Feb 28, 2007

WHY Today?

Today's article was sent to me in an email and I wanted to share it. It's a great article about your "Why today" for building your business. I like the way the author expresses he's thoughts... very well written!

Have you thought about your WHY today?

Do you keep your reason for doing this business in front of you?

If it was just to make a few extra hundred dollars a month, are you doing that? If it was to be able to pay for the kid's hot lunch at school, new clothes, the camps, lessons, programs or a new vehicle for the family?

Are you getting close?
If it was to be able to afford those vacations you always dream of, can you now? If it was to move into or build your dream home, retire your spouse, buy a luxury vehicle or yacht, or perhaps your own tropical island, do you remember WHY you wanted it?

Your reason, your motivation, your desire, your need, your want, your "Gotta Have", your "Must Do", your compelling force, the thing that made you reach out for more . . . Have you thought about it lately? Do you remember what it is you wanted and what you were willing to do to get it?

It's still there, you know!
Waiting for YOU or whoever will dare to claim it.
Whoever will dare to dream!
Whoever will dare to work and strive!
Whoever will dare to learn and grow!
Whoever will dare to realize the power that lies within themselves!

There are LOTS of "how-to" techniques. There are ideas and suggestions for building your business, making crafts, finding fund-raisers, getting leads, sponsoring partners, etc.

But these "Ways" of building your business cannot replace your "Why" for building your business. None of them will give you that fire, that spark, that internal force and drive that can't be explained and won't be denied.

It is the difference !!! It is the separator. It divides the Doers from the Dreamers! If your "WHY" is big enough you will find your own "WAYS" of getting it done.

NOTHING can stop you !!!
Don't waste time looking for "shortcuts" or searching for "secrets". No one out there has it easier than you. There are no "Golden Tickets" or "Silver Spoons."

No "magic formula" exists.
There is simply YOU and your personal reasons for applying yourself to the realization of the dreams you know you have in your life. You know you have them. Just admit it! You Dream !!! You Have Dreams!!! You dream of more, dream of better, dream of different, dream of "what-if !!!"

Will you realize them? Will you do what it takes to make them happen! You can have them if you try! If you move from Wanting and Wishing to Working! ACTION is the only thing that will produce results !!!

So get started today ~ take action!
Start by reminding yourself of your "WHY"! Keep it in front of you and let it remind you that there is and can be MORE !!! More for YOU! More for your Family! More for your friends! More for your LIFE!

Author Unknown

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