictures, and more and then email them to a friend, print them, or even post them to your blog.

What makes this little tool so cool is that it's so versatile and easy to use.

I call it a "head slapper" because you want to slap your head and say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Clipmarks also helps when you surf around the Web and want to collect up ideas on a certain topic or research subject and then store them in an organized fashion to review and sort through later.

** **

Turn your computer, Internet connection and webcam into a live TV station that can broadcast in real time to hundreds of people all at the same time.

Currently available for free, this service allows you to log in and start broadcasting to the world. can make a great tool for everything from holding a family meeting to doing question and answer sessions with customers and prospects.

Now, before you start threatening Walter Cronkite's iconic status in TV history, understand that, though the technology rates high on the "cool" scale, the audio and video does not rival TV quality.

The audio jumps and the video can cut in and out, but, if you have any experience with online video, the quality may actually surprise you by how well it can stream to large numbers of people.

** **

Ever tried to send huge files as attachments through email only to have your email time out, your attachment get blocked by a firewall, or your message just plain disappear from the face of the earth.

Well now you can use a free program called "Tubes" to establish a secure connection between your computer and a friend or business associate.

Once you open up a tube (peer-to-peer connection) between your two computers, you can transfer files simply by dragging and dropping.

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