Jul 18, 2006

Key Word Research

I really like this article by an AdlandPro friend Peter Novakomic. We have amazing friends at the community that shares wonderful stories, articles and really cool things they offer people.

We are all eager to learn about networking and making our business better, here's one of his article...

Key Word Research
by Peter Novakomic

It does seem like a powerful statement, doesn’t it?

It does. There are some of you out there who put little bit or no regard into, or who don’t realize the great importance of keywords. For those of you, keyword research you need to do prior to getting one single page up and running will have a powerful effect on how well you market to your targeted public. No stress.

After all, why does this keyword research seem to be so darned significant?

Let’s assume, we’re together, you and I, and we’re sitting behind the stage. You’re probably the most renowned lecturer in your field. I draw back the curtain and guide you to stand up on the podium to give a speech in front of 200 people. There’s nothing to it. You pick some written notes out of your pocket, and you begin your presentation. For about 35 minutes, you give your speech.

After you’re done, the audience applauds you kindly… like out of obligation. You’re puzzled. The fact is that was one of your top speeches ever. You were convincing, you described the issues, you defined the existing solutions, and then you revealed your suitable product for them.

And then, what seemed to be the problem out there?

This attendance wasn’t expecting you, in fact, they’re waiting for some other guy to speak about a separate matter. In fact, they didn’t have a clue about what you were talking about.

As a result, this wasn’t YOUR public. They weren’t you target market. You prepared every little thing… you perfectly laid it out to be a “slippery path” that pointed exactly to the clear answer to their problems, your product. But unfortunately, you were speaking to the wrong guys.

So, how this has anything to do with keyword research?

The surfers that visit your site are closely related to certain keywords. These keywords phrases are trying to point out the solutions they’re looking for, for a certain problem they have encountered. If you tell to the search engines that your site is known for “niche widget solution”, or using other keywords phrases such as your name, your business name…that is not the solution your prospects are out there searching for.

To find out what keywords your market is looking for as a solution for a problem, all you got to do is keyword research. They are looking for “perfect position” or “correct golf swing”, not “Xtreme Putter”. As far as they’re concerned, they never heard of Xtreme Putter.

Keyword Companion

To change that, you have to do a correct and efficient keyword research.

Have yourself a Super day!

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