May 12, 2006

That BIG Boulder!

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Today's article is very interesting as we all need encouragement with our business! Think about this image or analogy deep inside your head when You read the article...

- by Tom Wichterman
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Now we all know that any business is going to be a struggle to get started. No one is perfect and can have everything fall in place and work "Just Right."

The thing I want you to think about is this!

Think of yourself at the bottom of a Mountain. And from the bottom to the top of the mountain is a thousand ft distance! *( 1000 ft )*

Then on top of that your sitting on a Big Boulder. That BIG BOULDER is your business!

Now your goal is to get that boulder to the top of the mountain and push it over the other side!

The only thing is that the closer you get to the top of the mountain the smaller the boulder gets.

1. Some of you might be right at the bottom starting your business and you know that it is going to be a long journey ahead. You know what . . . that's ok . . . I want to encourage you to "HANG IN THERE".

2. Some of you might be in the middle of the mountain on your upward journey. Your business is doing ok. But its still a struggle.

3. Some of you might be near the top and you can feel the financial rewards and Success right at the PEAK or Summit!

4. and Lastly . . . Some of you might have already pushed your little rock over the top of the Mountain.

*** You want to know the best part about once you have pushed that little rock over the EDGE?

Once you have crossed that line . . . your "little rock" starts rolling down the Mountain at an incredible rate!!!

The best part is that there is SNOW on the other side and your "little rock" starts collecting snow and becoming a bigger and BIGGER SNOW BALL.

Once you have started that snowball affect . . . you better watch out because your going to have to catch up to that snowball so you can go along for the ride!

And guess what . . .

I think that if you "LET IT" . . . your business can only get better and BETTER from there on out!

I hope this has encourage you!
To Great Success and God Bless!
-Tom Wichterman

P.S. - See you at the BOTTOM on the other side of the MOUNTAIN

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